I'm actually astounded at the number of people who won't acknowledge female Marines as what they are. I know a guy walks up or over and they get so much credit without ever introducing themselves. If I don't make it a gender based thing, I think it has a lot to do with people confusing my kindness for weakness. They figure that if I'm nice that means I'm weak. And when I'm mean or distant that means I'm #strong. But there is so much more than meets the eye to me. Integrity is everything. I see ALOT of people silently hating or only loving on me when they find out I'm a Marine. How about only when they have to respect me bc of a rank. And then still others who still haven't caught on that I'm not other females. I know there are a lot of females who love to gossip and love drama. I hate gossip. I love Jesus and I love money. I'm all about working together and making money. I think alot of people confuse me with other females in the gym too. The Marine Corps has changed the way I have seen things for years. I've always been that tomboy who likes to hang out with the dudes. Now I am just realizing a lot of people, both guy and girl, aren't worthy of my time or attention. I do deserve better and frankly, I don't care if you want to hear it. I am better than you if you can't be the same way behind my back and to my face. Because I know who I am. Do you?

When he said "Auntie, isn't this nice" I knew I was never going home again. 🤦🏾‍♀️😔 #SendHelp #ImBeingHeldHostageByAToddler #iHaveAFamily #PeopleWillMissMe

Hi my Name is Sadie. I'm a french bulldog from Shrewsbury shropshire.
I was adopted on the 18.07.18 by My Mum and Dad @x_kerplunk_x & @dangreenday I love having my photo taken so mum has set up my own
Instagram 📸 so follow me for lots of pictures 🐶

#frenchbulldog #frenchbulldogpuppy #newhome #ihaveafamily #newstart #newadventures
#frenchigram #frenchilife

I admit it, I really love you, but it’s not worth it anymore. True that!! #livingmylife #notimeforbullshit #ihaveafamily #nofakeness #imnotalone

Finally I found a home! This is my first shot! 🐶 #newhome #firstshot #firstshower #lovelypuppy #ihaveafamily #welcomepuppy 😍#tontobaby 🐕🐾

New tags Saturday! #shitimlost

Welcome to the family Zeus. 💖💖💖💖 Thankyou baby !!! #ZeeksLittleBrother #IHaveAFamily #germansheperdmom #germanshepherd

I Know Alot Of Entrepreneurs: Artist, Musicians, Singers, Security, Painter, Contractors, And All Sort Of Skilled Trades... I Know Your Pain. I've Put My Family In So Many Financial Binds...Because Folks Love To Take Advantage Of A Nice Guy... #NoMoreNiceyNicey #EnoughIsEnough Today I Was Offended On A Whole New Level. Even After Explaining My Fanancial Situation, That I'm A Full Time Entrepreneur... Meaning I Cant Just Show Up And Get A Consistent Check. I Have Literally Killed Myself Physically, Mentally, And Emotionally Every Single Week, 3 Jobs, Seven Days A Week...No Days Off. Well Today One Of The 3 Income Generating Positions I Currently Hold Tried...Yes Tried To Play Me. I Took The Extremely Low Pay For Every Saturday To Be A Blessing To GODS Church.. Mind You This Is Not My Church. So To Say "You Play To Serve GOD"....BRO EVERYTHING I DO... SERVES GOD. I Dont Sleep Many Days... Because Im Serving GOD By Providing For My Wife And Total Strangers. "Oh You Hungry...Ill Be Right Back... It's Not Much But Here You Go." I Give I Give I Give And I Give Some More... With Nothing Left In The Tank (Literally And Figuratively) I Continue To Give. I Give
My Entire Check To My Wife...My Kids. It May Sound Like I'm Going Off. Well I Am Sorta. Purpose Of This...I Want To Motivate Whoever Is Getting Short Changed...Stand Up For Yourself. Enough Is Enough. If The Roof Was Leaking They Would Figure Out How To Pay For A Roof...Point Blank. #ImDone #PayMeWhatYouOweMe #IHaveAFamily #IHaveBillsToo #GODWillBlessMe #ImNotWorried #IKnowMyWorth #StandUpForYourself #ImTired

