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Talk about starting the week off on the right foot! RG @itsrobinj: Thrift store finds. Brand new Valentino pumps for 70% off retail? Umm...HELL YES. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Thanks @housingworks #iheartthrifting #thriftingforgood #housingworks

Most of this #ootd came from the @sathriftstore in Leduc - @prada shoes $10 and tunic for $7. The leggings are @icebreaker_ca and the accessories are @shedoescreate and the eyeshadow is purple because it's Matchy Matchy Monday apparently. I also wore a purple coat and a light purple scarf but stopped at purple boots because I am so reasonable. #barney

It's pretty fun when you realize your entire outfit except your cardigan is thrifted. πŸ‘Š #iheartthrifting #andmymustardcardigan #wardrobestaple πŸ˜‰

Whoop whoop scored big at Goodwill tonight!! Got the bottom 3 for $2.99 each and the scene its are brand new and the top 2 for $1.99 each so $13 total and they are all in like new condition with all the pieces!! #thriftychic #iheartthrifting #familygamenight

Bird cages, hydrangeas & old watering cans are just a few of my favorite things. Found this charming old watering can while thrifting. #iheartthrifting @housingworks

Coffee Table = thrifted base + marble top @housingworks @homepolish @emriha #iheartthrifting

Went thrifting Wednesday and hit the jackpot! This dress with skinny Jeans and a striped t (all thrifted at some point) has me feeling happy today. The girls and I have agreed this reminds us of Little Red Riding Hood. #dressinhappiness #iheartthrifting


I may or may not have thrifted 3 scarves last week and this may or may not be the second one I've worn 😬. (To be fair, it's *totally* different from the butterfly pashmina and it is Liz Claiborne in such a pretty shade of blue for $4.90, so I *had* to get it.) #justnodandagree #iheartscarves

The whole point of this shot is the cashmere and silk butterfly print pashmina I scored for $2.80, but you get a bonus Berner and flag. You're welcome.

As a very important professional, I take part in important events like "Pre-K Pink Day"!! πŸ˜‰πŸ’—πŸ’—It's as good a reason as any to wear this FAB Ralph Lauren dress gifted and thrifted for me by the fab @bcrladinaj! Worn with my $4.50 raspberry cardi and @mizmooz ankle boots for a bit of sass! πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

Turns out that box of chocolates I mentioned in my last Facebook post had one more Diane von Furstenberg just waiting for me to bite! πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ»And with that, I fulfilled a thrifting ambition - to find a DVF wrap dress - and increased my DVF collection 100% within one week!!! #ohhappyday #thriftscore #dvf #dianevonfurstenberg #wrapdress @valuevillage_thrift

We're still working on her posing... (er, and mine) Wearing my @aquatalia boots with $4.20 denim, Cynthia Rowley blouse, and statement necklace hamdmedown from @shedoescreate.

Some Wednesdays are so Wednesday-y. Sheesh. Luckily my #ootd was super comfy so I survived. Chambray tunic #nwt $9 from @valuevillage_thrift, leather Neocens lace-ups $6 from @goodwill_ab, and Pilcro cord leggings consignment from @redpony109 plus #BerneseMountainDog professional IG photobomber!

Reading about "beauty lessons" in a mag and it's all about how you need to do yoga, change your makeup, drink water, cut out sugar blah blah blah blah. With no authority except as a 43-year-old Valen-Birthday woman, I think it's a lot of bollocks. Eat, drink and move in a way that makes your heart sing, surround yourself with authentic people who do the same, love your God and others, and don't overthink everything. Because if that isn't the formula and I have to do that other stuff, I'm in trouble. Cheers to MY version of beauty! Happy birthday to me! 🍷

Found this beautiful 12" pedestal bowl in a Nashville, TN Goodwill yesterday.πŸ’™ #thrifted #iheartthrifting #thriftydecor #thriftaddict #thriftyfinds #homedecor #thriftingislife

How did I never know this?! πŸ’™ #goodwill #usedclothing #thrift #shopping #iheartthrifting #taxfree

On the blog now, my experience at four secondhand stores in Vancouver - which to hit and which to miss and which are adult-only 😳
@mineandyoursco @msc_bwss @wildlifethriftstore @usedhouseofvintage

Just FYI this is what you wear when you're finally feeling human again but get woken up at 5:30am by a 6yo who "has to throw up" and then does a few times before 8am. Being a working mom is hard on days like these. ($11 #nwt chambray pants, a mustard top and $2.80 navy pashmina help a bit)

Sure signs I'm under-the-weather: craving tea instead of β˜•οΈ(or 🍷in the evening) and wearing my πŸ‘“. I tried to look semi-presentable for a parent session at work before returning home to crash. (I guess I coughed out all my energy??) Hope I feel better tomorrow because there are better outfits waiting to go out! #priorities

Joggers $3.50, striped top $7, sandwich blazer-cardi $5, scarf $2.80, bracelets @shedoescreate, necklace @i_am_justone and @mizmooz ankle boots. #solideffort

When you're on a hot date and you find THE perfect leather jacket for only $30 at the thrift storeπŸ‘ŒπŸ»Even better when it's 25% off and you get it for $22!!! Boom I love how edgy and adorable this is with my LuLaRoe Perfect T! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»#daymade #yeah #36andedgy #prezzieformyself #lularoe #lularoeperfecttee #lularoelife #mompreneur #iheartthrifting #wearwhatyoulove #lifeistooshortforboringclothes

Made a quick trip to our local little thift shop, came home with a vintage ice bucket for $3 πŸ‘ #vintage #vintageicebucket #iheartthrifting

Sunday style featuring my "new" distressed skinnies $4.50, @anthropologie brand swacket $7, @proverbs31ministries #liveloved tank, thrifted and @shedoescreate necklaces plus my inaugural wear of my gorgeous new @aquatalia boots!! 😍😍😍 (I'll be sharing all about them later this week! #splurge)

I thrifted 2 of these tops today! Can you guess which ones?! Winner is my new BFF! πŸ˜‰

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