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Маруся уже пяткой начала до головы доставать #ikgym

Kærlighed og 10 års reunion🍷💋 #Yessir #ikgym #10årmere #tak

Monday Belay Play! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork dancers @kgkis @smilo.aerial together at @methosaerial

Aerial silk class in progress - learning new tricks at IK GYM Miami. We offer aerial silks for kids and adults - call 786.590.6666 for details or visit www.ikgymiami.com #silks #kids #gymlife #aerialsilks #miamikids #miamimoms #kidsgym #activelifestyle #sport #instagood #miamigym #aerialfitness #miamiparents #ikgym

Second Half of the Summer Program begins today and runs till Friday, August 25th! If you are trying to balance out a summer schedule, add us to the list, we have great balance!

Tulsa you have been.... something. Proud of our athletes and happy that majority of our team qualified even with half of them just starting to compete this year but the others just being in our program for two years. Lets get back to Illinois and our not as hot weather. 👍🏻


A little throwback to the end of Summer when the Trampoline Team and GIJO swapped teams for the day! Happy National Gymnastics Day!

Our Beginner One classes are working hard on their arm circle straight jump drills on vault!

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

When your Tuesday turns into Monday it takes the stability of your day out. 😆But we are back in action today with our Fall schedule! 😁🍁🍂

Маруся уже пяткой начала до головы доставать #ikgym

Dream team - After workout before the long weekend. Wish everyone happy Memorial Day. #girls #gymnasts #ikgym #gymlife #miamikids #fun #smile #gymnasticsmiami #rhythmicgymnastics #team #friends www.ikgymnastics.com

This week IK is closed! Classes resume September 5th! Have a great week and Labor Day weekend! We will see you soon!

The Training Team girls are looking great in their chassés. 👍🏻

You can't fly unless you let yourself to fall. 🦋

Coach Payton was excited with how Elyse's bars was looking! Keep it up!

💫Star of the Gym!💫
Name: Adeline Age: 13 Team: GIJO Gold
How long have you been doing gymnastics? Oh gosh... uhm.. I think I have been doing gymnastics since I was about four years old.
What is your favorite event and why? My favorite event is floor because I get to include components of gymnastics and dance and be really creative with the choreography.
What was your proudest moment this year? Probably not falling off the beam at all after having a few meets where I fell off four times because that was really tough for me but I worked through it and got better.
What was the toughest moment this year? Well I did have a fear of full turns on beam for a little bit, that was tough. Yeah, I fell off at every meet and got really scared but I constantly did a ton of them and it got better.
Who is your strongest supporter? Not one person, my whole family, my mom, dad, and sister. They are always encouraging me to follow my heart and do what I want to, you know make my own choices, so they are really supportive of everything I do.
What is your next gymnastics goal? My next gymnastics goal is to get a kip on bars because I have been working at that for, oh gosh, probably like three years and I still haven't gotten it!
What do you do when you are not at IK? I love to cook. I do a lot of cooking at home for my family. I also do a lot of school sports. I do field hockey during the fall, softball in the spring, and I also do tennis during the summer.
Keep up the great work! We hope to see your kip soon!!

The basics are essential! How do you work on having a great round off? By having an obstacle to round off around! 💪🏼

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