Mangrove boa on Damas island in Costa Rica. Came across this guy while searching for the Silky Anteater. The best thing about watching wildlife from a boat is that you can get really close to the animals without spooking them - the water acts as a natural barrier. #costarica #damasisland

Cirl bunting 📷

Greetings from the beautiful Greek island of Lesvos, jewel of the Aegean where the sun is shining (a bit too much, I'm proper sunburnt already 😓) and the birds are singing. This one had the decency to not only land on the rock I was pointing my lens in hope at but to also do it just before sundown making it a truly golden moment.
It's good to be back.. 😊

Happy Earth Day!

After successfully hunting and eating an elephant seal, three adult females (Lola, Nocino, and Carla) rested for a bit at the surface whilst their calves played around them!
Who can relate after a big meal? I believe they are in a food coma..!
Video: Elephant Seal Research Group

Credit🐢: @sevenseasoffreedom
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Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than with J27 Blackberry of the endangered Southern Resident community! Photography by @taslishaw

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