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The last week, major news sources released ignorant, mocking articles about Chronic Lyme. The CDC continues to fuel the campaign to gaslight Chronic Lyme patients, rather than listen. Didn't we learn enough from the AIDS epidemic? Let's prevent history from repeating itself. This needs to stop now. Thank you, @RollingStone, for starting a mainstream conversation on the complexities and politics of Chronic Lyme. ❤️ (P.S. Yes, you can die from Chronic Lyme.) 💋

Pierwszy raz odbierałem leki z apteki w kartonie :) #lyme

Bravery is not a trait we are born with but a strength we develop through hard times.
Lyme Disease Awareness ---> Spread the Word

#ILADS #lymedisease

Driving back home from #ILADS 2016 conference in Philadelphia. Great conference, great location.

Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month? Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector-born infectious disease in the US, affecting 300,000 people PER YEAR.
I was diagnosed in 2012 and it has been a very challenging journey. Throughout this month, I will share more about Lyme disease as well as the best non-profits to support. We definitely need more research, better testing, and better training for doctors.
Do you know anyone with Lyme disease?

I simply love them...😍😁

Deer ticks are the size of a poppyseed. Empower yourself with prevention information at LymeDiseaseAssociation.org...ILADS.0rg...MA Dept. of Health #lymediseaseawareness #LDA #ILADS #TickChecks#keepfamilyandpetssafe

NatCapLyme's Legal Counsel Gregg Skall, NatCapLyme's Legislative Counsel Susan Green and #Lyme advocate extraordinaire Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner at the 17th Annual #ILADS Conference.

Moja (nie)kolorowa rzeczywistość - cotygodniowe dzielenie leków na siedzące we mnie paskudy neuro #borelioza #bartonella #yersinia zakichane #kleszcze :( #lyme #lymedisease #fucklyme #lymeepidemic #borreliose #ilads


It took 9 months of shoulder pain, three orthopedists, three rounds of PT, three doctors, two tests and a whole lot of feeling like I was losing my mind before I finally got a Lyme disease diagnosis. Going on month 3 of antibiotics and I have to say I'm finally getting better. If you have unexplained joint pain and no history of injury go get tested! #lymedisease #lyme #lifting #crossfit #roadtorecovery #ilads #dontgiveup #throwbackfriday

Thankful Thursday!! We are thankful for ILADS Doctors! Visit ilads.org for more information on Lyme disease. They have the latest research. #ilads #thankfulthursday #lymeyarnbombs

The last week, major news sources released ignorant, mocking articles about Chronic Lyme. The CDC continues to fuel the campaign to gaslight Chronic Lyme patients, rather than listen. Didn't we learn enough from the AIDS epidemic? Let's prevent history from repeating itself. This needs to stop now. Thank you, @RollingStone, for starting a mainstream conversation on the complexities and politics of Chronic Lyme. ❤️ (P.S. Yes, you can die from Chronic Lyme.) 💋

Dzisiaj kierunek Łódź i kontrola mojej boreliozy 🚗 Czy tylko ja wyjadam swojemu dziecku słodycze, jak mnie najdzie na coś słodkiego? 😸Rzadko mam jazdy na słodycze, ale jak już są, to muszę coś zjeść tu i teraz 😎😂 #kawa #nespresso #nestle #cukierki #słodycze #dladzieci #minionki #poranek #poniedziałek #borelioza #ilads #instamatki #instamama

While listening to the Canadian Federal Standing Committee on Health's discussion of the Federal Framework on Lyme disease yesterday, this advisory on the IDSA Lyme Guidelines was mentioned. This should be included in any Lyme treatment guidelines that recommend the use of the IDSA guidelines to ensure that Doctors can utilize their own judgement, case by case, rather than being forced to utilize strict adherence. #IDSA #Lyme #lymetreatment #lymedisease #ILADS #doctor

start... 😶#borelioza #ilads #kleszcz #nowa #dieta #nfz mi nie pomoże 👎👎

Knowing there are people who support our campaign makes it all so much easier to handle 💞 #ILADS #lymedisease #lyme #ArminLabs #internationallyme #lymeawerness

On my way to Amsterdam✌🏾️gesprek met mijn arts en infusen...ik ben benieuwd of het ILADS congres in Parijs hem nog nieuwe inzichten gegeven heeft voor mijn vervolg behandeling. Onwijs spannend😖🍀💚 #Lyme #treatment #Amsterdam #ilads #neverGiveUp #nervous

As today is the last day of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, I'm sharing a brief look at my amazing friend Renee Horton's personal video on dealing with chronic Lyme Disease. If you or someone you know is dealing with unexplained chronic health symptoms - fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, digestion, etc, it might be worth it to find a Lyme literate doctor. Check out Ilads.gov for more information and to find a doctor near you. Also check out "Lyme Another Color of Life" on YouTube for more of @reneelhorton 's brave journey. 💚💚💚
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Some of the best Lyme-related health care dollars you'll never spend...because it's free! The first summit was a wealth of helpful information. Looking forward to the second summit being information-packed as well. See link in bio for free registration. What a perfect way to complete Lyme Awareness Month, sign up for Chronic Lyme Summit 2 in June! Here's who you will hear from:

Dana Walsh (featured in Under Our Skin) & Brent Martin: How to Lyme Less & Live More @LymeLessLiveMore

