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Pink Diamond No. 1 [watercolor on #aquabord, 6x6in] 👉🏻available at the @esartcenter for a few more days! Don’t let the renovations discourage you. You can still get in the building...somehow.
I’m officially closed for Christmas commissions and am sending out my final packages in the mail tomorrow, so if you’re waiting on yours, be on the lookout in the upcoming week! I leave for an exciting vacation this week that may or may not involve a magical castle. Other artists out there, how are you doing on Christmas commissions?! Are you as stressed as I was??
And I can’t forget the fact it snowed — in the DEEP SOUTH — on Saturday night. ❄️✨

... and here it is in real life! Doors don't close until 6pm, so there's still time to stop by @madelocalmarketplace!
Part of why I love doing markets & pop-ups is meeting new people and getting to know fellow vendors better! And you know what I love most?! When people walk up and tell me, "I follow you on Instagram, and was so excited you were going to be here!" If I met you today, please comment below so we can stay in touch... because I genuinely hope you'll stick around to see where this side-hustle-creative-outlet takes me!
Shout out to @the.lady.h for all her help prepping yesterday, setting up and helping sell today! It was a joy to spend more time together, and the extra set of hands helped to execute my vision! Also shout out to @bmahar24 for bringing me lunch, and helping cut snowflakes all night (along with @jkap2103 & @gloria_colister). Thank you to everyone who stopped by or reached out today too! 💕

Finished product! #illustratecollaborate

[post 2 of 7] Hello again! Vanessa from @paisleyproposal here. Now I'd like to share with you how I spend my time, and a little more about my side business. I went to architecture school for 7 years and also have an MBA. I'm in retail store design & construction by day, an artist & product designer by night, and a serial DIYer & social butterfly by wknd. Basically, I just want to design all the things! ✌🏼️❤️🎨
I started #paisleyPROPOSAL doing custom watercolor & calligraphy wedding stationery back in 2013, after successfully executing our completely DIY wedding (our wedding suite shown on the left side). As my full-time job responsibilities grew & international travel became more frequent, it was hard for me to keep up with custom work. I adjusted my sails, and in 2015 I launched my handlettered #paisleyPINTS product line (shown in the middle). The skid of glassware showed up at my house the same day I was promoted at work, and I took that as a sign that I was headed the right direction on both accounts. I sold out before Christmas, and thought, "Well, that was fun while it lasted." Then last summer I was feeling the urge to relaunch and expand the line with different handlettered designs. And thus, paisleyPINTS 2.0 was born: a bigger, more consistent graphic, still produced in a dishwasher safe way, packaged in a matching hand stamped bag (shown on the right end).
I loved laying out a sampling of my work to visually see my progression through the last few years. How about you? Share your transformation Tuesday story with me! How have you grown and developed in your own personal life or career? If you're interested in following along on my creative journey, hop over to @paisleyproposal and give me a follow! 👍🏼

Greenery 😍 I'm not so sure about this year's Pantone color when it comes to clothes, but for everything else count me in! 🌱🌿🍃☘️🍀🌴🐉🐲 (my parrots will love that for sure! 😄) #juliahirschillustrationanddesign #freelanceillustrator #freelancedesigner #freelanceartist #california #bayarea #illustrator #graphicdesigner #illustratorsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram


Pink Diamond No. 1 [watercolor on #aquabord, 6x6in] 👉🏻available at the @esartcenter for a few more days! Don’t let the renovations discourage you. You can still get in the building...somehow.
I’m officially closed for Christmas commissions and am sending out my final packages in the mail tomorrow, so if you’re waiting on yours, be on the lookout in the upcoming week! I leave for an exciting vacation this week that may or may not involve a magical castle. Other artists out there, how are you doing on Christmas commissions?! Are you as stressed as I was??
And I can’t forget the fact it snowed — in the DEEP SOUTH — on Saturday night. ❄️✨

Jewel progression: swipe 👉🏻 for process pictures. The hardest part of these jewels is drawing out the under lying pencil sketch. I measure points, I go insane, I find patterns in the reference pictures and make sure to capture them in my under drawing, go insane again. You can see in the last picture where I had to put a ‘w’ in some areas to help myself remember what in the world I was supposed to be doing when it came to color. And with all of this, I have to make sure it’s all centered. No tracing involved.
Red Garnet No. 1 currently available at the @esartcenter: [watercolor on aquabord, 6x6in]
Side note: today is my BIRTHDAY! 🎉 I’m the big 2-9, and I’m terrified.

