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Couldn't ask for a better group of friends ❤️❤️ #illmissyouguys #loveyous

Thanks to those who came out last night 😙 #lastweekend #sydney #operabar #illmissyouguys

6 years / 4 stores / 3 states
I started at apple part-time on a whim and only became a genius because it paid more.
As I look back apple gave me my wife, my house, and hundreds of lifelong friends.
#illmissyouguys #tbt

Hari itu telah berlalu
Menyisakan sesuatu di hatiku
Mau tau?
Ya, rindu.
So late late late post.
#alumnussmansu #alumnussmansu2k16

This is us laughing because we are incapable of taking a normal father daughter photo. I love you Dad! I thank you and @madalena.rodriguez for giving me a home when I needed it❤️#letsjustsay #freethepsychobunnies #illmissyouguys #weirdsss

For those who are leaving - Have a safe trip home. Thanks for the amazing time we've had together. 😊💙
#goodbye #illmissyouguys

I’m saddened to announce I will not be returning to the Breakers for the 2017 NWSL season. It was a difficult decision for me to make, but it's great to see the progress and changes the club is forming for the coming season, which has made it even tougher for me to come to this conclusion.
I love the city, the club, my teammates and all the fans, but for me I need to put my personal needs first and make 2017 a year to freshen up here in Australia, to get my mind and body back to 100 percent health and fitness, and be ready for the next season.

I will miss Boston and everything it has to offer - I want to thank everyone at the Breakers and all the fans for welcoming me with open arms and making Boston my home away from home.
I'd like to wish Matt and the girls all the best for the season, I'll be watching closely from Sydney 🤗. I'll be forever grateful for the experience to play abroad in Boston for so many years and play alongside and against so many great players.
#NWSL #BostonBreakers #Thankyou #2017 #Illmissyouguys


Aperitivi per salutarsi! ✌🏻🎉🍾grazie a tutti mi mancherete! #byebye #lastdayofwork #letsparty #illmissyouguys #bestteamever

"Someday soon your whole life's going to change, you'll miss the magic of the good old days." 🎶 Literally can't put into words how much im going to miss this place. Thank you to everyone @theburnttongue for giving me a second family. Thanks for giving me one of the best and most memorable opportunities I've been able to have. I'll miss all of you tons, but I'll come back to visit all the time ❤️ #theburnttongue #family #friends #penos #macklemore #kesha #lovethem #illmissyouguys #scuseme #shitbitch #followforfollow #like4like

I love these ladies! Paige I'm gonna miss you peer pressuring us into adding more weight in body pump and jennifer I'll miss having you whining with me every time she does. ❤️ #illmissyouguys #illbeback #fitfriends #gohardorgohome

Couldn't ask for a better group of friends ❤️❤️ #illmissyouguys #loveyous

Gonna miss this studio mainly cause the lighting was good for taking fire selfies. @vadlaura and @chantalkhourysstudio were ok studio mates too I guess. 👋 #illmissyouguys #yesiweartheseshortsallthetimesosueme #pantsareforsuckers

Had to say good bye to a lot of amazing people today, been working here for a minute I've learned a lot matured a lot more but it's time I'll be missing everyone and that little check but life has a lot more to offer and by making this change in my life I will also be making a growth in every aspect of life but for that i gotta step out of my comfort zone #illmissyouguys #makingadreamcometrue #farewell #makeachange

❤️🤗 #illmissyouguys

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