Dr. Amy Derksen: Non-Antibiotic Approaches to Treating Children @HolisticHealingArts

Dr. Philip Blair: Lyme Recovery with CBD @Elixinol

Dr. Tyna Moore: Strength Training to Optimize Stem Cells @DrTynaMoore

Dr. Izabella Wentz: Thyroid and Lyme Disease @izabellawentzpharmd

Dr. Jerod Bergman: Stopping EMFs and Geopathic Stress @NaturalHealthImprovementCenters

Dr. Todd Watts: Killing Parasites to Kill Lyme Disease @DrToddWatts

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne: Diet/Lifestyle as a Complementary Approach @thepaleomom

Dr. David Jernigan (Hansa Center): Unique Approach to Healing @DoctorDavidJernigan

Dr. Christine Schaffer: Healing Your Brain from Lyme Disease @DrSchaffner

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (Sophia Health): Latest on Lyme Testing and Treatments @SophiaHealth

Dr. Jonathan Streit: Testing for Functional Neurological Issues @HansaCenter

Dr. Jay Davidson: Improving Lyme Disease Protocols @TheLymeGuy

Dr. James Maskell: Evolution of Medicine and Lyme @MrJamesMaskell

Diane Capadi: Consciousness as it Relates to Healing @PaleoBossLady

Dr. Jill Carnahan: CIRS and Lyme Disease @DocCarnahan
Dr. Darin Ingels: Herbal Therapy and Low Dose Immunotherapy @lymeexpert AND MANY MORE.....

This is it!!! Today is the last day #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth, and the last day of my LuLa for Lyme Disease fundraising campaign for ILADS!! Shopping link in Bio! DM me for special pricing!!!!
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#LymeLivesHere Is there anywhere it doesn't?

Writer Julie Starling @Wild.Dingo shares:
Of all the symptoms of Lyme disease, the neurological manifestations frighten me the most. Maybe because they are harder to see from the outside. Or because they feel so utterly uncontrollable and cruelly invasive. They are the hardest to stop. The bacteria burrows deep into brain tissue to avoid being killed by medications that can’t cross the blood brain barrier.

It’s so hard to explain to someone else without sounding like you’ve lost your mind. At its worst, neurological Lyme disease can cause paralysis, seizures or schizophrenia. With lesser symptoms, the victim is plagued with insomnia, nightmares, brain fog, word or song iteration, word loss (tip of the tongue) and hypersensitivity to sound, motion, or bright lights.

Those lesser symptoms sound fairly benign, but piled up and never-ending, they can make daily living grueling. Explaining neurological Lyme disease to someone else can feel like hitting my head against a fog wall.

Photo courtesy of @Chronic_Spoonie_Lyme

#lymedisease facts for yesterday! Lyme can be found almost everywhere around the globe! Many believe Lyme is a silent epidemic due to the fact so many people don't believe Lyme disease exists in their country (Australia for example). Another reason the epidemic is "silent" is the fact so many people are misdiagnosed with other conditions before being clinically diagnosed properly with Lyme disease! Many doctors say Lyme is hard to get and easy to treat which is a total LIE! Over a million new cases of Lyme occur each year. The CDC likes to keep using their old number despite upping it late last year putting more bad info out there on Lyme disease. Want real info on Lyme? Check out ILADS for science backed answers on Lyme and other tick borne infections / viruses!
#lyme #lymesucks #lymeawarenessmonth #lymeawareness #mayislymeawarenessmonth #takeabiteoutoflyme #takeabiteoutoflymedisease #lymediseasechallenge #lymewarrior #awareness #ilads #lymediseaseawarenessmonth #lyme

Joy Luck Club author, Amy Tan, on her Lyme Disease journey: As a Lyme patient, I have joined a club of people with a stigmatized disease that many doctors do not want to treat. While I have been lucky enough to find a doctor who is willing to provide open-ended treatment --and I have the means to pay for --many of my fellow Lyme patients have gone without appropriate care. As a consequence, they have lost their health, their jobs, their homes, their marriages, and even their lives.I now know the greatest harm borrelia has caused. It is ignorance.
Some inroads have been made. More research is showing why the bacteria can become intractable, how it can morph. The CDC, which said Lyme disease infected only 30,000 people a year, revised that number last year to 300,000, and then revised it again more recently, saying it could be as high as one million people infected each year. So why is there no public funding for dealing with this epidemic?
Lyme disease is more prevalent than most people think. It ismore difficult to diagnose than most doctors think. It requires ongoing treatment in many cases. More research is needed before we know how it can be adequately treated, and one day, cured. In the meantime, my advice to friends and family is to be aware and be informed. Realize that Lyme disease has been reported in every state. Wear insect repellent, the 12-hour kind. Check you body and all those crevices that ticks love. Check your loved ones and your kids. And if you are bitten by a tick and suspect you have been infected, go see a Lyme-literate physician. Get treated early and adequately. Don’t wait, as I did, and let a treatable disease turn into a chronic one. #Ignorance #NoPublicFunding #BeAwareBeInformed @amytanwriter

Since Chronic Lyme Disease doesn't exist, some doctors will use creative diagnostic codes in order to try to get insurance companies to cover treatments for their patients. #StopTheMadness #LymeIsReal

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