My favorite gem of all. What color should I do next?! Swipe for details. 👉🏻
[watercolor on #aquabord, 6x6in]
Available at the @esartcenter.
Not much posting, because I can’t share all the Christmas work I’m doing. But I’m here! 👋🏻

On this addition of photo vs painting, we have sweet Shug. When I paint, I like to exaggerate the contrast and highlights to make the portrait stand out from the photo. I love going back and doing this comparison. You know, when I have all that free time. Like when I finally get in bed and am somehow still working and still answering emails. Does anyone else have a cut off time?! I need an intervention. Help.
I’ve gotten some emails asking about your Christmas commissions, and I promise they’re coming! I have a loooong list and I’m painting as fast as I can to have these packages in the mail asap. Happy Tuesday!

Just 28 out of 45 crystals I hand watercolored for the talented @merhipsyhealing. It’s out of my hands now, but I can’t wait to see what comes of this project when it’s finished. Being an artist takes me in so many directions daily.
P.S. who knew there was a crystal called “soulmate”?!

The final four. The @esartcenter had a wonderful packed reception for all the shows going on on Friday, and I was so happy to be part of it. Thank you to all who came! I have a wonderful support system and it means the world. Art isn’t my hobby. It’s my career, it’s my life, it’s a business, and it’s what I will pursue forever in some form or another. I know there are a lot of people who will pick up a paint brush to sell quick trendy pieces as a hobby and lots of new art pages will be created (and that’s great, have fun!). But for all of you career artists out there, don’t let this undermine the value of your hard work and business (and paying taxes, sigh). ____________________________________________________
These four will be available through mid December at the @esartcenter — I just love them so much, and I can’t wait to paint more on a larger scale. From the starting point of the measured pencil sketch (I’ll share progress pics later) to get the symmetry perfect, to the watercolor, to the varnishing, this was a tedious but therapeutic change to my norm. [watercolor on aquabord, 6x6in]

I’ve finished up some big deadlines this week and will really get into my Christmas commissions starting this week. Excited to get back in the studio. 👩🏼‍🎨

I need your opinion — check my story above 👆🏼 and take my poll, please! Having a serious crisis about where I should sign these gems before I varnish them...
[watercolor on #aquabord, 6x6in]
I’m waiting on that good lighting to photograph my fourth piece, but you can catch a glimpse of it in my story! 😍

Sneak peek at these little gems: my newest series, the first four of which will be in a miniature works show at the @esartcenter starting next month. The opening is during Fairhope’s art walk on November 3rd (you should stop by if you’re local!). I can’t wait to show you the complete set of four — I’ve loved taking watercolor in a different direction. Which is your favorite so far?! 💎
[watercolor on #aquabord, 6x6in]

Meet Shug. Excited to put this one in the mail this upcoming week with some other pieces. Shug belongs with another sweet black lab I painted further back (Sadie), who recently went to dog heaven. 💙
[watercolor, 8x10in]
I’m so incredibly busy trying to keep my head above water with all of your Christmas commissions, and I’m still catching up on pieces and projects that I had BEFORE Christmas deadlines. I’m leaving for a trip in mid December, so the smoke is flying from my brushes. Thank you all for your patience! I have the best clients, really. I’ve also been working on a new watercolor series — not animal related, surprise! — that will be featured in an upcoming show in Fairhope. I’ll post a sneak peek later this week with more info. 🎉

I LOVE Peonies...seriously can’t get enough of them. 🌺

A good day starts with coffee and ends with wine. 😘 www.BlushingWillow.com

Quick whimsical feather while designing a logo for a client. www.LifeInWatercolor.com

Clear glossy packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things. 💌 [watercolor, 5x7in]

