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Besides reading, what do you like to do when you have time off? I like listening to music, taking photos, paintings, crafting, and singing ♥
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Have the best Sunday to you! Spend it wisely and joyfully 😬

hey guys! i'm so sorry for taking a hiatus, but i really need to. last week was such a nice break & ill try to be back to posting regularly this week, but i'm not sure. thank you for sticking around & i love y'all. ❤

Saturday night at home with a good book and some hot chocolate 😋 📸 by @bir_insandan #culturetripbooks

“Night Triumphant - and the Stars Eternal. If he was the sweet, terrifying darkness, I was the glittering light that only his shadows could make clear.”💜
Happy weekend lovelies!!💙 What are you all reading today? I'm currently rereading Poison Study by Maria V Snyder and I’m really enjoying it!😍🙌🏻 I’ve been meaning to reread this series for the longest time since I barely remember anything about the story, and I wanted to read the new books that were added to the original series! Have you guys read this books? Let’s chat in the comments!💕
Feliz fin de semana amigos!!💙 ¿Qué andan leyendo el día de hoy? Yo estoy releyendo Poison Study de Maria V Snyder y me está gustando mucho!😍🙌🏻 Vengo queriendo releer estos libros desde hace mucho tiempo ya que básicamente no me acuerdo nada de la historia, y además tenía muchas ganas de leer los nuevos libros que se agregaron a la trilogía original! Alguno de ustedes los leyó? Hablemos en los comentarios!💕

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↞ Quote: A Court of Wings and Ruin⭐️↠

My self-care Sunday started with a 7am walk in the park, followed by a trip to farmers market where I got pastries and organic honey. When I got home I took a much needed hot bath where I read my favourite Warsan Shire poems, followed by a nap that got away from me. After my rediculously long nap I lounged about in bed with a cup of tea and caught up with the week's news which was bizarre and heartbreaking at the same time. Now I'm organising the kitchen cupboards and cleaning out the fridge while Skyping with my Mom. Later in the day after maybe another bath I plan on doing yoga, making a turmeric, yogurt, lemon and honey mask and a banana deep conditioner. How are you guys going? How's your weekend going? Are you doing any self-care treatments? Happy Sunday lovelies, I hope you're having a great day 💕 #SelfCare #onthetable #morningslikethese #currentlyreading #huffpostgram #culturetripbooks

I want to go to the movies...it's been so long since there was something I wanted to see. I haven't felt compelled to go to the movies since Wonder Woman but the new Kingsman movie is out and I am dying to see it. I loved the first one. Are there any movies out you want to see?

I'm featuring this book for @storygramtours soon but it's so pretty, I couldn't resist a preview of it.

Beetlejuice and Elain candles by @noxtolumoscandleco Use my code xenatine20 for a 20% discount.

Day 23: #lilbookishtags { #bookspiral } this is a short, double spiral.

Day 23: #dreambunnybookishseptga {purple}
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★🖤★ #JustAWordWithYou {"Memory"} 🖤. •

★♥★🇩🇪 Guten Morgen ihr Zuckerköpfe ♥️!
Ich hab echt lange überlegt, was ich zum Thema „Memory“ schreiben kann und hab mich spontan für ein älteres Bild entschieden, das ich früher schon einmal gepostet hab🍃.
Es war das erste Bild überhaupt von mir, das damals so viele Likes bekommen hat und ich völlig aus dem Häuschen war ♥️.
Ich erinnere mich auch an Zeiten, in denen ich keine Ahnung hatte was zB „Ship it“ in Challenges bedeutet. Damals hab ich zwei Funkos und ein Buch in einem Playmobil-Boot auf unserem Teich fahren lassen 😂.
Aber vor allem eure Herzlichkeit ist mir im Bezug auf Bookstagram in Erinnerung geblieben ♥️. Ich wurde hier so so toll aufgenommen, hab so viele liebe Menschen kennenlernen dürfen und freu mich jeden Tag wieder von euch zu lesen und eure Bilder zu sehen, ein Hoch 🙌🏻 auf euch ✨!

Habt ihr denn auch irgendwelche besonderen Erinnerungen, die ihr mit Bookstagram verbindet 🤷🏼‍♀️💬?
Habt einen zauberhaften Samstag ♥️!

