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O primeiro livro a gente nunca esquece... A Seleção! (Tão surrado por ler só ele na época) ❤️👑
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Name: Alexandra Garza
Age: 20
Caste: 3
Province: Dominica
Occupation: studying to be nutritionist
Personality: Alexandra spreads happiness and positiveness everywhere she goes. Some might describe her as childish and innocent. Some as wild and loud. She is extremely friendly and affectionate. Her actions may sometimes fall into the categoryof immature but deep down she means no harm to anyone.
Backstory: Both of Alexandra's parents work as Veterinarians. She is an only daughter.
Why: having the change to help and serve the wonder people of this nation is an opportunity that should never be wasted.

Name: Ophelia Rosalyn Blake
Age: 20
Caste: Two
Province: Sonage
Occupation: None (Daughter of a famous actor and model)
Personality: Never got over her teenage angst phase. The bitter winds of rebellion run wild in her heart and mind.
Backstory: “It’d be surprising if you didn’t already know.”Why have you joined the selection? “My parents want more publicity for their newest projects. Dads new movie and my moms new clothing collection. What better way than putting their problematic daughter in the princes selection? I’m in it for the food and time away from my family.”

-Name; Aurelia Baughman -Age; eighteen -Caste; three -Occupation; student teacher in a first grade classroom
Province; Kent-Personality; Aurelia is usually quiet, and not one to start fights or arguments, but she can finish them. She is very passionate, intelligent, loyal and hardworking. Aurelia loves her job and the kids she gets to work with. She is honest, organized, trustworthy, and caring. However, if you get on her bad side, she can be sarcastic and cold.Aurelia can be easily swayed if she trusts you, but can always be counted on to be level headed and honest. Aurelia is extremely protective and selfless once she has she has deemed you a friend, or something more.-Backstory; Aurelia’s dad is a literature teacher at a university and her mom is a librarian. She has four younger siblings: three sisters and a brother. She is extremely close with them, and protective of them. Aurelia grew up surrounded by books and with a love of literature.-Why did you join the selection; To meet new people, and take the grand opportunity that she has been offered. And to hopefully find love in the process.

Name: Akita Daniels
Age: 22
Caste: 2
Province: Zuni
Occupation: professional tattoo artist
Personality: Akita is very creative, she loves to express how she feels through art, she's passionate, daring, charming, creative, adrenaline junky, a risk taker with a bit of an edge as well as she can be quite the sarcastic and jokester
Backstory: Akita was raised in a very creative family, her father a big business man didn't approve of her wanting to be a tattoo artist... but she didWhat she wanted anyway with her three brothers backing her up, she thrived doing what she loved, has her own shop even.
Why did you join the selection?: Akita loved her job and her life but she wanted more, she wants to meet interesting people in interesting places, she wants to find love and settle down eventually, or mostly she wants to find a partner to have fun with and take risks with together.

¿Sabías qué si el sistema de castas no se hubiese instalado, el apellido de América y de su familia en general sería Cohen; y su bisabuela habría sido doctora?

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Ayer, 12 de enero, fue el kiss a ginger day (besa a unx pelirrojx), y estoy segura de que Maxon lo habría aprovechado al máximo 👏😂 #americasinger #maxonschreave #theselectionseries #kissagingerday #freckles #books #illea

Name: Verona Wheeler
Age: 19
Caste: 5
Province: Fennley
Occupation: Circus PerformerPersonality: Verona is just as mesmerizing and romantic as the city she was named after. She is completely in love with the idea of finding love but is terrified of falling for someone who won’t love her back. She’s like a flower. Beautiful, blooming, lively but if you take away her leaves and roots, her life will slowly begin to drain. She’s been hurt before but managed to pick herself up again. She’s nowhere near perfect but she hopes to learn from others mistakes and live a better life.She is undeniably loyal and courageous. She gives people a reason to believe that not all chivalry is gone.Backstory: She was given up for adoption the day she was born. Verona knows nothing of her birth parents other than the name that they gave her and a video they left for her to see once she became an adult. However it’s been a year since her parents gave her the tape but she refuses to watch it. Wanting nothing from the people who birthed her just as they did her. Verona is a very talented circus stunt performer and widely popular.She’s been offered countless of opportunities to have her caste paid up to a two by film companies. However she always refuses as she is forever loyal to her circus team. Her family.
Why have you joined the selection?
She already knows how to love herself and love the life provided for her. She hopes to help someone find that same love for themselves. And quite possibly find a love of their own along the way.

