This is me feeling like...I don't give a ****
Lol..so growing up my mom was (and still is) very strict and very old school. She led me and my sisters to believe that what others thought of us was the most important thing...didn't matter how you felt, it was all about how others perceived you. Well, my sisters and I HATED it..lol..ugh so much, that we would talk about it all the time and said that when we grew up we would make it a priority to not give a single fuck about what others thought of us. Here's to ALWAYS doing you!
Some people will make it their mission to not understand you if they don't like you. Can't do anything but just live your best life!❤️

Please don't defend this.There is daring and then there is buzzed or DRUNK. Let's not confuse the two. Dont drink with your hair stylist while preparing for the VMA's. #ThisIsANo #BeingFamousDoesntTurnUsStupid #IjustDisagree #BeingPrettyDoesntEvenMakeThisCute #ThisIsACoffeeRunGroceryStoreUpsweepSecuredByafewpins

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