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Guess what I'm doing.... "I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive"

Gotta love gastric emptying studieas. The fun things people with gastroparesis have to do
#gastroparesis #crohn's #gastricemptyingstudy #GES #ileostomy #boring #chronicillness #chronicpain #ibd

Feeling scared but ready, got my surgery date through for in two and a half weeks. #ibd #ostomy #ileostomy #hernia #surgery

Huge thanks to Jen from @crohnieclothing for this photo of her modelling our navy clothing range 💖. "The first item of clothing I received from INGA was the Women’s Long Sleeve Top in Navy and straight away I loved it and wore it the next day to uni! I don’t know how to describe how soft the material is other than to say it’s by far the comfiest item of clothing I own. I am obsessed with it! Already it has been with me to uni, to a pre op assessment and an MRI." We can't explain how lovely it is to see people in our clothing going about their everyday lives, in clothing that accommodates, but doesn't let them be defined by, their illness. You can read more about Jen's experience wearing our clothes on our blog. Link in bio ☝️! #crohnies #crohns #crohnieclothing #invisibleillness #ibd #ileostomy #proctectomy #chronicillness #ootd #recovery #spoonie #ibdawareness #spooniestrong #autoimmune #inpatient #illnesstowellness #illnessnotweakness #chronicillness #recovery #chronicillnesswontstopme #chronicillnesscommunity

I am so very glad that I’ve finally found a bag that actually works for me. -One piece convex wafer, fits me well and I’ve had no issues so far with it.- Also way easier to change this than doing all the cutting for the two piece. #ileostomy #stoma #loopileostomy #colostomybag #confident

Smitten. Another one of my faves from our NICU days. 😍😍#niculife #nicugrad #fetalhydrops #survivor #ileostomy #miraclebaby #warriorbaby #flashback

During my travels I’ve been fortunate enough to try out many different therapies. My favourite has to be Shirodhara & I’ve just finished a 3 day course of massage & shirodhara treatments by the wonderful Tency. I absolutely love these treatments & always do a course of them while here in Varkala.
Shirodhara is a treatment where warm oil is poured across the forehead stimulating the pineal gland producing a deeply calming effect similar to meditation.......it is absolute bliss🙏. .
I remember the 1st time I had 1 of these massages with Tency back in 2016, I was so terribly English & self conscious being fully naked in front of a stranger who more than likely had never seen an ileostomy bag before. I remember using a mixture of mime & pigeon English to try to explain what my bag was for 😂😂 (I think I failed miserably)........but any worries were soon put to rest, these therapists are so kind & gentle, they treat each person with such love & tenderness ❤️❤️❤️
(<— the beautiful Tency and I after my last session) #crohns #crohnsdisease #crohnswarrior #travel #boweldisease #ibs #ibd #ostomy #ostomybag #ileostomy #ileostomybag #colostomybag #colostomy #crohnsandcolitisuk #crohnsandcolitis #theladyandthebag #willnotbestopped #healthblog #travelblogger #crohnslife #crohnsfighter #shirodhara #ayurveda #ayurvedic

Yes, I admit I was a little nervous. But here it is ❤️ for full video see link in bio

I hate this fucking disease! Active Crohns again in small bowel now, flaring up like nobodies business...when does this end?? I want to run away where Crohns can’t find me, any IBD warriors found that place yet DM me the directions 🙈🙈🙈 #crohns #crohnsdiseasesucks #ileostomy #stoma #IBD #backontheroids #backtomeds #thissucks #blackmood #ibdwarriors @crohnsandcolitisuk

After getting up on the rings for the first time in his life last weekend. We had a go at ‘skin the cat’
My boy has determination in bucket loads. Here is his progression tonight...
1- powering off the box
2- powering off the floor
3- skin the cat
You legend @kerrjordan - we are sooo proud 🙌🙌😂😂

the blockage

A week ago I was sitting on a stool eating a bowl of spaghetti bolognese with my sister laughing as I rounded my belly, pointing out how bloated I was. I hadn’t eaten much that day & I couldn’t remember the last time I was bloated. I laughed again & finished the bowl.

When I jumped into bed, my belly was huge, rock hard & tight. With so much abdominal discomfort & pressure, I honestly thought I would pop! I was experiencing my first stomach ache in 2 years. I was restless I couldn’t sleep. I pulled my knees to my chest & rocked side to side. I massaged my stomach entirely as the pain was all over. I ran a hot bath, hunched over & sat sweating for over an hour, continuously drinking water to stay hydrated. Being my stubborn self, I always believe I can push through these things & all I was thinking up until this point is how much sleep I was going to get before work in 4 hours time.

It then hit me. Something was not right. I hadn’t passed movement all day. No previous minor blockage had been like this. None had put my in this much pain, made my belly this big & all of them I was able to relieve myself. I crawled into the car & took myself to the emergency department.

An x-ray of the abdomen showed that surgical adhesions from the total colectomy had twisted & anything I had been eating or drinking in the lead up was building up with no where to go. My colectoral surgeon assured me that there was nothing I did to cause this, there is nothing I could have done to prevent this, & that this probably won’t be the last time it happens. BUT if didn’t make my way to the hospital when I did, my bowel would have ruptured & I would have been in a lot of trouble.

I spent 3 days resting my gut - no food, no drink - to let it untwist itself & avoid going into surgery. I relied on morphine to relieve pain, IV fluids to keep hydrated & a NG tube to stop vomiting & drain what was in my stomach.

This post is not to frighten anyone, it’s a lesson I’m lucky I learnt. Trust your gut instinct, if you feel something is not right, it probably isn’t. Act on it.

You need to listen to your body, because your body is listening to you. ✨

Salts war gut, aber immer wieder nächtliche Unfälle. Jetzt seit drei Wochen nichts mehr.
#bbraun #bbraunsoftima #ileostoma #ileostomy #ostomybag #ostomate #ostomy #softima3s

I’ve signed up to do the 10k Walk It sponsored walk for @crohnsandcolitisuk in June!

Who else is taking part? 💜
#walkit #walkitlondon

Feels like I’m living in this jumper at the moment 😂 @hm #selfie #hm #fashionblogger #fblogger #youtuber #beautyblogger #bblogger #ulcerativecolitis #ileostomy

Arm day session finishers. Barbell bicep curls, tricep press ups and then rope work. 3 rounds. 💪even though I have zero energy today I still did it. Any workout is better than no workout
Happy Friday team 💙🙌

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