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THE BEST ❤️ #holiday #iledoleron

This morning Hendrik went surfing and I really felt like I had accomplished nothing with my morning. I did what I normally do, a few handstands, a little walk, listened to a podcast, watched H surf. Before lunch I started to find my tuck in my handstand as jumping into a tuck has always been something I've wanted to do in my handstand practice but has been miles away....to be honest the last time I tried was probably a good year ago at least. After lunch we went for a long cycle ride, and when we arrived home I thought ok why not let's just try it, see what it feels like (last time I remember t felt terrifying).....anyway check out my insta story to see what happened (and my progression through the day). A long way to go but it's coming 🙌 I definitely accomplished something today...my mind and body are happy! It's days like this that I notice the difference in my body, my physical strength but also my mental strength and how I am overcoming fear of so many things that felt so scary a while back! We are amazing creatures! #gratitude #handstands

Monti(cul) 🍑#oleron #iledoleron

L'automne ?! Non, pas encore ! On prolonge l'été sur l'île d'Oléron avec un ciel 100% bleu 😎
✨ Et il fait beau chez toi ?
#iledoleron #oleron #oleronisland #pharedechassiron #chassiron #phare #lighthouse #bluesky #onedayonetravel

Je peux enfin dire que je me suis envoyé en l'air aujourd'hui grâce à vous merci 👮👮👮👮#iledoleron #sautparachute #parachute #chutelibre

Aujourd'hui sortie sur l'île d'Oléron et déjeuné dans mon resto préféré ! #charentemaritime


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