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Delighted to reveal the cover for @tomhanks’ first work of fiction, Uncommon Type, out on 17th October.
This collection of stories showcases Tom as an amazing writer, and explores a host of unforgettable characters in both ordinary and extraordinary situations. His characteristic wit and warmth shines through every page, and you can pre-order your copy here: bit.ly/UncommonType

"At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done--then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago."
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden
🌷 🌷🌷
Sharing the covers of my darling new Puffin + V&A Classics. This has quickly become one of my favorite collections.

what's your goal for the summer? 🤔
my goal is to get in shape 😂

I swear these last few days have been super busy! I'm getting ready for my last live video over at @theliterarybox on Facebook, planning for NYC and trying to read, catch up on TV and keep myself and my child clean and fed!
How is your day going? Got any tips on how to get more done in a day?

From 'Memories Unwound' by @r.dhalwriter //

today was such a gloomy and grey day that the world appeared to have an apocalyptic faded filter slapped over it. the best sort of day to spend by the window with a steaming mug of tea, a book, candles and soft tunes. 🌧
also, shoutout to @shopcatchingrainbows for my very protective and very pretty new phone case! You can get yours at 20% off with the code "CRCASES17". ♡

I shall do one thing in this life - one thing certain - that is, love you, and long for you, and keep wanting you till I die.
Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd
That is one sexy quote Thomas Hardy. .
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Exciting bookmail, exciting news, and a giveaway! .
@orendabooks was kind enough to send over Seal Skin by Su Bristow to me. Seal Skin is based on the legend of the selkies in Scotland, seals who can transform into people. It's a magical story, evoking the harsh beauty of the landscape and I can't wait to read it, mainly because IM MOVING TO SCOTLAND! .
This coming September, my boyfriend and I will be moving to Glasgow for 5 years while he attends the University of Glasgow for veterinary medicine 💃🏻. This is an absolute dream come true for me, as Scotland has been my number one travel destination for as long as I can remember, and the majority of my ancestry is Scottish. I can't believe this is happening and couldn't think of a better book to announce it with. Basically, I'll be following @weereader around like a lost puppy until I get my bearings 🙊.

Orenda has also very generously offered up 1 copy of Seal Skin to an international winner 🙌🏻. All you have to do is:
1. Like this post
2. Follow both myself (@sweptawaybybooks) and @orendabooks and
3. Tag some friends and tell me where in the world you would love to live if you could go anywhere! .
Giveaway is open internationally, till 6/2. No giveaway accounts eligible, and this giveaway is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by instagram.

Good luck! .


! READ SNOTGIRL ! there's only a few issues, but it comes back this summer :-)
— mm so my last day as a high school student is officially done. I don't know how to feel rn

I think trains are my favorite mode of transportation because I feel like either a Hogwarts student or an Agatha Christie detective.

Vampires, depression, edging. What more could you ask for? Quite a lot, probably, but you won't get it in these books. We read Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, joined by @thomas_violence and @LizDuckChongq. Oh boy. Link in bio to listen!

[TAG TIME] Vi essa tag super bonita lá no ig da Nat (@ceuliterario ) e resolvi participar 😄 .
#DesafioLiterárioLombadasEmCores (gente não sei quem criou a tag se souberem me contém 😊)
Vou marcar alguns igs para participar 😘
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FALLING FREE BOOK CLUB 🌿: "What I know now is that sometimes surrender means letting go, and other times it means letting IN." #fallingfreebook, p. 110 // Surrender is often equated to the opening of palms, but what if it also means the opening of doors? Offering up our hearts and our homes alike can be deeply unsettling. It easy to give bits and pieces - dinner dates here and there or asking for prayer every once in awhile. But to truly let someone else in? That takes a fierce vulnerability. To allow your home and heart to be shown without filter cannot happen without a courageous understanding that there is the possibility of rejection. And yet, again and again in Scripture, we are called to walk fully in community. No matter the cost. No matter the sacrifice. That takes a heck of a lot of surrender. // Question: Is it harder for you to let go or let in? Can one happen without the other? // See what others are saying and join the conversation at #akbookclub. 📚❤️

These are some of my collections that already in new hands! 😘
Check out list of preloved books in cheap price in jacqdaily.blogspot.co.id. 🙏

I. had. SO MUCH FUN reading this! I really cannot wait to read the next two books, but I don't want it to end😭
4.5 stars:
This was my first fantasy book in a very long time and it's been such a nice escape. I am obsessed with Kell and Lila as individuals and as a team. And Rhy. Precious, precious Rhy, are you kidding me?? He can do no wrong💖
•Strong points: characters!!, world-building, descriptive language, plot
•Weak points: slow start...sometimes I found the exchanges between Lila and Kell a bit too apathetic and short? I understand that could have been to highlight their personality traits...
If you're looking for something adventurous, suspenseful and MAGICAL read read read it! •••
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[May 24, 2017]
Once again I've realized that I keep forgetting QOTP's why am I like this
On the bright side my cousins family is visiting this weekend and @_hermionesbooks_ (+ her sister) are probably tagging along
On an even brighter side I may be able to go to VidCon with @_hermionesbooks_ and meet the fabulous @wistfulpages
[QOTP] Plans for this summer?

I have been feeling a bit under the weather today so every time I go to read I start to fall asleep, which I hate because I really wanted to read today. So I'm watching some anime instead.
Are any of you bookworms also a fan of anime? I'm in the need of some new recommendations! 🤓

I think my next library read will be this book that I know nothing about. Heard of it? I think it might be a mystery or suspense novel which I like to go into knowing zero. #bookstagram #bookworm #booklife #bibliophile #instareads #lovetoread #booknerd #igreads #instabook #bookstagramfeature #booksofinstagram #igbooks

No matter where I am I find a coffee shop to read in. 📖☕️

Votes are in and the winner for our July book is Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land!! Runner up was Confessions by Kanae Minato which will be our July books!! Both picked by the lovely @keeperofpages so you have to thank her 😄 #cgbookclub
Friendly reminder our discussion for The Dry will take place June 4!!

"For now she need not think of anybody. She could be herself, by herself. And that was what now she often felt the need of - to think; well not even to think. To be silent; to be alone. All the being and the doing, expansive, glittering, vocal, evaporated; and one shrunk, with a sense of solemnity, to being oneself, a wedge-shaped core of darkness, something invisible to others... and this self having shed its attachments was free for the strangest adventures." -- Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse
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Hola, chicas! Warmer weather means it's perfect time for some sexy spaniards... if you catch my drift. 😘

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