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Coño de su madre JAJAJAJA #latieneclara #enelfriotodoesmaschiquito #TEQUIERO #Todoesfullcaro #igualmequedo #ILCanada 🇨🇦❤️💥🌲🍁😂

The fall season (September and the beginning part of October) have been good to me. I had the opportunity to attend the AGM of Independent Living Canada (IL canada) in Ottawa. The independent living movement was founded in the 1970's by Ed Roberts a polio survivor who wished to attend Berkeley university. He advocated that he be able to stay on campus & attend classes just as his able bodied peers. This was the beginning of a movement of disabled folks working politically & socially for inclusion of folks with disabilities. Independent living Canada was established in the early 1980's the organization continues to be lead by disabled people & their allies. IL Canada continues to day to create opportunities for people with disabilities. Moreover they continue to lobby and discuss disability as a social justice issue. As part of my job I was able to attend their AGM as a delegate of the Toronto IL centre. I have always wanted to be paid to do social justice work! I have always wanted to create positive change. Sometimes, I feel like a failure because many of my friends have more personal and professional success. However, working for independent living Is something I am very proud of. It is exactly the type of job high school Sam would of wanted. Image description: top left : header of AGM package with IL Canada's logo. Top right sunset painting, painted & donated by a member of IL North Saskatchewan. Lower left: parliament building. Lower right: Sam with name tage in business casual clothes. #inclusion #independent #independentliving #independentlivingcenter #ilcanada #cilt #toronto #disability #disabiltypride #disabilityrights

These a few of my 12 wins in a penny raffle we do every year at the national #ilcanada AGM!#himalayansaltcandle holder! Adorable winter penguin!

Ella @richmond_rcd spoke at #ILCanada #AGM dinner, talking about #independent living

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