An old photo pulled from my archives because it’s WAY TOO FITTING for my upcoming weekend. As some of you know, my dad is a meteorologist here on the gulf coast of Alabama, so I grew up hearing and learning about hurricanes daily. We’ve had some bad ones in my lifetime, but he would always tell us whether we needed to evacuate (we only did once). My way of thinking: if my dad isn’t panicking, I have nothing to worry about. He’s not panicking. This is going to be a minor hurricane and not even comparable to what other parts of our country have endured, but we’re forecasted dead center in the projected path. Most importantly, this is my first hurricane as a homeowner, and that completely changes things. Stay upright, trees! 💸
I painted this for my dad a few years ago. [oil on ceramic]

Throwback to this boxer face. I have a special place in my heart now for boxers due to my sister’s new addition to her family, Oda Mae. She’s crazy, stubborn, sassy, and doesn’t listen, but she’s kind of cute (the dog AND my sister). Mini pen portraits are still available for Christmas! DM or email me at kristindunreath@gmail.com. [pen, 3.5x2.5in]

I’ve had to occupy myself with work given this week’s events, and I happened to receive a beautiful reminder of celebrating life from one of my sweetest repeat clients, Kim, in the mail. This summer she asked me to do a simple floral watercolor to use as a background for an invitation she was having designed for her friend’s 60th birthday. I didn’t know how they would turn out — I did the watercolor, I sent her a digital copy and the original in the mail. This week she went out of her way to send me a copy of everything along with the sweetest handwritten note. It lifted me up. Kim, I can’t tell you how you helped my spirits. 🌷🌸
[watercolor, 5x7in]
👉🏻swipe over for her beautiful table layout and my original watercolor.

Sadie. 💚 I paint and draw a lot of animals. I need to go back and actually tally them up, but I’ve painted a lot. There are a handful that, even though it’s been years, still stick out in my mind. This dog is one of them. I did her little pen portrait two years ago. What you all don’t realize is that I stare at these faces for hours while drawing or painting. I take in all the details, the pretty whiskers and the glassy eyes. I may or may not say a few words to them too, haha. I love what I do. I get attached. And Sadie always stuck out to me with that gorgeous white face of hers and sweet eyes. When Rebecca reached out to me to do Sadie’s portrait again but in watercolor, it was because they had lost her to cancer the previous day. My heart hurt for her, because I felt like I knew this dog and I hated knowing she wasn’t out there anymore. Weird, I know. We just had to use the same reference picture. It was too perfect. I can genuinely say a lot of love went into painting this piece. [watercolor, 5x7in]

Look. How. Pretty. These two people are. It was incredibly therapeutic to focus on painting people for once, and I’m excited about the others I have in my books. This was too much fun to paint — brides, send me a message (or any human couple, really)! It’s a little late, but congratulations to The Stewarts! [watercolor, 5x7in]
Reference photo: Freshly Bold Photography
Flowers: @bellebouquetflorist
Dress: @blissbridal_al
Venue: Bayside Academy in Fairhope, AL
P.S. I offer gift certificates. This was given to the bride by a sweet friend, and the bride reached out to me after the wedding with her favorite pictures. Contact me if you’d like to do the same!

I was looking back through my stored photos today and came across this gem. I have always loved the size of these mini pen pieces (3.5x2.5 inches on illustration board), and so have all of you.
Real talk: running a business is hard. Sometimes I want to give up and go have a boss and work for a paycheck every two weeks like I used to do. I pay my taxes, I keep spreadsheets, I do my own advertising, marketing, and design. I work into the night, I strategize when the best times to make social media posts are. I keep track of invoicing, client lists, and due dates. I don’t get paid on my sick days or when I take a vacation. I work nonstop and it’s hard for me to take a break without feeling guilt about what I could be doing. Can any other small business owners/freelancers relate? I know you can. Fortunately I’ve only dealt with a couple of tough instances that have made me cry, but I’ve grown a thick skin and can say I am proud of my professionalism and just know there will be times I will be knocked down. Through my few years of running my art and design business, my prices have gone up as I’ve learned what I’m worth, the time I put in each piece, as I’ve really honed in on my cost of doing business, as I’ve had to factor in 30% being taken out of each commission for taxes (yikes), but you all have been amazing and receptive and incredibly encouraging on my journey. If you’ve made it this far in reading, thank you. And thank you for supporting me, cheering me on, and being so kind. I work hard, and I have constant reminders of why I do what I do. I have a lot of things planned for my future! 🙌🏼

I can’t wait to share this whole piece with you. But for now, a glimpse of those precious white eyelashes while she makes her way in the mail to her people. What an angel. 💙
Just a few spots left for Christmas. Send me a DM or email me at kristindunreath@gmail.com!

