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Talking about bracelets, not hands haha
I know he doesn't wear the bracelet anymore but still ...it was recent
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I can die peacefully now 馃槏

COMMENT 馃懠 when you find him

All I can see are his abs.

Shawn used to be so active on his Snapchat sigh馃槳



I was half asleep when I heard him groan in a deep, husky voice. God, that little groan made me want to kiss him but he was working all night yesterday and I didn't want to wake him up. He deserved his rest. I was fully awake by the time I realized I was staring at his soft, kissable lips. I wanted to get up and make some breakfast since he was rolling over and about to wake up but as soon as I threw off my blanket to get up, his big, protective arms held my waist.
"Baby where are you going without me?" "Shawn lemme make you breakfast" "Okay but Im coming with you"
We got up and brushed our teeth and made our way to the kitchen. I turned to Shawn and he lifted me up by the waist to sit me on the counter. "Shawn put me down you should rest."
"Y/N let me make it you deserve to be treated like a princess every single day." "Shawn," I giggled "No let me make it please babe?" "How bout we both do it?" "Fine Shawnie" We made breakfast and sat down when Shawn asked me to get his phone from the room while I got mine. When I came back, a vase of orchids was sitting on the table. He knew they were my favorite. "Oh baby thank you." I kissed his lips while he deepened the kiss by putting his hand on the back of my head. "Anytime Princess" God he knew how to kill me every time and make me fall deeper in love with him everyday鈥

Welp was bored
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Some of the M&G馃馃徏#IlluminateTourSanAntonio

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Sorry again for being inactive. School started here in our country
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