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Had a great Upper Body Workout the other day, hit 257.5x3x8 on Benchpress after weighted pull-ups (+80x6, +65x8, +50x10) at a bodyweight of 175. Small progress is progress! Adds up over time, don't be afraid to intentionally make small steps forward using great, safe, comfortable form while avoiding hitting failure on most sets of compound movements but going to failure on latter set(s) of isolation movements. -
Full workout:
Weighted pull-ups: 3 sets reverse pyramid (1st set 4-6 reps, 2nd set 6-8 reps, 3rd set 8-10 reps)
Flat bench 3x8
Chest supported row 3x10
OHP: 3x8
Preacher tri: 2x15
Hammer curl 2x12
Reverse fly: 2x15
Cable Side lateral raise: 2x15
(Superset w/) Bayesian Cable curl 2x12
Standing face pull 2x12
Back on ground face pulls 2x15
Just a heads up that enrollment for #SixPackShredding is back on July 1st! Also, if you need help with basic bench form, def click the link in my bio and download my Benchpress execution Guide PDF 👉🏼👉🏼 @mattogus

Meal prep made easy with @corepowerfoods. The Old School is my all time favourite, consisting of Portuguese chicken, sweet potato and green beans. I decided to shift all of my carbs POST workout today to maximise glycogen uptake and added a bag of rice to this meal. Was pure heaven! -
🍕 These guys have just dropped a pizza range too so I'll keep you posted on that when it arrives 😍
#CorePowerFoods #SeriouslyFitFood #FreshFrozen #Gymshark

"I ate clean today, because I ate a salad!" How many of you have heard someone say this or said this before? 🙋🏻 The reality is that there are salads out there that are more calories than a Big Mac, and salads wth a ridiculous amount of saturated fat and sugar. Just because they look healthy doesn't mean that they are... In fact they are anything but! Let's check out some really common salads from fast food places!

Not only do these salads have a completely excessive amount of sodium (which contributes to high blood pressure and heart failure), but they also have more sugar than a salad you would typically make at home. 🌱🌱🌱 My salad contains brussels sprouts, mixed greens, lean chicken breast, bell peppers, frisée, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. That's it! No weird ingredients or preservatives that you can't pronounce! lol

A lot of these salads include things like fried chicken and bacon. A lot of fast food places use dressings that are loaded with saturated fat, chemicals, and loads of sugar.

Moral of the story? Just because you ate a "salad" today, it doesn't necessarily mean you're eating healthy. Next time you're in a fast food restaurant, take a look at what's in your salad and maybe even bring your own dressing like I do (I may look crazy but at least I'm cutting out some of the bad stuff!) 🙃 or best case scenario, make your salad at home so you know what's in there! Knowledge is power! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #strongereveryday #foodisfuel #fastfood #fastfoodsucks #cooking #cookingathome #food #healthy #healthyeating #healthyfood #mealprep #iifym #salad #delicious #foodfacts #foodfactsofig #bbg #eatwell #eat #eatwellbewell #caligirlgetsfood

🇺🇸Off-season gains sitting on 210lb/95kg around 12% bodyfat current macros are 300c:200p:100f 2900 kcal slowly cutting down..
6day each body part, 1 day off and 30min treadmill 130 bp
🇷🇺Форма в "межсезонье" по диете 2900 ккал 300у:200б:100ж тренирую каждую группу мышц раз в неделю, один день отдыха,кардио 30минут пульс 130.
✖️Из-за начального артроза плечевого сустава не мог тренировать грудные и плечи,в данный момент после проведённого лечения(напишу отдельный пост) все хорошо и я могу тренироваться в полном объёме!
✖️Больше спасибо @myproteinru за помощь💙💪
✖️В данный момент на сайте @myproteinru идут отличные акции и скидки...распродажа 60% и дополнительная скидка в 20% "ЖАРА"
По вопросам в Директ 📩

I spy with my little eyes 👀 a collab launch party with #HelloKittyxAfters this Thurs. 6/29 at the Irvine location!! 😻
🐱🎀Meet Hello Kitty there! 🎀🐱
🍰🍦2 NEW flavors available at all AFTERS locations: Yummy Strawberry Cake & 🍎🍦 Mama's Apple Pie!
👕: The first 💯 customers get an exclusive Hello Kitty tee!
📍: @aftersicecream IRVINE CA
📷: @donutscookiesandcream
#️⃣: #donutscookiesandcream

