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Going to visit Laura today, I really need some time to think.

#illalwaysmissyou #butimbetternow

Fue un año grandioso, lleno de gente nueva y espectacular, pero se acabó y lo más difícil siempre son las despedidas, Adiós.
#NosVeremosPronto #illAlwaysMissYou #RotaryYouthExchange

Three months went by, hardly had the time to speak much with you. And with all that was in between for both of us, me with my clinicals and you with sister's wedding, all I wanted was to just see you and spend the time talking and talking. Despite how short the time we get to spend, it was worth it. Definitely, not enough, NEVER been. 😑 But, I'm glad and I went back home happy nevertheless. ❤️ @ssshalini #bestie #illalwaysmissyou #weneedmoretime

Its been a year and a half and the journey of isolation that started out of need went to a level of rediscovering myself again.....its been a long journey but i still miss each moment...i dont know if there will b a day when i can feel yes,it wasnt real bcoz sometimes this feels like unreal given the social animal i was.....I dont meet frogs who ll turn into princes or the disneyland anymore but a harsh reality that cuts into my own being....I dont try to move on bcoz i blive time will move me on...i dont blive in happily ever afters bcoz the afters just are so realistically blunt..But i believe that i m a human who ll live and exist and will break thru my own walls!! I still believe i can......Sometimes its hard but just knowing that U r all u can ask for ,all u ll want ,all that will be is what just pushes u.....#illalwaysmissyou #memoriesdontdie #lifegoeson

You’ll see our story
in a movie
one day....

Questa vita e' troppo breve per non credere nei tuoi sogni con tutta la tua anima.
Il tuo cuore è libero, abbi sempre il coraggio di seguirlo. ♥️ #illalwaysmissyou

Dear Nani, It seems as though God has called upon his beloved and most beautiful angel to come home now. We weren't ready to say good bye. Not yesterday,not today and definitely not tomorrow. It's never a good bye my Nani. You've had so many wonderful memories and I would do anything to have you here just a little longer. Your smile,touch and love lives on with us. With me. With my family that I will soon start. You were the glue to us all,more than you can ever imagine. All that I have of you now are memories. Memories that only you and I both loved to share. And that is now my most prized possession. My treasure. So wherever you are now,guide me as you always have. Protect me like you always have. You've always been my guardian Angel. Thank you,from us all. Until next time my Nani. #MyTreasure #WorldsGreatestGrandma #IllAlwaysMissYou #ILoveYou


My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all. The morning rain clouds up my window I can't see at all. Even if I could it'll all be grey, but your picture on my wall. It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad.. I'll be ya biggest fan you'll ever have. #rip #rekt #yyc #yyj #yyz #opl #adventure #explore #saviour #positivevibes #portuguese #goodvibes #l4l #f4f #yas #thiskid #yyv #yvr #smc #always #japland #canada #westcoastbestcoast #meu

I’ll always miss you R.I.P Timothy Allen Willis Jr and David Earl Mercer The Roman numerals are my cousins death date and I have uncle Dave’s initials the bel air is because my cousin has a 57 on his head stone so does uncle Dave but his 55 chevy but he was born in 57 so I got a 57 #57chevybelair #illalwaysmissyou #tattoo #tattooedgirls #tattooedgirl

As you passed away in my arms today i realised i have to wake up and see that everyone and everything isn't here forever. I keep forgetting this... It's truly the worst feeling in the world. Losing a pet, family member, friend. Anyone! But it happens so often... R.I.P. Bam 😢 #bestfriend #bam #pet #dog #iloveyou #suchagoodboy #illalwaysmissyou #rip #puppy

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