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Dedicating my #tbt to that time @izz_eats and I ran into @jessiejamesdecker and fan-girled a bit #ILookLikeAGiant

Monique's 21st Birthday!! πŸ₯‚βœ¨πŸŽ‰ #ILookLikeAGiant #NotThatTall #TheyAreShort

#tbt to our first day in Hawaii! Going out to dinner and my laces came undone. Instead of letting me tie it myself he insisted on doing it for me πŸ’œ @mike_dro1 #ilooklikeagiant

Congratulations Allison! You looked absolutely gorgeous yesterday! You were glowing ✨#sohappyforyou #FinallyFreers #23yearsOfFriendship #olvDays #iLookLikeAGiant

I really love being around these two! Laughter caan done! #LunchDate #ILookLikeAGiant @alicatj25 @tammytwist my NCU babies😘

As much as I promote the importance of physical health your mental health is just as important. So let me just talk about this girl for a second, because she is such an important part of my mental health. I always know that I can count on her. The second I'm feeling down I give her a call and she's there in 10 minutes. Driving around aimlessly listening to music and venting to her honestly saves my life. She knows my whole story and understands me better than anyone else. It's so important to have people who get you completely. They know your good and they also know your struggles. I hope you're all lucky enough to have a friend like her. I don't know where I'd be without her support. Find friends that better you as a person. Find friends that better your mental health. If they dont, why waste your time? #mentalhealthmatters #ilooklikeagiant

#throwbackthursday to a couple weeks ago at the amazing @dinnerxdesign event with @michepicot and @wwdesignstudio - love these girls! #ilooklikeagiant

Sometimes you have to feed a unicorn yogurt drops #babyvera #ilooklikeagiant

Good luck to my mama who is off to Vietnam to live and work for a year! It will be an epic experience. #needtovisit #iLooklikeagiant #marishort


Monique's 21st Birthday!! πŸ₯‚βœ¨πŸŽ‰ #ILookLikeAGiant #NotThatTall #TheyAreShort

Dedicating my #tbt to that time @izz_eats and I ran into @jessiejamesdecker and fan-girled a bit #ILookLikeAGiant


❀️❀️ma girls #ilooklikeagiant

Sooo happy for Raquel and Leo to tie the knot after 21 years together! Your love story is amazing, and last night was beautiful! So happy for you guys! #ILookLikeAGiant #LeoWasWalkingAround #OhanaForever

Had such a great time celebrating these two last night! Congrats Drew and Maddie!! #andersonwedding #ilooklikeagiant

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