One of the greatest lessons I've learned during this season in my life is to "Remain True to Self" Do not allow the actions of others to change who you are as a person. #IhadAmoment #CharacterReflection #StandingonthePromisesofGod #CHOOSEPOSITIVEENERGY

A few of my favorite things & some sensory distractions from the discomfort of my third trimester pregnancy. Thank You, Jesus! I’m a funny sort of person who finds solace in running water and sparkly manis and pedis. Here’s to these wonderful moments. Cheers!!

Don't judge me Lol. I had a childhood moment lol. I love the rain, it's almost as tho it's cleansing my soul. A moment I can let go of all feelings that are taking away from my happiness. You guys should try it lol #standingintherain #ilovetherain #childhoodmemories #ihadamoment #lol #soulcleansing

Be thankful for what you are now and keep fighting for what u wanna be tomorrow. I’m thankful for every person who’s path I crossed and gave me the opportunity to help them & those whom I haven’t yet.
I’ve learned that whatever good things we build, end up building us. I’ve come so far because of those people placed in my life and I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without them.
It’s been a blessing and a dream come true for my PASSION to become a career. Beyond Fitness will forever have a place in my heart life and always will. This is more than a business it’s a livelihood family and I just wanna say THANK YOU ALL🙌🏽 you are highly appreciated and thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journeys.
So this tattoo means a lot to me and it’s just my way of expressing how grateful I am. @tats_by_cody
Sorry for the rant I don’t usually do this...... #IHadAMoment 🤷🏽‍♂️ #BeyondFitnessBC #FitnessProfessional ##Represent #fitness #GymLife #NewInk #Tattoo #RespectYourBody

Here is real: Those are real tears in my eyes, real emotions, a real epiphany. I can do this. I can do this despite setbacks, despite days off, despite the slow nature of weight loss that tries my patience. I. Can. Do. This. 🙏
I often pray during my time on the stationary bike. My playlist is full of worship music, and songs that speak to my soul. Today, I was listening to @crowdermusic , praying in gratitude for the ability to get back on the bike...I was reflecting on how far I've come in three years, since being hit by a drunk driver...and it washed over me...I'm doing it, I'm persevering, I'm making progress! The tears started rolling down my cheeks...
Then, the next song came on..."I'll rise up, in spite of the ache...and I'll do it a thousand times again." YES! Yes, I will. I already have, and I will keep doing it. ❤
I had a moment today. God met me right on that bike and spoke to my soul.
#victoryover100 #victorydoesntquit #journey #grace #prayer #fitness #reallife #momlife
#holyspirit #godmovesinmysteriousways
#iwillriseup #inspiteoftheache

Okay Sooo I’m late but it’s cool don’t come for me lol let me have this one ☝️😂I didn’t know pandora could play over Snapchat either way Im always moved by this song 🤗🎶💒💛 #ihadamoment #ilovethissong #hereiamtoworship there I was bout to start talking about me and all >>>notttttttt

He’s far from perfect.. but his imperfections are perfectly perfect for me.. and lord knows I can be a pain in his butt! With my stubborn ways and my attitude but handles me well.. he showed me what true love is.. he showed me I can’t live without his love & I don’t want to.! the way this man loves me is more then I love myself.! He pushes me and never gives up on me nor us!! I can’t thank him enough for putting up with me loving me and loving Anyla as his own.. I wanna travel the world and seas with him.. I want a family I want to give him everything he wants and deserves because he’s worth everything!! I love this man y’all!! 😩😭 you don’t understand ! ❤️ #iHadaMoment #myMan #alwaysandforever #pinky

"When it feels right, it probably is. When the chips fall perfectly without obstacle, it was destiny"
I snagged this shot while I was spring-time organizing my evidently lazy and disorganized winter-time "I'm too cold to keep things in any order" amount of 'horse stuff'...#icantbetheonlyone ?!
#GoodShipMedia #whenthelightsjustright #aintthatpurty #itcaughtmyeye #ihadamoment #western

Being a little brave here but trying to make sure that I keep things as real as I can for you guys. Yesterday, I was feeling a little bit low. I had quite an emotional day on Saturday at a retreat that was for people that were mentally and physically needing lots of TLC. I loved being part of it but it really made me step back and analyse and also because I pick up on emotions, I needed to ground myself again. So, within 30mins from finishing massages, I had booked accommodation in Sydney. This was my escape mechanism. So, 24hrs later, with having indulged in some treats (yes, I am human)I felt I had let myself down with food. Hence, this photo. I put them together to give myself a slap!! The left one was taken 3 weeks prior to NSW IFBBPROLEAGUE qualifier. The right one was taken last week, 7 weeks post The Arnold’s. I look at this with open eyes and realise for a 44yr old, I’m not doing too badly!! I need to give myself some slack and thank my blessings that I’m able to exercise and be healthy. Some people are not as fortunate and I’m grateful for what I have. Today is just another day that I can be better than yesterday, that’s all I ever aim for. 😀


Today was a beautiful day so I went for a walk. A group of girls walked by me, and one of them said to the others "she has one arm". I guess she thought she was being quiet, but as a forever amputee these words stick out to me. I was enjoying the sunshine and hearing that and seeing them stare at my arm changed my mood. This isn't a new occurence by any means, but today I let it bother me. And those are the key words, I let it bother me. When I realized I had wasted 5 minutes of my walk angry at strangers, I took 5 deep breaths. We can't change what other people say, but we can change how we react. Don't let the foolish get you down 💛 #justkeepswimming #proudamputee #ihadamoment #enjoythesunshine ☀️

It happens. I swear I’m pretty smart though 😉🤣

#ihadamoment #dumbmoment #iswearimsmart #justathought #fitfarmchick #lifequotes #sarcasm #quotesaboutlife #farmerswife

Sir buys me a muffin. Me: I eat the walnut. Sir: Good, I would be confused if you wore them. #thisismyday #mylife #ihadamoment #walnut #walnutmuffin #sirknowsbest #polkadots

Thank God it's Friday

Memories, that moment when things were not perfect but for minutes or a few hrs you felt so special... this moment many years ago was an amazing night for me , thank you @natyberrios and everyone who was at that time in @balletdesantiago ❤️

When you’re having a moment, and you kick your shoes off in frustration. Only to have one thrown back at you moments later...Handstand remained unphased though. #handstand #handbalance #ihadamoment #fitness #crossfit @crossfitgames

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