Hace exactamente un año cundo pase la mejor experiencia y lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida.Él simplemente cantaba y tocaba pero me hizo sentir más allá de lo que podía imaginar.Me hizo olvidar de mis preocupaciones y me hizo disfrutar como nadie.
Solo quiero darte las gracias por TODO.❤️
PD:Me he dado cuenta que en el último vídeo la voz va atrasado y nose porque.

Today was the last show of Illuminate World Tour and I’m just so thankful for having been part of it❤️

Shawn today via snapchat!
PS: Shawn wears the same t-shirt that he wore at the M&G in Barcelona.👉🏻

this is shawn at the concert I went to 😍😍 #illuminateworldtourbarcelona
@shawnmendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy

Soooooo I hope you like this editttt haha😂 DONT FORGET TO TAG SOMEONE WHO WS IN BARCELONAAA💪🏻😬 •
Twitter: @shawnngalaxy

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So, I know it's hard to believe but Shawn's already 19 in my country, this boy deserves more than a meme and I've chosen to post a video edit of the best night of my life. It's unbelievable that it's been 19 years since my inspiration was born, since Shawn was born. I can't say I've been here since the beginning, 'cause I haven't, but I am sure I'll be here until the end because Shawn deserves it. Mendes Army can treat Shawn better than any fandom can, he has shown us that we will never be alone and that sometimes it all gets a little too much but we just gotta hold on. Today's your day and something big I feel it's happening, you are growing. I am so proud to be in this army and so glad to have discovered this Canadian boy who, without even noticing, has helped me with a lot of things.
@shawnmendes you have taught me to love myself, to appreciate life, to be the life of the party❤️

Twitter: @shawnngalaxy

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@shawnmendes #MendesArmy #ShawnMendes
#ShawnMeme #Memes #FanAcc #handwritten #illuminate #treatyoubetter #tyb #mercy #stitches #shawnmendesbirthday #shawnmendesbarcelona #illuminateworldtourbarcelona

The crowd is amazing😍😍 @shawnmendes

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