★♥★🇬🇧 Good Morning Lovelies ♥️.
I’ve thought a lot what to write about today’s challenge theme and spontaneously I decided to tell you about my lasting memories here on Insta ♥️.
I’ve postet this picture some time ago and it was one of the first that received so many Likes, I was completely over the moon 🙇🏼‍♀️.
I also remember a time when I did not know what the phrase „Ship it“ means. At that time I put a book and two Funkos in a plastic boat and let it sail over our garden pond 😂.
But thinking about Bookstagram especially means the memories I’ve shared with you all. I was made to feel so welcome here and that’s one of the best memories ever ♥️.
So cheers to you ✨!

What is your favorite memory related to Bookstagram 🤷🏼‍♀️💬?
Have a wonderful Saturday ♥️!

"Рассечение Стоуна» Абрахам Вергезе
Читала вместе с #КлубЛюбителейЭротическойКниги
Книга невероятная! Но не для всех. У меня то желудок крепкий и впечатлительность натренированная, поэтому смачные медицинские подробности не смущают.
Роман о братьях-близнецах, рождённых со сросшимися головами при очень драматических и даже трагических обстоятельствах в больнице Адис-Абебы. Головы им разъединили, все хорошо. Но судьба - штука непредсказуемая. Вы узнаете всю историю близнецов Шивы и Мэриона с самого рождения.
Сюжет динамичный и интересный, ситуации жизненные, описания жизни в Адис-Абебе, культурные ценности и обычаи, сложные операции в так себе условиях - понимаете, да, что роман насыщенный и очень атмосферный?
Вергезе и сам доктор, поэтому медицинской темы в книге предостаточно. Впечатлительным не советую.
А остальным - рекомендую.
Роман о любви, несбывшихся надеждах, предательстве, прощении, семейных узах, поиске себя и своих корней.

Кто читал? Какие впечатления?

This is exactly how I feel today after taking on the first night of freshers week for the third year in a row 😂 all I want to do is sleep! I feel like I'm getting old and slowly turning into a grandma 😂 I'm now curled up in bed continuing with See What I Have Done, what are your Sunday plans?
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Hey y’all! How’s your Sunday? I’ve currently got my autumn candle burning, my cup of peach tea, and my copy of Ready Player One so I am golden. 🍁☕️📖
#lyricallybookishseptember I wish I were a princess. I loved this series. Girl finds out she is a princess who was swapped at birth for her protection. Oh and she is a troll. Lol. Great series with some great characters and adventures.
QOTP: What are some books you read before bookstagram that you LOVED.
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➡ Aquele BOOK HAUL de aniversário que você respeita!!! 👏😌😍🎉📚
Gente meu niver foi na sexta (22/09) então estou passando rapidinho apenas para mostrar os meus presentinhos.
Adorei tudo, a maioria estava na minha lista de desejados, portanto não tem como não amar né? 😂
Sem dúvidas foi o melhor aniversário, olha quanta coisa linda, estou aqui só babando e morrendo de vontade de ler todos de uma vez 🙈😅
Preciso das dicas de vocês.. me digam qual devo ler primeiro? 😘

