When Harper isn’t happy, no one’s happy. This may be my new favorite photo. The kids decided if Harper was going to cry, they should too. #sticktogether #familygoals #kidsofinstagram #momlife #proudmom #ihavethebestkids #lovemykids #8weeksold #photoshoot #fail

🍨🍧🍨Feeling so spoiled!!! 🍨🍧🍨I woke up to Unicorn ice-cream today after my nap 🦄🦄🦄 made especially buy Millie
I'll add her recipe if you feel inspired 🎀🦄🎀
4 tbsp of 0% Greek yogurt
1 tsp of marmalade jam
1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 tsp truvia
1/4 cup of sugar free cherry ice cream
And then top with loads of sprinkles🍦☄🦄 #spolied #unicornicecream #unicorn #ihavethebestkids #kidsinthekitchen #sweet #icecream #sprinklesicecream #sprinkles #pregnacycravings

Chicken Chorizo meatballs for dinner! Love cooking with Jack! ❤
#ihavethebestkids #family #blessed #loveourlife #cookingforacrowd

Outfit of the day ♥ such a beautiful morning w my kids I love every moment I spend w them and I hope I live to be 100 so we can keep making memories together ♥ 📷:by my talented 4 year old son I'm teaching him so much about photography he has so many talents so proud of him ♥#outfitoftheday #familytime #momlife #lovemybabies #funtimes #makingmemories #photography #beautiful #greatday #ihavethebestkids #followformore

Fun times at the Movies #ihavethebestkids

Selfishly I have had one of the best weeks of my life. Slow mornings, happy children, amazing parents, beautiful location, sleep and cheap wine 🤪. Now it’s home time to see @sattyghatrora #mygirls #ihavethebestkids #funinthesun #daughters #threedaughters #mummyofthree #matleave #maternityleave #threeunderfive

You can’t see him but Carter was pushing his little brother on the swing and was singing “I love my brother, oh yes I dooooo”
Melted my heart into a puddle 😭 #ihavethebestkids #thathairdoe

Lily- "Here mom, put this up in your office!" 💓💓💓 #Ihavethebestkids#killinit

The 6 yr old just melted this 80's girl's heart 😍😘🤗! Like, way to go Kahler! 🤘Totally love you to pieces! #ihavethebestkids #rockon #80smusic #80sgirl #legos #boombox #mixtape #dontletthecassettemeltinthecar

So remember when I said this week has been ugly? The left photo is me before my shower this afternoon. Yes, this afternoon. It took me that long to talk myself into being okay with the way I knew it was going to make me feel. And I won’t mention how long it’s been since I showered last. But if your guess was 10 days, you wouldn’t be wrong 🙀🙈. Good news is, I haven’t been seen in public for over 7. Gross? Yup. You repulsed? Probably? Why on earth would I share this? Because this is what post concussion syndrome does. Every decision you make you have to weigh against how it’s going to make you feel. And truth be told, I’d rather just feel crappy and not shower, than shower and feel mega crappy. Anyway, today I showered....enter photo on the right. Hallelujah 🙌🏻 right?! Shortly after this photo was taken, I had to lay down and nap. I couldn’t take the headache and nausea that had gotten worse from the shower. So I slept 3 hours. That’s the toll taking a simple shower takes on me. Last weekend I was away with Kylie for her last swim meet of the season. I just explained what a shower does.....imagine what the meet does to me, even with my napping between sessions. Hence, why I haven’t been seen in public for 7 days. I’ve been in full on recovery mode. Or, trying to, anyway. My kids are worth it though ❤️.....showering? Not so much🙈🤕😬🤷🏻‍♀️. #thisisreallife
p.s.....It took me a while to get the courage to post something so vulnerable. But like my friend Bridget says....”Dance for an audience of one” - so, here goes nothing!
p.p.s....excuse the extremely dirty mirror. We won’t discuss the status my house right now 😬. And why yes, yes that is a photo of me in my robe. If you randomly showed up at my house, that’s what you’d find me in. Every. Day. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What can I say. ~much love ❤️#postconcussionsyndromeawareness

Making very good use of my Mother’s Day present ☺️ #ihavethebestkids #yeti #panamacitybeach #realtormomlife

For MJ’s birthday she wanted no presents but wanted to give everything to her sister. She was able to raise $660 to go towards Claire’s humanitarian trip in February of 2019. Here was the moment Claire found out. Grab a tissue it’s pretty dang sweet!! Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

I can't get over how much these flowers have grown since Mother's Day! Thank you Morgan Baerwald!!

Brandon wil graag wat tomaatjes en worteltjes bij zijn botherham. 💪🥇 #ihavethebestkids

Lastly, I need to take a second to recognize these kids. Today they left EVERYTHING on the stage. I could not have asked any more of them. Regardless of outcome I am proud. You were flawless (minus an 8 count 😉) Although there will be a shift as we begin season 5, we truly ended season 4 on a high. I was so lucky to see you 5 Dance together one last time today. I’m glad we got to share so many positive moments together this week. I love you so incredibly much and I am so lucky to be your teacher! #seniors #ihavethebestkids #momlife #dancers #proud #love #family

Four days ago I rolled primer on this vinyl beadboard ceiling, firmly committing us to this ceiling project. It didn’t take long before my migraine symptoms kicked into high gear. That’s when my kids really stepped in. The job isn’t perfect, but I will look up at this ceiling with a humbled and happy heart. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think the blobbiness makes the beadboard look very old and weathered. 🤔#ihavethebestkids #lastbrownceiling #sunroomproject #oldhouselove #migrainessuck #hemiplegicmigraine

Patiently waiting for their Tia Sophia to get here so we can go to the dog park! 🐕😍🐾 #ihavethebestkids #furkids #patientlywaiting #doglover @sophianatalie9

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