Contemplating life with my cat which basically means we are figuring out what to have for dinner. #notassadasitsounds #notcrazycatlady #ihaveafamily #andonlyonecat #notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat #catsofinsta #simbathecat

Once you seriously cut all the negativity from your life and quit trying to be nice or captain save a hoe to the world. it really is crazy how your life comes together🤗☺ #istayhungry #corazondeseda #mujerdepiedra #ihaveafamily #familytofeed #pushinghard #physically #mentally #emotionally #lovinglife 💜

#Repost @ok9consultation with @get_repost
Brought this stunner to @southla_animalshelter - no tag or microchip, but we found the family searching for him!! We’ll keep an eye out for his pick up and hopefully a bit of medical attention too 😍 •

#happyday #ihaveafamily #huskiesofinstagram #husky #redandwhite

Brought this stunner to @southla_animalshelter - no tag or microchip, but we found the family searching for him!! We’ll keep an eye out for his pick up and hopefully a bit of medical attention too 😍 •

#happyday #ihaveafamily #huskiesofinstagram #husky #redandwhite

I think about how relaxed I am in this pic.
I was so tanned too. It’s a good reminder for me as to WHY I work so hard .
This post is for those of you who find yourselves stressed or going through a lot .
This month I’ve been a stressed out hot mess too . I can’t beleive half of the year is gone. I’ve definitely out done myself between Girl Scouts and summer priorities. So much to do and so little time so I’m adjusting my sails .
If you saw the laundry stock pile that needs to be put away and the unorganized closets, you would feel me . I am so ready to throw toys and old stuff AWAY. Lol . That’s what i do when i need therapy. I workout and spring clean so my kids are in for an awakening .
Housework has been the least of my priorities. I’ve hired some help because i need 😆 it . Feeding my family , making sure there’s enough food in the fridge , and being a good mentor and hairdresser has been a priority .
This is the life of a mompreneur. You choose your battles wisely. I choose family time and building my businesses . Any free time I get , I try to give it to this man because he is my numbero uno .
We’ve been reflecting a LOT lately on how incredibly blessed we are . We’ve also had so many things come up last minute and on top of that, I leave with my fit fam for our biggest event of the year! Somehow i will plan Ava’s party and make our Zoo Snooze a camp away to remember .
I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and I choose to live my life practicing gratitude daily and reminding myself that all situations are temporary . Nothing lasts. Things and people change .
There really isn’t a right or wrong way to do things. You can only do the best you can.

You’ve survived all of your difficult moments so far haven’t you? You’ll survive this one too. Take a second to be grateful for where you’re at today guys . We all need to.
Be still and know that you’re only one person. You can’t do everything . But you can do one thing at a time🦋
Everything is in Gods hands and only he has a plan for us . Focus on one moment and one day at a time .

I can’t wait to take my family on my next earned trip!

Salam all! Thank you for keeping up with me.. Pls give me some time to sort out all orders tonight. I will update each and every one of you on your orders also by tonight! 🤗

Handling a 3 y.o. boy is already handful! 🙊 And now managing orders, mps, replying txt msgs, etc... Thank you sebab paham if i lambat reply 😂 or apa cos.. #yesimamom #ihaveafamily #iwork8to5 #imaparttimeonlineseller #istumbledbutididntfall #demisesuapnasi ciiaa ciiaa 😂😂

May Allah bless all of us aamiin! 💖 #supportlokal

Hey guys! I have something to tell ya! 😊
The internet is a big scary place and for that reason I've chosen to keep a huge part of my life from everyone online. I don't want them to ever feel like they're unimportant or that I'm ashamed of them at all so I'm proudly, aaand slightly hesitantly announcing that I have a family!
I'm a single mama of four! That's right, four! All boys and all crazy. My life is busy, busy, busy and go, go, go all the time. I usually don't even sit down to draw until I tuck them in to bed at night, which means I don't usually sleep a whole ton, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
So be patient if I take a couple days to email you back. I will write you back, I promise, sometimes life just gets crazy!
I probably won't post too much of them in my regular feed, but you will get to see these hilarious little weirdos is my story if you care to watch. 😊 Please be kind, they can read!

#ihaveafamily #singlemama #lovemyboys #fourkids! #grateful #iworkeverydaytomakethemproud

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