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Tú me followas
yo te followo.
Luego tú me dejas de followar. 
Yo no entiendo qué hice mal.

Entonces ¿seré un mal follower? O no. 
No followo bien.
O me tratas de despistar.
No me followes
para luego dejarme de followar.
O al menos avísame 
de que quieres followarme
para luego dejar de hacerlo.
Y ¿sabes qué? Eh. 
Que te followen
con todas tus followadas.
A mí no me vas
a followar más.
#escritosen5minutos #andresdosleyes#conversoconversos

The pose you give when you look at @fivesixblog ! ♥️

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Dear Ex-Boyfriend, .

You pinged me, I replied.

You flirted with me, I let you.

We became Best Friends.

You tried me on, I somehow accepted.

And we turned our Friendship into Relationship! But, 'It was a Mistake!' we concluded in the end. .

Now, I always think, -Do I still love you? -Do I still miss you? -Do I still miss the warmth of your arms? -Do I still miss your lips on mine? -Do I still?

How does that matter?

Fantasy is different from reality! Reality is we are not together. Our FOREVER came to an end! We (it still sounds good) but let me correct - You and I came to an end. .

Yes, we were happy, I was happy. -I was happy to a point that just your thought made me smile, but it all came to an end, that smile came to an end. -I am happy that, You and I were together, you still live in my thoughts, -You are part of me and will always be. -Sometimes, I also crave for your touch. -I don't want you back, I can never wish for that. -You live in me for all good reasons but you made me a misery for no good reason. -You made me strong. -You made me alive. -Now, I just love myself with all the pride,

I am glad you left me and moved on, gave me the courage to be on my own. .

And, you know what the actual mistake was? . -Saying and doing a lot without meaning any of it. -I could've stopped you when a hug felt tight. -We could've talked about it on the couch rather than sorting it out on the bed. -We could've grown as two individuals rather than growing together as messy lovers. .

Then, love would not have been a liability.

It would have been our asset. ❤
Credit : @naina_singhal
FOLLOW : @indigenouswriters
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It was that day,
After I dreamt of you.

It was that day I realised
How weak and strong,
I could be,
When it came to you.

It was that day I realised,
You've been a part of me forever,
I could quietly push you out.
It was that day I realised,
that I don't really want you anymore.
That you're more of my past than my present.

It was that day I realised,
I've lost you for more good than bad.
It was that day I realised,
That life would've been so 'you' and minimally 'me',
Had I not walked away that day.

It was that day,
That dream,
That 'me', I realised,
I never wanted. ©eknoor Kaur ~Flowing with the Flow 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 #flowingwiththeflow #yourquote #quote #stories #qotd #quoteoftheday #wordporn #quotestagram #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #inspirationalquotes #writeaway #thoughts #poetry #instawriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub

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From mice to men
Or something like that.

A game of shadows

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