#review This is the second book in the wonderful middle grade Ivy Pocket trilogy. (Lots of good middle grade reads this month-yay!) I really enjoyed this book even better than the first one. The sass wasn't as overdone from the little girl, and the story really propelled forward. Ghosts, sneaky adults, a splash of magic and a heavy dose of humor. I showed some of the silliness and wonderful illustrations in my stories. This is definitely a series I will be rereading for fun over the years!
The mug by @thescribblestudio is totally something that this sass bucket Ivy would say. It was also my excuse this morning after hardly any sleep and trying to put concealer under my eyes to no avail.
You will see this candle again this next month- but this is the delicious blueberry rain Coraline candle by @belleandcocandlemakers . Both Coraline and Ivy have lots of spunk and I'd like to think they would be friends in some alternate literary universe! QOTD: Do you have any book characters from different stories you wish could be friends?
Happy Sunday and may you all rest well tonight.
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Here's my official OwlCrate unboxing! I'm in love with the @bookbeau book sleeve and cannot wait to read this beautiful book! I'm super happy with my first @owlcrate and can't wait to get my October box! 🍁🍂
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Happy Sunday! I started Warcross today. Not far in but since the topic is cozy Sunday, I decided to show off my cutie pup, Wren. When I read, she usually curls up on the ottoman by my feet. Belly rubs for her, relaxing reading time for me. It's a win-win. 🐶❤️🐶 Lately weekends are great recharge times, chilling with the pups while doing house chores. Now if only we could get some actual Fall weather. 90 degrees at the end of September is a little crazy for this girl. I want sweater, Jean, and cute boot weather, please!
Day 24:
#SEPTINBOOKS17 - How You Organize Your Shelf - by author and height. :)
#basicallybookish - p. 24
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Capitolo 4 parte 3
Apro il portoncino ed esco, davanti a me vedo Marco appoggiato sullo sportello aperto della macchina, con la testa china intento a scrivere qualcosa sul cellulare.
"Ciao, scusa se ti ho fatto aspettare, mi ero addormentata e ho perso tempo".
Lui alza la testa di scatto, non si era accorto della mia presenza.
Scrolla la testa e si pronuncia:"Aspettare? No tranquilla non ho aspettato per niente, non ti devi scusare, dai vieni in macchina che il tuo futuro capo ti sta aspettando". Mentre lo diceva mi ha fatto l'occhiolino.
Mi avvicino all'auto, lui si sposta per permettermi di entrare, mentre mi abbasso per sedermi gli dico quasi ridendo:"Ancora non sappiamo se verrò assunta, male che và ti ringrazio per l'opportunità".
Lui mi sorride e poi incomincia a ridere:"Fidati di me, non solo sarai assunta ma guadagnerai anche bene".
Detto questo chiude lo sportello, fa io giro della macchina e si siede al posto del guidatore.
"Ti spiace se accendo la radio?".
La sua domanda è ovviamente di cortesia.
"Ma me lo chiedi? È la tua auto puoi fare ciò che vuoi! Comunque a me non spiace la musica".
Lui si china sul cruscotto e preme il pulsantino della radio che si accende lentamente mostrando dei led blu, già sintonizzata su una stazione radio di quelle più popolari.
Una canzone fa sentire le sue note e abbastanza rapidamente mi rendo conto che si tratta di un pezzo nuovo, uno di quelli che girano per le radio per qualche mese e che poi tutti dimenticano.
Niente a che vedere con i capolavori della musica italiana che tutt'oggi quando qualcuno li sente il cuore batte più forte e quasi scendono le lacrime per l'emozione che certi testi riescono a trasmettere.
Ho sempre desiderato che i miei testi fossero emozionanti per qualcuno.
Scrivo da quando ero una bambina, ovviamente ciò che scrivevo non può essere considerato neanche lontanamente una canzone ma con il tempo sono migliorata fino a raggiungere ottimi risultati.
Ma non ho mai mostrato i miei testi ad altre persone all'infuori di mio cugino.
Mia madre mi ha sempre scoraggiata sotto questo punto di vista, non ha mai apprezzato nemmeno un testo che le ho fatto leggere.

too much to ask?

yess 🙌🏼

Day 24 of #basicallybookish was page 24 but my dumbass took a pic of page 26 and I'm not home with my books so I can't take another so this'll have to do!
I always use illuminae for these kind of posts bc it's such a different format to most books.. and yet I still haven't been bothered to read it lol
I also forget that I've been tagged in so many posts (I love being tagged in things btw) but I haven't done any of them so prepare for some long captions in my next few post bc I gotta catch up with them 🙃✨

#bookreview 🌟🌟🌟🌟

what a fun book! having to read a nonfiction book about technology for the @bookriot #ReadHarder challenge seemed like it would set me up for boredom, but that ended up not being the case! the history of the telegraph and its cast of colorful characters was so interesting. i highly recommend if you need a palate cleanser from fiction!

Shelfie game is always strong @warbyparker 🤓 getting my new frames properly fitted 🙌🙌 and inspired for some moody fall colors in our home decor after this 88 degree weather leaves DC!

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