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I own alot of shorts AAAA

Just me and you.
Let's have a rendezvous.

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leslie roman. 1999. hispanic. cameron's girl💗. opens up easily at times. hmu for a great friendship filled of love and food :)💗
likes: food. cuddles. late night parties. drinking. blunts. kinks. dominant sex. teasing. nicki minaj. abel tesfaye. drake. ozuna. romeo santos. bad bunny. alta consigna. any type of sad song.
dislikes: fakes. attetion seekers. hoes. sluts. fuckboys. fuckgirls. short convos. being left on seen.

hi I love enchiladas

without changing a part of me, how do I get to heaven?

__________________ Alex knight 🍒🃏 _____________ A wild card at its finest huh?
[ ten won't be dating anyone he's basically your local gay bff milla is still my main mod]
a dork who's interested in old films and photography and has a passion for dance as well as music. spends most of his time hanging out with his friends or watching old movies.he has an older sister whom he treats as a younger sister despite her always scolding him. He is currently single and isn't exactly sure if he's looking at the moment.He has been through a lot and doesn't talk about his feelings or open up as much as he should. He trust very few people because past events have made him build a wall around himself.Although he models sometimes too, he has many insecurities and tends to bring himself down a lot.He gets easily attached to someone whom he really loves or cares for even if they've only just met. He isn't very great with expressing how he feels but you'll know how he feels if you're really important to Him. he does need more friends and he needs to break out of his shell a little. Please love and take care of him and hes always open to more friends and can do both literate and illiterate rp though literate is easier for him.

Thank you @spring.rxses ❤❤

Tired of this drama.

I'm waiting on the final breath
Death wishes, I was left
So I gave it the right away, let it pass me on the strip
Can't be dead if you were never alive to begin with
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I haven't been on in like a week and I'm pretty sure no one has noticed #openrp

Appreciation post for my baby ❤
I miss Petals so much, her trying to jump up on me whenever i came home from work. And curling up on my chest during a movie or one of my boring documentaries! !! We have so many memeries together. She's probably taking naps infront of a fire and chasing after cats on my grandmothers farm! I cant wait to see her during that holidays 😙💓💓

‘S Post
5:24 pm
“Haha You’re so small love~”
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✖Hyunki Pang✖, 18 years old. August 13th 1999. Works as Freelance model. Busy and tired. A innocent sweetheart. Proudly Homosexual. Takes his job seriously. Has a dog named Petals who lives with his grandmother. Loves NCTs Ten. Submissive.6'1.Thai-Korean.✖
✖Hyunki came from a bitter sweet family life. Harsh, strict father who was always working at his company which made alot of money and a sweet caring mother. Sadly at 14 his mother went on a business trip to Hawaii and went missing, completely gone which caused his father to blame him. After he dropped out of high school due to his money hungry father wanted Hyunki to carry out the family business, Hyunki declined and moved away. Living off what he could get until he got offered a modeling job and started doing that. Now 2 years later he lives in his quaint apartment. :)✖
✖Hyunki enjoys doing physical activities such as walking, going to the gym and most sports. He loves his friends with all his heart and currently isn't looking for a relationship. He also enjoys cafes,sun,rain,eating, documentaries, and coffee.✖
✖He hates rude ignorant people, tennis, soccer and loud obnoxious sounds such as a fork scraping against a plate.✖
✖Hyunki gets embarrassed and flustered easily, he can be playful sometimes.He doesn't smile often but when he does you know hes in a good mood.✖

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