That time I lived in Australia and fell in love with emus
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I thought myself have heard some adagium "to live is to suffer". Well, it's a good adagium. The 'suffer' here means you have to struggle, get suffering from something in order to live your life. That's the way Adam descendants will see their lifes are perfectly teached them.

Ramadan is a part of that. For me when I just a girl, I used to take Ramadan as a moment to play fireworks after Tarawih pray, go ngabuburit with my friends, took half-fasting system because I can't stand little longer of hunger (which is in Islam it's actually not existed but taken as one of the system to make children learn about fasting), and of course break my iftar with ton of food which make my body can't stand when doing Tarawih pray. I do lot of things.

Year by year, as what the wise friend do, Ramadan try to change a person becoming better person. And I was. In the process of my life, Ramadhan is now the moment I have to seek one milisecond to beg a pardon, to keep my mouth said something good, my eyes sees something important, my mind and my action doing and thinking the right thing, and of course finding the Lailatul Qadr and ask for that. And hope I can do better than I have. Beside because I can't deny a fact that I was already mature and have a Hajat, let the feels that Ramadhan gave is just feel so comfortable.
At the bottom of my heart, I hope that I can met this wise friend again in next year.

Happy Eid Al-Fitr, everybody. May Allah shower all of us with His grace and make us better person in future. Aameen.

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Gordon B. Hinckley
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Smothered Pork chops with rice and bacon wrapped asparagus 🍽🍴

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Love you!! #iknowitslate #bighoss

My Dad gave me the best gift anyone could give to another person, he believed in me. ❤️ I’m so grateful for you and your never-ending support. Here’s to you and all you do, I love you so much! #iknowitslate #idc

Happy father's day ❤

Happy Father’s Day Pops ☝🏻😎🙏🏻 #iknowitslate

Happy Father's Day Daddy ❤
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Beachnik 2k18 #iknowitslate

➖There Are No Limits to What You can Accomplish, Expect the Limits You Place On Your own Thinking➖ ✌️✌️

Happy first Father’s Day to this hunk of a dad! I couldn’t imagine going through parenthood with anyone else by my side. You truly are my best friend, an incredible parter, amazing father, and a wonderful soul. I love doing life with you ❤️ #IKnowItsLate #WeWereBusy

Happy Father’s Day handsome 😌👨‍👩‍👧😍 Thank you for blessing me with our beautiful baby girl. You’re our superhero forever. #daddy #fathersday #dilf #weloveyou #nomatterwhat #iknowitslate #yallaresocute #mydada #nosey#zaddy👅

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