I got to explore Chichen Itza today & some neighboring communities. I've been learning so much about the history of this beautiful country . Especially about the Mayan people😍🇲🇽

Guten Morgen ☀️ noch einmal schlafen, dann ist Wochenende 😍 heute Nachmittag geht es mit meiner lieben @fit_liesschen Beine trainieren 💪🏼❤️ ich glaube wir beide haben richtig Bock und das wird ein mega geiles Training 😎 Normalerweise gehe ich ja lieber alleine trainieren, aber mit dem richtigen Trainingspartner kann man sich einfach nochmal gegenseitig pushen und schafft bei einigen Übungen mehr als wenn man sie alleine machen würde 🙌🏼 wie ist das bei euch?

Soon baby, SOON!
April 21 - 246
June 3 - 226
June 28 - 216
Fun little game:
Try your best to emoji my faces. I'm coming up with: 😤😣😳
#progressnotperfection #progresspics #slowprogressisstillprogress

Part 2 of ystdy's workout: #bbgweek10 legs 👯
Guys can I just share how much stronger I am now vs before?! I still remember doing this workout for the first time in 2015, and feeling like it is IMPOSSIBLE to complete either circuit within 7m 💀
Ystdy? I finished one full round of circuit one within the 7m window, AND still had time to bang out all 30 step-ups before the timer rang 😱💪🏻 Mind you, I still wasn't able to do circuit two within 7m, but I was SO CLOSE. I know what my goal is when this workout appears again in two weeks 😉
Anyway, I'm sharing this to remind you not to get discouraged-- whether you're (a) just starting out on yr #bbg/fitness journey, or (b) have been at this for awhile. If you belong in the former camp, please trust me and believe that things get better; SO much better! Yes, it may take a long time... but progress is progress, and there is no rush 😀
If, like me, you've been doing this for more than a year now (my 2-yr anniv is in a month's time, in fact!), this post is also for you. Sometimes, once we've hit the "big" milestones-- doing our first unmodified push-up, or maybe then our first stretch of 10 awesome push-ups-- we feel like we're stuck. We feel we're not seeing much progress, and wonder if we've hit a plateau-- and then we start to lose motivation. I think this is a super flawed way of looking at it, and I'll say more abt this in another post-- but for now, just remember: look for progress in little ways, and marvel at how you are able to stay motivated 🙂 Like when you find yrself blitzing thru things you thought were programmed for Wonder Woman by @kayla_itsines 😂
Okay, pep talk over! Go kill yr workout today 🏋🏻‍♀️❤️


It's weigh day 🎉
Lost a total of 10 lbs between us 🔥#week1 #iifymwomen #iifymgirls #iifym #weightlossjourney #gym #fitfam

Anyone fancy some good old protein pancakes for breakfast? 😍 .
These were so perfect!! Will post the recipe on my blog if requested. Topped them with honey and pomegranate 😋 If you haven't tried this combo than do it!! You won't regret it... 😌
Anyways I have a suuper busy day ahead! I'll be packing since I'll be traveling in Portugal for 3 weeks before going to Poland and Finland 😍 I'm terrible at packing.... I always have too much things 😅
Wish you all a great day!! 😘😘.
#pancakes #pancakeporn #pancake #proteinpancakes

World Wide! #SupplementHub #SupplementHubHQ
Fueling #TheElite @littlemisspatricia
lookkkkk what arrived today. eep. care package only from the best! ❤❤❤ BIG thank you to @nubreednutrition and of course @supplementhub for hooking us up while we're here in the U.S.! i brought my whiplash with me so we got some helix bcaas, tenacity and myoblast here. PS. @thefitjuan's shirt doe. totally not intentional! guess you could say it was meant to be 😝 #TeamSupplementHub

My first year college is now over and I am happy to say I have achieved an A in my HNC for Fitness, Health and Exercise. I can't wait for the HND to begin which will allow me to begin my career as a personal trainer 💪💪

up late this morning, all I can say is that I must have needed that sleep ❤
Smoked salmon, poached eggs, spinach, cream cheese and a seeded sandwich thin for breakfast this morning with a lemon green tea and my super greens mixed with water 🙌
Chill out for an hour, hit the gym and get some more work done today 😊❤
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This is one of the things I hear the most "I just want to get toned"

1st of all let me just tell you now, you can't tone a muscle 💥

Muscles either grow anabolic or reduce catabolic it's that simple.

