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I haven't had anything interesting to post in a couple days. Sorry, My dudes. 🤷🏼‍♀️#selfie #ihatehashtagging #notdoingittoday

Another to come of my monotype experiment #printmaking #print #monotype #ihatehashtagging

oh and btw 💁🏻

Me and my boys. Anyone have a hand? #ciminotwins #daniellemademehashtag #ihatehashtagging @deemc1105

A pattern beautifully taught by @johnscottyoga among others, I think of it like this: When you fill a container with water, you start at the bottom. And when you empty the container, you start at the top.
Breathing can be thought of in much the same way, with your body as the container – your head at the top and your pelvis, the bottom. So when you exhale, imagine pouring out the breath from the top of your head and when you inhale, fill from the pelvis up.
Find this pattern in trikonasana (triangle pose):

1️⃣ INHALE and step your feet apart and turn the right foot out.
2️⃣ EXHALE and lead with the head as you fold to pick up your toe. Complete the exhale.
3️⃣ INHALE dynamically from that bottom place, extending outward and up, with the head and gaze, last.
Read the full post at ashtangadispatch.com
📷 by @meghanreuck -
#triangle #trikonasana #ashtangadispatch #ashtanga #ihatehashtagging

Left ⬅️ a few days before my last competition (75kg) lots of cardio, massively restricted in the foods I was eating, 2300kcals, boring!

Right ➡️ this morning! (82kg) 10000steps per day with some jogging, no food restrictions at all! No kcals tracked, hopefully less boring 🤷🏼‍♂️???

Progress is slow! But it's better slow than no! You will always make mistakes! Learn from them and apply what you have learnt.

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She ain’t got no butt BUT she got hips thou ! #littlebootiesmatter

Day twenty through twenty three was fun, I mean now no one can ruin your ship now Melly, and no I did not forget I had this account, I didn’t, shh, stop it, #goretober #goretoberday20 #goretoberday21 #goretoberday22 #goretoberday23 #goretober2017 #ihatehashtagging

Si no estas aquí a mi lado/
Me derrito en el pasado/
Los recuerdos de tu amor/
Cariño mío vuelve por favor/ 🎋🍃

I wish it was easy for you to just open yourself up and maybe even showcase that you’re willing to put up a fight for me— except that’s not at what happens.
So can I be blamed for feeling less than? Not even second choice, let alone a choice at all?
I gave you my heart and soul, and I’m more than willing to continue to do so— but we are clouded with pride, and uncertainty. Commitment is scarier than any demon that could’ve haunted your childhood dreams, but there was never anything to be afraid of. The feeling is there, but maybe you’re just not capable of letting go of your selfish inner emotions.
Guess we’ll never find out.

Algún día en cualquier parte, en cualquier lugar indefectivamente te encontrarás a ti mismo, y esa, sólo esa, puede ser la más feliz o más amarga de tus horas. 🥀

Everybody’s living or they’re dead/
And I’m still in my bed/
And I don’t have a clue/
I won’t lie/
And tell you it’s alright/🌼

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