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Containerwerk x Friends turns containers into living spaces #milanodesignweek2018 @containerwerk

Started using a new #natural #oil mixture by #aussie on my #hair and my goodness does my hair feel and look great 😄❤
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And I didn't know what you wanted/
And you didn't know that I was trouble/
And we didn't know what could happen, what could happen/
I've become sheltered/
More than ready for action/
And I feel like I forgotten how it feels to feel satisfaction/
And well, at night I can't sleep/
I don't have to count sheep/
I just gotta count my blessings and the people around me/
And stay on my damn feet/
Overthinking again/
I'm overthinking again/

I should have stayed at home/
'Cause right now I see all these people that love me but I still feel alone/
Can't help but check my phone/
I could have made you mine/
But no it wasn't meant to be and see I wasn't made for you and you weren't made for me/
Though it seemed so easy.../
And that's because I wanna be your favourite boy/
I wanna be the one that makes your day/
The one you think about as you lie awake/
I can't wait to be your number one/
I'll be your biggest fan and you'll be mine/
But I still wanna break your heart and make you cry.../

You think I’m ‘bout to tell you that “I love you”
But I really really really fucking don’t/
See the months of obsession/
And crying for hours/
I even started sitting down in the shower/
I’ll take my time in my own/
And I’ll be fine now I’m alone/

The #dailydinosaur (🦕🦖) for today is the early herbivorous ceratopsid living in the Early Cretaceous, Psittacosaurus mongoliensis! Meaning ‘Parrot Lizard’ for its curved beak, this Triceratops predecessor is the ONLY dinosaur that we know the color of! Based on helpful skin sample we know that Psittacosaurus was a reddish brown with a light underbelly! This animal was around 5-7 feet long and had bristle like filaments on its tail. This critter is incredibly well known due to its abundant specimens, which showed it to be a nurturing herd animal.
As always, thanks for the read!
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Enjoy the little things #notmyface #weedporn #ihatehashtagging

Who just slides on the slide anymore? 🙄
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