So when people say that they want to tone what they really mean is, they want to grow muscle (yes ladies toning is building muscles and don't worry you won't look like a man) and you'll lose body fat.

So how can we do this? Well it's a mixture of different things,
Lifting weights
Eating enough protein
Being in a calorie deficit

I've talked about the bottom two before (check out my page for those posts) so today we will concentrate on weight lifting.

When I say lifting weights I don't mean lifting the 2.5 kg dumbbell or doing that pump class you go to (pump is really good for burning extra calories not so much for building muscle as the weights are too light). You need to be looking at lifting weights a minimum of 3 times a week with rep ranges from 8 to 16, with no more than a minutes rest in between sets.

Also you need to be using more compound like exercises (exercise that use more than one muscle) with just the odd isolation exercise.
When it comes to training it's all about form. Do less reps correctly rather than more reps incorrectly, really make sure your using that muscle.

Also cardio is a good way to help burn off a few extra calories but do this either at the end of your session or on a different day. Tomorrow I'l will look a bit deeper into cardio with you all.

At the moment I have an offer on my 6 week tone programme just £20 for males or females, message me if you're interested in any more info.

Image credit to fastforwardamy Instagram.

#reachyourpeak #caloriesarekey#iifym #consistencyiskey#reachyourpeak #personaltrainer #cardiffpt #cardiff #tone #diet #nutrition

C1 D41 M1 - Go Go Green Smoothie! 🥑🍃🥗 Thinking about when to submit cycle one results now im at day 40! 😬 Probably going to be the end of next week.. i really dont feel or see any difference at all so i'm not looking forward to it! 🐷 #thebodycoach #90dayssss #leanin15 #shapeshiftsustain #slimmingworld #diet #weightloss #weightlosssupport #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #fooddiary #cleaneating #foodblog #foodblogger #exercise #fitness #gym #protein #progress #motivation #fitspo #lowcarb #fuel #getfit #fitfam #macros #iifym #wholefoods #freshfood #healthyeating

When its nice I much prefer to workout outdoors - I workout to feel better, maintain mental clarity and to be happy 👊🏼 pushing the negativity and self doubt aside can sometimes be difficult but then I remember WHY I started. This is my passion 💪🏼💕
Wearing the "Leafy lane" set from @tikiboofitness - Remember you can get discount with my code "LCOLT1017" 🎀

sorry if this made you hungry hehe omw back home to Sydney now and the bus broke so we have to wait for a new one kms it's so cold

Happy Thursday all!
I am deffo feeling the DOMS today from yesterday's legs & glutes workout & Tuesdays sprints! 🙈
So I go on holiday tomorrow, 4 nights in Tenerife with the other half ❤
I did a 20 minute HIIT session this morning & this afternoon consists of getting pampered!
Have a fabulous day all 😘😘

Hora de almorzar!!! Pre entreno tb!! 😄
Probando la pechuga de pollo al natural que venía en la última @mydietbox 😍 combinado Con aguacate y pimiento rojo 💪😎 100gr pan de centeno
120gr de pechuga de pollo al natural
Aguacate y pimiento rojo
Chips de Kale
Aceite de oliva
Tremendo almuerzo y ahora vamos a entrenar!!! Esto ya empieza a rodar sólo 😅

Sweaty post gym selfie, because if you didn't record it, it didn't happen right 😜 Toying with the idea of doing spinning this evening... but also toying with the idea of taking an evening off doing nothing? 😂🤔 #decisions #spinningornotspinning

Striving for those 3D delts 😜honestly OHP is starting to stall & might drop the weight and go for high volume. However went for 55KG 6x4 which was tough. Would like to hit 60kg for reps. We keep trying 🤙
🔥Want help with your fitness goals? 👉📧Email hrbfit@gmail / DM for FREE workout & nutrition tips!
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#Flexibledieting #iifym

Promote self loving not self loathing -
Or some other cliche fitgirl nonsense. Tbf I was just happy with how I look today, found out that not wearing makeup except for around my eyes has drastically improved my skin and leaves me more time for coffee in the morning.

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