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How many marine iguanas do you see?? Many will say 2, some may say 3, some may even see 4! But in reality there are at least 7 marine iguanas in this picture and honestly maybe even more! A fun fact that I learned about marine iguanas while at Galapagos is that male marine iguanas are large and colorful in order to be attractive to females and female marine iguanas are small and black in order to absorb sunlight better and camouflage with the volcanic rocks! How cool! Pretty great survival skills lady iguanas! Male iguanas also tend to keep harems of female iguanas so you'll always see male iguanas surrounded by females! Lucky guys! 🤣

Want help spotting the iguanas? Well...there are 3 in the main rock (did you see the one in the middle!??) 1 by the right shoulder blade of the male iguana, 1 in the bottom left corner (spot the tail!?), 1 in the bottom right corner (did you spot the other tail?), and there is 1 male iguana in the top right corner as well! I'm pretty sure that one is surrounded by tons of female iguanas but they are unidentifiable to the naked eye in this picture due to their bad ass camouflage skills! 🦎

When you need to get dressed for work but he just wants more cuddles. How do you say no? #instaiguana #iguanas #mylittlefamily

And then this happened! 🙈 #exuma #bahamas #iguanas #nofilter


Đồ chơi part2 =))) #iguanas #red #green #caithauxanh

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Este año la coleccion ha tocado de #iguanas
El año pasado fueron tiburones y el 2017 ha traido a estos fantasticos reptiles. Lo que estoy aprendiendo no tiene precio!
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