This is the crystal dioptase, and I am completely obsessed with how space-like it is. I had so much fun painting this one. I have a total of 45 crystals I'm painting for a wonderful client, and I can't wait for you to see what she's doing with them! I used Ecoline bottled watercolor pigments to get the richness and depth in this piece. [watercolor, 5x7in]

I painted this sweet face exactly TWO years ago from today. Where has time gone?! Maggie [watercolor, 8x10in]
I still have some spots left for Christmas commissions -- I'll be open for them until November 15th given I don't fill up sooner. Send me an email at kristindunreath@gmail.com with ANY questions or click the link in my bio for pricing!

Here's your motivational mantra for the week: be a voice, not an echo.
You have creative ideas. You have a unique perspective. You have something to offer, and can be part of breaking the monotonous cycle. Stand up for what you believe, even if it's against that echo.
So what's that one thing you're going to yell from the rooftops this week? How will you silence that echo with a bright new voice?

This is my best friend, Hubble. And I'm pretty sure he's the only dog I haven't painted in southern Alabama. This weekend we've been chasing down frisbees and tennis balls together.
I've been MIA for a little while, first in South Carolina in the path of totality having the most surreal experience. Darkness, stars, planets, a chill in the air, and a sparkling ring around the moon. I would absolutely recommend trying to see this at least once in your life, because watching a shadow through some glasses is NOT enough. Who else was in totality?! Back to painting. ✍🏼

It makes my DAY when a client sends me pictures of my work hanging in their new space. Look how beautifully these two adorable faces were framed, and swipe over for the cutest (and tidiest) little nook they hang in! Thank you, Helen, for sending these! 😍 [watercolors, 5x7in]

Working in pen has always been one of my favorite mediums. Part of my thesis in college was creating concept art in pen for scenes for an animated movie (and I illustrated a book...and posters...and character designs, but I won't get into that). This little piece is so special to me because it's the view looking out from my grandmother's front porch. It may not be there anymore, but it's a view I can close my eyes and remember perfectly: the bay breeze, the sounds of seagulls, the katydids at night, and the sound of her floor fans keeping us cool in the summer. [pen, 4x5in]
If you ever have a little scene that you want captured like this, reach out to me. I don't just work in watercolor!

So sometimes I put deadlines aside and freehand something fun. If you watched the reality show The Hills (which really helped me through my college years), Spencer Pratt was made out to be the villain (oooo everyone hated Spencer, so much drama). But ACTUALLY, he's just a hilarious married soon-to-be-dad who raised a hummingbird and now snapchats his incredibly entertaining life, which 98% of is him remaining impressively still while an entire community of hummingbirds drink from his hat his mom made him. I couldn't stop laughing at this epic picture, so here it is, guys. Spencer, I never thought I'd cross over to your team, but here I am. 🌺 #iconic
Title: Spencer & Allen [watercolor + pen, 3.5x5in]
@spencerpratt @heidipratt @janetlpratt

I've been working on a project for an amazing client for awhile now, and I can't wait to share the end result with you. I basically dream and live crystals and stones now. 🔮 [watercolor, 5x7in]

Can a cat be this sassy? Scroll over to the next picture. The answer is yes. Meet Walter. [pen, 3.5x2.5in]

This piece made me jump out of my comfort zone. Not only did it make me experiment with #aquabord, but it made me paint larger with watercolor. Have any other of you watercolor artists transitioned from paper to aquabord? It's a clay-like surface that is incredibly different from paper. It is super absorbent yet stays wet, so it's an odd feeling to paint on it. The watercolor strokes almost have a digital look to them and don't blend how I'm used to on paper. In other words, I'm still learning to master this canvas, because I would love to not have to frame my watercolor pieces. I simply created a background and subtle colors for the mermaid and diver, outlining them in white acrylic and adding charcoal details (inspired by an awesome tattoo I saw). I sealed the piece with a UV spray followed by @goldenpaints satin varnish. Swipe over for close ups!
[Seaborn + Gill, mixed media on aquabord, 18x24 in]

Happy wedding day to my sweetest 2nd grade friend and beyond, Owen. Her last name is Seaborn and his last name is Gill -- how annoyingly perfect is that? I created this piece (inspired by a tattoo I found) to be displayed at her reception. [Watercolor, charcoal, and acrylic on aquabord sealed with a satin varnish, 18x24in]. 👌🏼I'll post a close up tomorrow.