Name: Clover Angeline Everly
Age: Nineteen
Caste: Three
Province: Honduragua
Occupation: Computer programmer (Cyber agent FBI)
Personality: Clover is headstrong, this can have effects on different sides of the spectrum, it can either be a very good thing or a very bad thing there is no in between, it all depends on the situation. She is extremely intelligent so your chances in winning an argument are very slim.Clover was born wild, adventurous, and curious, she lives on the wild side, her motto is ‘better an oops than a what if’. This all doesn’t mean she can’t be a professional when needed, this girl wears fire for skin and strength and integrity like a fine tailored suit, but don’t be fooled by this one thing she does not like being tied down. She is energetic but sometimes uses this to hide her emotions to avoid feeling weak.Clover is very courageous and would do anything to protect those she cares for, some would even say she’s impulsive, but she can certainly address a crowd she has wit, charisma, and passion so meeting people always came easy to her. She is life itself wild and free, wonderfully chaotic, a perfect mess together.
Backstory: Clover had always struggled to trust due to the fact that a lot of people in her life left when she needed them the mostbut she couldn’t complain too much she always had her brother Alex and her mom by her side. Sure they sometimes pressured her to have good grade but she was grateful for that. She had learned one thing from all the people that left her and it was that in this world you couldn’t rely on anyone to help you when you really needed it, this made her independent but she would always have a bond with Alex and her mom she just never expected them tosolve all her problems. Through all the crap that she had to deal with she always came out stronger.
Why have you joined the selection?: “To not have a what if in life and because of curiosity, I want to know if there is anything really special in being a royal, other than the fact that you live in a palace. Also just to enjoy the food and luxury for a couple weeks.”

Name: Emily storm rose
Age: 19
Caste: 7
Province: Bonita
Occupation: scattered occupations, mainly whatever can help within paying bills, she wants to be an artist but that's a bit of a dream more then reality.
Personality: I doubt this piece of paper will at all fully translate how I am, though there is no harm in giving an attempt.
Emily is a girl who always try's to look on the bright side, she is an opinionated and thoughtful girl who lets passion guide her way, always giving her +Attempts on making people smile, she is filled to the brim with curiosity and can sometimes let sarcasm flow out of her mouth without thinking, though she is determined that comes with being stubborn as hell, she takes a long times letting things go and over works herself constantly, she is awkward at times and in attempts to brighten a moment can just be ill placed silliness.
Well there isn't too much to tell, she has moments she would tell over and over in fondness and ones she +Would wish never to be spoken of again, her mother has 5 kids in total, leaving her with four siblings, 2 of them who still need to be taken care of often.
It's busy though she has been able to handle the obstacles tossed at her.
Why have you joined this selection?:
I guess I was looking for an adventure, I needed something out of the ordinary though I particularly scorn myself for not holding responsibility to stay for my family... maybe I deserve a little bit of selfishness just this once.

Have you ever wanted to fight for a sexy, sweet or nerdy prince? °
I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you haven’t been able to find a guy who has it all. °
Well now you can have all three! And I can assure you each of them are pretty hot ;) °
come join my selection for prince Alvie, Prince Simon, and Prince Theo
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prince nathan has come of age and is ready for marriage. continuing the line of selections, he will be hosting his own. soon thirty-five women will be here at the palace, all fighting for his heart, or the crown. but in the end, only one will come out as future queen and wife to nathan. here is your chance, good luck.
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Os traigo la primera reseña de esta cuenta, espero que os guste, va a estar a medias porque no tengo la sinopsis pero prometo que de ahora en adelante estarán completas.
❌Puede haber spoilers❌
Empecemos por lo inegable, las portadas de esta saga son preciosas 😍
La historia me ha gustado, de hecho me enganchó desde el minuto uno y eso hacía tiempo que no me pasaba, ha sido una lectura ligera pero que te deja agusto, eso sí la historia es muy liviana, de Maxon y de América a penas se sabe nada, Eadlyn a veces me gusta y a veces me parece un poco tonta, los aspirantes casi no tienen chicha en la historia, exceptuando unos pocos y no es como en los otros libros que también se tiene una perspectiva de lo que pasa fuera de palacio, sino que aquí se centra todo en la princesa y la selección, pero aún así como os he dicho me ha gustado, sobretodo Kile, para qué engañar 😂 eso sí los anteriores son mucho mejores. - Livvy 💜
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Καλό είναι αυτά να μη γίνονται...!!!!
Κρεμούλα κορίτσια μου οπωσδήποτε!!!
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Fire or Ice? Will you be the one to melt the ice or calm the flames? Or will they get to you first and cause damage?
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