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I’ll be in my Reiki studio this Sunday for a day of sessions.


Reiki is a super relaxing Japanese light touch therapy that rewires your nervous system and reduces anxiety.

Testimonial from a client I saw last month: “I lost track of space and time during the Reiki session, like when I go to the salt cave. It was super relaxing.” - Heather, New York


I have a couple spots left for this Sunday!


60-90 min, $115


Message to book

NEW: 6 Weird Ways To Know If You're Healthy




As a kid I would come home from school and hear from my mom how her cancer patients were in remission after working with her for six months (literally), or how her latest cooking client had lost 15 pounds and was feeling more energized than ever


She’s been a health consultant and personal chef for over 35 years


She started in macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a meal delivery service that specifically catered to cancer patients


Now, she still works with cooking and consulting clients, but her scope of practice goes far beyond macrobiotics and cancer


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles are woven into the fabric of who I am and what I teach now as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Reiki practitioner, and I’m so grateful to have been exposed to them at a young age


There are a few really cool (and kinda weird) indicators you can look for to know if you’re healthy, based in TCM


Take this quick little quiz to gauge your own health through the lens of Chinese Medicine



Been getting a lot of skin questions lately, so will be doing a post soon on my WEIRD yet super simple routine. Pop your name + email in at the link in bio to get it. 💋

Perfect poached eggs. Simple, but not always easy, because we overcomplicate it. Sign up at link in bio if you want to get my super simple AND easy 2-step system next week. And no, you don't need vinegar, baking soda, or perfect poaching fairy dust. 😜

NEW: 3 NO-COOK 5-MINUTE MEALS (not just salad!) link in profile, gorgeous photo by @melinahammer

The smoked salmon toast @hudsonclearwater is 👌🏻sourdough-ish bread, lemon cream cheese, salmon and the really big capers.

Happy Monday 💋 try being gentle with yourself this week. Often, the greatest strength, productivity and focus come from a place of softness, ease and flexibility. Opposites attract, after all.

The biggest chilaquiles I've ever seen @herringbonelv. So good. 😳

This is not a bad work situation. Thanks Vegas, thanks crazy wonderful I-don't-quite-recognize-you life.

Sunday morning breakfast dreams: sourdough toast with super good olive oil, charred shishitos, custardy eggs, pea tendrils and a little black pepper cashew cheese over there. 👌🏻#goodtastebylula

Wednesday. Feeling turned up. 💃🏼💯

Click the link in my bio to learn how you can get results like this too. ☺

Obsessed with these yellow mugs @littlebeancoffeenyc 😻

THE *NEW* GOOD TASTE 2-WEEK RESET IS OPEN! (link in profile) ⭐️ It's HERE! My super accessible, NEWLY updated Good Taste 2-Week Reset. ⭐️ This is the simplest way to finally reach a place where you can eat what you want + look and feel *exactly* how you want – both physically and mentally. ⭐️ Cause it's not just about how you look, of course, but you also want to enjoy your body – not feel uncomfortable. ⭐️ Before we get into the details, 3 secrets about me you might not know... ⭐️ 1. When I was studying abroad in Italy, I ate an entire jar of Nutella in one day... multiple times.
2. I've eaten a whole loaf of bread in a 15-minute walk home from the market.
3. I used to hide halloween candy in my room and binge on it. ⭐️ All this happened in my teens and early twenties, when I was desperately trying to lose weight, overcome binge eating, and feel sane around food.

I never knew what to eat and always felt bloated, fuzzy, and foggy. ⭐️ Then I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and started working with a coach myself, @coachcoco (who I still work with and adore). ⭐️ During my time studying nutrition I tried every single approach to eating and finally developed my own non-diet weight loss approach, which I teach my clients.

I naturally reached my ideal size (4-6) and cleared up annoying acne I always had around my jawline. ⭐️ My digestion went from sporadic and uncomfortable to perfectly smooth. ⭐️ Plus, I stopped having anxiety around my food choices and always knew what to eat and when to eat without overthinking it. ⭐️ If you want to... ⭐️ 1. Get rid of icky bloating for good 2. Lose belly fat 3. Clear up acne and get glowing, smooth skin 4. Have natural energy (no coffee needed, just optional) 5. Always know what to eat (and when to eat) ⭐️ ... the Good Taste 2-Week Reset is exactly what you need. ⭐️ Click the LINK in my PROFILE to learn how it works and get started today.


Photo: @bradogbonna

Just made my yearly Christmas morning eggs Benedict for the fam 😋

NEW podcast: The Ellie Aaron Hour (link in profile)

Back in June I had the honor of being interviewed on The Ellie Aaron Hour, my friend and colleague Ellie’s podcast, and the episode is HERE and ready for you (link in profile). Listening to the episode for the first time myself, I was actually a little surprised at how raw I was with Ellie, and shy to share it with you.
Like, “Oh shit, I went there…” BUT, I know I’m here on this planet to speak openly about my experiences and share my truth, even if only one person learns from them.
It’s kinda like getting naked, metaphorically.

It was a beautiful experience sitting down with Ellie, and I felt totally in my element sharing my personal journey and approach to non-diet weight loss in an audio format.

In this episode, I cover… - how to lose weight without dieting, even if you think a fish-and-vegetables diet (or a crazy fast metabolism) is the only way - why I pole dance, and how it’s changed every area of my life - how I tripled my income in a short period and met an incredible man (when it all clicks, it ALL clicks) - the exact physical state you need to be in to lose weight …and SO much more. We dive deep, and I share a lot of personal details.

I’m honored to join fellow guests like Cora Poage, my personal coach, mentor, and soul sister, and the incredible, late Jamie Zimmerman, a renowned former ABC News medical doctor and meditation teacher who passed in Kauai in 2015.

I’m in great company, and am so grateful to have been invited on the show.

I hope you enjoy the episode – I poured my heart into it and had SO much fun recording it. And of course I did, because Ellie and I kicked things off with a dance party before we sat down. 🙂

Catch the episode by clicking the link in my profile.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen!

Leave a comment, or email me at lula@lulabrown.com if you’d prefer to share privately.

Sending you sooo much love!


SO fun to catch myself on @nutritionschool's story, teaching one of the topics I'm most passionate about - why diets don't work, and what does. ☺️

Happy Sunday all...😊

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

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