A rare shot of my husband and me in the wild. I post a lot of artwork, but this is proof that I DO have a face as well. 👋🏼So I'll leave you this and a few facts about me:
I have watched The Office all the way through 3 times (Jim & Pam forever). I do not have a colon. I literally cry if I pass a turtle crossing a road and it's too dangerous to stop and save it. I grew up on & am obsessed with old movies and musicals but love some Game of Thrones.

Meet Murph & Loki. I got to paint Loki (the one in the foreground) a loooong time ago. I was so excited when I had the opportunity to do it again! I love non-traditional portraits -- ones that don't necessarily have the pet(s) looking head on at you. Have a wonderful weekend! [watercolor, 5x7in]
Email me at kristindunreath@gmail.com or send me a DM to discuss commissions! Christmas is approaching waaay too fast.

Oh, if only we could all be this happy...although I plan on feeling this way when I wake up and realize it's Friday.
Meet precious Henry. Does anything make you smile like this?! But seriously, tell me. For me, it's when my dog jumps around the yard like an idiot chasing bees. 🐝
[watercolor, 8x10in]

Hey guys 👋🏼, I'm back. This is sweet Bear, who was a gift from a new bride to her new husband this month. If you're reading this, I hope your wedding was wonderful!
[watercolor, 8x10in]
I had sinus surgery and recovery has put me behind on commissioned work. I have so many patient clients...thank you! My turnaround times have expanded significantly lately due to other big projects, so if you're thinking about Christmas gifts (I know, I'm sorry), reach out to me! It's NOT too early! I'm taking orders yesterday. For everyone currently waiting on a piece, I promise my hands are working as quickly as possible while still trying to live life.

Can you believe another Monday has rolled around? Hope your week is off to a great start! Here's a Monday mantra to keep you motivated for the rest of the week.
You will have haters, nay-sayers, non-believers in your life. Prove them wrong. You will have people who imply or straight-up tell you you're not good enough or worthy enough. Prove them wrong. Your own internal voices will make you second guess things. Prove them wrong.
What are you rising above this week? What do you have to prove? Let this fuel you instead of derail you. Feel free to repost if this resonates; bonus points for credit with a @paisleyproposal tag! ✍🏼

People always think Dunreath is my last name, but here's a little back story: Dunreath is my maiden middle name. When I got married, I chose to keep it. It was a family name passed down to me from Scottish heritage, and I didn't want to lose it -- it's also my mom's maiden middle name. When I was younger, I hated it. No one could pronounce it or spell it. I thought it was weird. But hey, how boring would Kristin Harris Art & Design be? I love it. Here's to weird middle names...anyone else? 🥂
Although I got my degree in graphic design, I now tend to stay away from branding unless it's wedding related. I created this logo for myself a few years ago and I still love it. Branding yourself is one of the hardest things to do.

Meet Maui. I always avoided painting small, but these mini watercolor portraits have turned out to be some of my favorite pieces that I do. This client actually was the same one who made me make that jump forever ago (this is her second piece). [watercolor, 4x4in]

And this sweet face is Gertie, who belongs with Huck (see previous post). [watercolor, 5x7in]
So really, at this point, I think I'm out to paint every breed of dog I can. What am I missing? Do you have a breed I haven't painted? Also, I really want to paint a bearded dragon. I had one growing up, and a #beardeddragon portrait would be completely stoic. Or maybe I'm weird. So...do any one of you happen to have one? 😏🦎

Guys, meet Huck. He's one of two adorable English Springer Spaniels I was able to paint and I'm just dying over his expression. [watercolor, 5x7]
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! I currently have one too many commissions and projects on my hands (this is a good thing), and I'm wishing I had 6 hands. Or...employees who could paint and illustrate identically to me. 😬Thank you all for your patience if you're waiting on your portraits, wedding work, or illustrations! Summer is busyyyy.

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