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I never had a real vacation for myself and for a long time I have only been stressing and trying to stay strong and do the best I can. And now I'm finally thinking about slowing a bit down, because after so many years it is taking a real heavy toll on me mentally and physically.

So when I'm done with the projects that are already planned, i'm going to plan a long and sweet vacation.
#ImSoTired #HonestMoment #IHopeYouUnderstand

It's going to be awhile before I feel something again. Friends with benefits is how it is, nothing more but could be less. I hope you understand.
#writing #haiku #poetry #spilledink #spilledthoughts #ihopeyouunderstand #love #life

A big (and difficult) change is coming this week, this is so hard for me to post. After a lot of indecision, tears, and agonizing over what to do, I have decided that it’s best to re-home Chico. Please trust me when I tell you it is not as sad as it sounds!! Chico will be going to live with our wonderful bird sitter, Jem. She’s been with Jem many times and makes herself right at home there and I can not ask for a better person to entrust with her care. This may be shocking because, naturally, I share the cute, funny, and beautiful moments on here. Chico and I do share a bond and we have great moments together, however, we are both very reactive and emotional- long story short we are driving each other insane! Sometimes part of being committed to a pet’s care is being able to recognize that you might not be the best person for them in the long run. I’m so sorry if this news upsets you, many of you have followed since Chico was very young. It’s going to be difficult to let her go but knowing that I can keep in touch is very comforting 💚💕 I’ll make sure she doesn’t disappear from Instagram so you can all keep in touch as well! In order to alleviate some of Jem’s pet care responsibilities and make way for Chico, I will be bringing home her 2 parakeets- Skippy (a beautiful blue boy) and Sunny (sunshine yellow girl) 💙💛. Jem and I both feel like this will be a great situation for the birbs and humans 🤗. #ihopeyouunderstand #doingwhatsbest #difficultdecisions #conure #newadventuresahead #birds #pets #cheekybeak #wewillmissher

I'm mad because the only thing i know is to isolate myself from everyone to feel okay. It's not my intention to ignore you, im so sorry if you feel that way. Im not really good with relationship, it's a work in progress 😢😐🙊 #sorry #love #ihopeyouunderstand #friends # #like #lipstickonpoint #summer #sunrays #maclipstick

Now I'm running away my dear
From myself and the truth I fear
My heart is beating I can't see clear
How I'm wishing that you were here #finnishgirl #newme #blackhair #blueeyes #ihopeyouunderstand

Remembering and reflecting on last Saturday's visit to a workshop/taller of women weavers and artisans in the city of Huamanga with @catalinakt87
I admired so much the style, confidence, and dedicated, precise work that the women brought to their enterprise, Hilos y Colores. Six floors of women working, designing, creating unspeakably beautiful textiles, with their roots in Ayacuchano patterns and interpretations.

#womenartisans #mujeresquetejen #Ayacucho #nofilter #latergram #fieldwork #ihopeyouunderstand

Untuk terakhir kalinya
Aku akan mengatakan yg sejujurnya
Maafkan jika diriku hanya memberimu sebuah perasaan
Mungkin terlihat aneh
Tapi bagiku ini sangat bermakna
Tetapi mungkin tidak berbalik lagi seperti dulu
aku hanya ingin memeberitau mu saja tentang perasaan ini
Perasaan yg kian lama ku pendam
Hanya saja aku malu
Aku malu untuk mengatakannya
Dulu,perasaan ini memang tak ada nilainya
Tapi bagimu ini sangat berarti
Indah sangat waktu dulu
Hanya saja ia berlaku saat dulu bukan sekarang
Semoga kamu mengerti
#quotesindonesia #quotesoftheday #quotes #quote #sajakrindu #sajakcinta #katakatacinta #katakata #rindu #ihopeyouunderstand #galauquotes #galeriquote #notjudge #ihope #lfl💛#lf #likeforfollow #likeforlike

ATTENTION @fgetiguemobshitfanpage and i can’t do our reaction today like we wanted to because of fate.....and you all know I hate it when things get pushed back even if it’s from me,but because this is family I don’t want to know if someone I love will have to get a funeral arranged so I PROMISE NO MATTER WHAT ME AND @fgetiguemobshitfanpage WILL DO OUR REACTION TO 199X AND ILL PRAY THAT @no_fatigue AND @mobshitsavage WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT #iwontletyoudown #ihopeyouunderstand

Oh hey guys 👋🏼 sorry I’ve been missing... thank you for your messages asking if I’m okay... I am just a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Both works are crazy and I’m so busy. I use IG as something I enjoy in my downtime and I felt like I had let you guys down because I couldn’t keep up and respond back all the time. I’m only human and well this human is finding it all a bit tough at the moment. I will help you guys out as much as I can, but I can’t reply 24/7 especially when I don’t get a please or thank you 😢💔😘 so I’m here, still 100% on plan and about to go into group in my @official_yumi dress to celebrate my biggest loser ❤️ happy Saturday lovelies ❤️ #slimmingworld #overwhelmed #ihopeyouunderstand

Just imagine you get to finally meet your idol @jprincerespect somebody that stands for how you “really” live...I told J I love him n he told me to make it happen n I will...#thankful #neversmiledsohard #iHopeYouUnderstand #JPrince #MyRoleModel 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾💯💯💯💯

Dear mama,
i know i dont call everyday and i dont want you to worry.
i gotta go to work, i cant talk long, im in a hurry.
im sending you this quick selfie just to let you i know im alive.
oh by the way, i got an award at work, it was such a surprise.
dear mama, i know that i done wrong long ago and i take that into account,
but dear mama im doing well now, i even can afford my own netflix account.
tell daddy not to worry, im not letting these checks itch my hand,
tell daddy i grew up to be a real good (wo)man.
matter of fact, ill call you when i can, i gotta go, im at work now.
i hope you understand. #mexico #ruins #poetrytomama #lifestoofast #slowdown #differenttimezones #ihopeyouunderstand #billswontpaythemselves #maybeillhitthelotto #selfie #selfieformom #imalive #dontworry

Born in Tha Tre, Raised in Tha Tre, but I refuse to Die in Tha Tre!!! #Sorry #NotSorry #IhopeYouUnderstand #StillWillAlwaysBeHome #MoneyMovesComin🤑🤑🤑

More space ?. Can you give me space to be yours
#aha #ihopeyouunderstand #ineedtheanswer

Discover that beauty can be everywhere! Find happiness in the middle of a dark and cloudy day on the coast; even when your expectations were to pose under the sun and swim in warm waters, it is to recognize that the moment, the lives that accompany you and the opportunity to see; breathing and feeling is without a doubt: a blessing. #thecoldwaterisnotbad! #goodmemories #stpetersburg #stpete #southwestflorida #thisbirdhasflown #goodtimes #ihopeyouunderstand

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