Promoting your business on social Media is all about 2 things:⠀

1️⃣ Value. What value do you provide to potential clients?⠀

2️⃣ Branding. All of your images and your message need to be on point with your branding.⠀

And while we’re always telling you to focus on the client, we want to point out the importance of occasionally reminding them of the face behind your brand.⠀


➡️ Seeing your face (eyes in particular) helps to establish an emotional connection to you, and ultimately what that face represents: your brand.⠀

➡️ As people begin to associate you with your brand, as long as what you provide to them is top notch and valuable, they’ll associate you in a high regard when it comes to your industry.⠀

➡️ This is important. As you’re viewed as an expert in your industry, trust in your brand and products grow. ⠀

➡️ This trust establishes lifelong, diehard customers who proudly and loudly use your brand. ⠀

➡️ Leading to not just you, but your brand, being your industry’s standard of success.⠀

And who couldn’t trust a face like Sydney’s?⠀

🙋🏻‍♀️... at least not in the photo. ⠀

Tell me why in the comments! ⬇️⠀

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Then snuggle me and force me to sleep. #whereyouatboo #insomnia #illsleepwhenimdead #allthetacos #tacotuesday

I love the smell of fresh A M B I T I O N in the morning #everydayimhustlin .

Swarovski Crystal glasses $36
Bracelet bundle $14
Necklace $14

Another 3am workout in the books! I really debated on doing it this morning, but I can't reach my goals by sleeping. #riseandgrind #hustleforthatmuscle #24hourfitness #3amworkout #illsleepwhenimdead

Taking the time to see all the views with a few days off, so happy spring is here which means it’s soon summer time 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Proud mama moment💞 Pinterest has some good material! Not just hair and beauty stuff.

I created a reading and writing binder for the kids. Each tab/section will be what we work on. We do reading for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week (if he really likes the book Jake will go longer) , punctuation and reading comprehension. Lily is working on Upper case, lower case and writing neatly.
Once completed, game on! 🎮🎨 The kids are digging the whole work hard, play hard mind set.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #studystudystudy #thisbinderdoes #needcolorthough #getinvolved
#putinthework #iwontlie #ijustrelearnedtoo #illsleepwhenimdead

Thank you @david_mosher_fx for the Ultimate Mask Makers Sculpting Form. It's perfect. This is exactly what I needed. Papa is about to get to work. Got some long late sleepless nights ahead but it will be all worth it when everyone sees the end products. Can't wait to share what's coming up guys. It's going to be epic! #epic #sculpting #masks #halloweenfun #yourworstnightmare #spfxmakeup #latenightfun #dreamscomingtrue #illsleepwhenimdead #siliconemasks #siliconemask #wtfx #hauntlife

So tired but still managed to get out to see #jesusandmarychain and #nineinchnails #brightlights #illsleepwhenimdead

Washed, dried, folded, hung, AND put away 12 loads of laundry. Started at 830am and just shoved the last item away. Excuse me while I go collapse now...Oh wait, now to put the kids to bed, clean up the living room, edit 3 sessions and a wedding, respond to emails, set up marketing for the week, and somewhere in there find time to eat, shower, and MAYBE have a drink. #illsleepwhenimdead

Our vacation is officially over and I’m so sad but it was exactly what we needed (now back to reality and our Eddy🐶)! I love traveling with my boo and can’t thank you enough for all you do! I know we will certainly die fun not boring!👫 #illsleepwhenimdead #miami #gotourposedown #mcm #livefastdiefun

#gudvibrationstour at Red Rocks was 🔥🔥🔥. Even though I only got four hours of sleep, I regret nothing! 🕺🔊 #illsleepwhenimdead

I swear, sometimes I still feel like a rookie 😂 These little ones sure do like to keep us on our toes, don’t they?.
We are having a hard time with this guy in the sleep department. He goes to bed easy enough, but from about 1am on, he tosses and turns and kicks and rolls and never seems to really settle into a good deep sleep for the rest of the night. He stirs every time I move. He asks where is daddy going when Dave gets up to shower at 4:15. I really need to get up at 5/5:30am and start my day before everyone for my own sanity, but I can’t because he wakes up too. I end up laying there wasting time and not sleeping because I’m hoping he’ll go back to sleep 🙄.
Maybe I should go back to giving him a scheduled nap time? We stopped because we’re pretty much always on the go, but maybe I need to start structuring our day around it again? Help, friends!
P.S. this is him sleeping at 10am today, because he was awake at 5 😴🤦🏻‍♀️

#motovationmonday get up, get out and get it done. ✌🏻
If you didn’t get it in this morning, we’ll be waiting for you at 5:30 and 6:30pm. Believe me, you NEED today’s workout in your life. 😆💙
#burneastcobb #burnbootcamp #trainlikeamother #illsleepwhenimdead #dreams #goals #goalcrusher #igotthis #fitnessmotivation #motivation

This little dude spiked a temp over night which came completely out of the blue. He was happy as anything before going to bed and then at 11pm, an hour after I got to sleep ‘BAM’ he woke up crying. I knew as soon as I heard his cry that he wasn’t well.
Not much sleep happened in this house for he and I last night. Finally got him settled at 6am. Fingers crossed whatever it is has passed 🤞
I am getting the older one to school via my in laws 🙏 and then while the little one sleeps (I know I should be sleeping) I’ll indulge in a few episodes of the bachelor Australia 🤫 .
#sicktoddler #whatissleep #lovethispic #love #fatherandson #thebacheloraustralia #ssshhh #secretfan #nooneelseneedstoknow #illsleepwhenimdead #mummysgotyou #gentleday #tryingtoloseweight #knowwhentopause #takingiteasytoday

When your so tired you just need to lay down on the wheel house deck for a min and your buddy feels the same way. #dogtired #porgygrind #triples #illsleepwhenimdead #bros #goose #ospreyfishing

It’s a no makeup, no shower, no sleep, no bathroom breaks kind of Monday. I don’t know why but when Tripp is out of town my kids wake up at 5am, don’t nap and are needy AF. I won’t even get started on the dog. I have come to the decision Monday nights are pizza nights... why wasn’t this the plan all along? Whoever thought Friday was a good night for pizza clearly didn’t have kids. Cooking shouldn’t even be allowed on Mondays. #momlife #motherhood #illsleepwhenimdead Ok but really I love them all and I still miss them when they’re sleeping 😂.

So I took my Fitbit Ionic off at work and it reckons I had a 3 hour nap. Now the fact that it wasn't moving I could understand why it would think I was sleeping...but the fact that it's supposed to monitor my heart rate... It's worrying that it didn't think I was.. You know... Dead.

#fitbit #fitbitionic #shitbit #illsleepwhenimdead #notreallyillsleepanychanceiget

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