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I tried to make this picture as cosy as possible to celebrate the fact it's now *officially* autumn ✨🍂☕️🍁🌾☁️ (although in my heart autumn starts as soon as it's September 😋) and also because it's finally Friday! What have you got planned for your weekend? I hope you all have a good one! ♡

It’s the First Day of Fall! We took the opportunity to create some major autumn vibes with the three queens of Fennbirn Island to celebrate the ‘Quickening’ change in the weather 😉🍂
#ThreeDarkCrowns and #OneDarkThrone will sweep you away to an island of poisoners, naturalists, and elementals. Would you rather have the power to withstand the deadliest of poisons, to control the fiercest of beasts, or the ability to manipulate weather?? 💀🐻⛈

Do you usually decorate your house for autumn? I didn't do much honestly, but I just like to put a little touch of autumn here and there. But more candles for sure since days are getting shorter and shorter 😬
I can't say it enough but this candle is one of my favorite candles from @madamefiction! It smells like you're having a date in a coffee shop, and your cute crush using the best parfume that day. So yeah... double heaven 😛♥️As usual, feel free to use STEF10 to get 10% your order!
Hope you have an amazing Friday and Happy First Day of Autumn 🍂✨

it was a year ago that i typed out my october 2016 TBR hung up on my wall there and we're about to come full circle 😱 how time flies! but hurray because the best month ever is just around the corner! 🍁🍂🎂 now we just need to get through the next two weeks of uni submissions 😅👍🏼

HAPPY AUTUMNAL EQUINOX 🍂🍁🎃 my favorite season is FINALLY HERE time to take out the sweaters and long pants and candles and pumpkins :''') however, it's going to be ~90°F next week and i wonder why anyone would want to live in southern california WHERE ARE MY FALL VIBES 🙃 but that's not going to stop me from eating all the pumpkin/cinnamon flavored things and wearing all the warm clothes 🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁 hope you're having a wonderful friday!! #autumn #autumnalequinox

I'm so glad it's finally Friday and I can slow down and decompress from the week. I plan on camping out in bed for the next two day with bottomless cups of tea, my weight in chocolate and several books. What are your plans for this weekend? Are you going to make the most out of it or are you going to take the lazy route like me and do as little as possible? Happy Friday/Jummah Mubarak lovelies, I hope you're having a great day 💕 #SelfCare #JummahMubarak #onthetable #morningslikethese #currentlyreading #huffpostgram #culturetripbooks

“Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it on to someone else.” .
Currently Re-reading☕📖
And The Mountain Echoed by Hosseini & this is one of those books that basically changed my perspective on a lot of things 😅 The emphasis on sacrifice and the need to escape reality resonated with me when I first read it. The characters that we meet in the book lose apart of themselves to benefit a loved one and the author's subtle approach to the topic plus the poetic writing shutter my emotions 😅 I am sure this reread will offer a whole other level of depth 🙌
It's incredibly weird how I am mostly drawn to books that will 100% break my heart 😂
Happy Friday guys 🎈🌫🍂

Happy #FirstDayOfFall! 🍂 Anyone else already breaking out the spooky reads? Luckily, you don't have to wait until Halloween to get your claws on Dark Tales, our new collection of Shirley Jackson's scariest stories (with a phenom foreword by Ottessa Moshfegh)—it's out 10/10! There's something sinister in suburbia...🏡🥀

📖''Une pièce sans livres, c'est comme une pièce sans âme'' Cicéron
📖Ma #bibliotheque se remplit doucement... Il faudra que je trouve une solution lorsqu'elle sera pleine 😇
📖Bon weekend 😘


Happy #COVERREVEAL to the lovely @authorscole for her book Skeletons Amongst Sycamores! Coming this Halloween. The third in her Brookston Housewives series. I got to beta read this baby and it is absolutely AMAZING. #bookstagram #igreads #igdaily #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #bookwhore #bookish #bibliophile #bookclub #romance #darkromance #brookstonhousewives #scole #shaycole #skeletonsamongstsycamores #dark #goodreads

O go fucking fly it
Decisions tame a wildness
Out of the same things
That were meant to be

#poetry #poem #igreads #igread #igbook #igbooks #bookstagram #readstagram #books #read #quote #instabook #poetess #quote #word #words #writersofinstagram #readstagram #wild #decisions #rules #tame #untame #wildness
Excerpt from poem, Fucking Wild, Lace Screams

IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF FALL! And the start of alllllllll the autumnal photos! I started off the season right with buttered toast, tofu scramble, and spiced pumpkin pie tea! What did you have for breakfast?
I still haven't started Tower of Dawn but I think I will soon because I am finally in the mood for high fantasy!
#watermelanerdsseptember // this is gonna be four days combined 😂
What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you? I have amazing people in my life whom I love very much so there's a bunch but what I'm remembering right now is one day when I completely broke down in class (like literal sobbing) and my roommate who was in the class with me calmed me down and when I got home that night at like 11pm my roommates had stayed up and covered my bed with chocolate and empowering/uplifting quotes from Harry Potter and various influential people and I will remember that forever.
What is one sound you can't stand? I cannot stand the sound of chewing so I try to sit farrrrr away from people who chew with their mouth open.
What are you most grateful for? I am thankful for SO MUCH right now. But in this moment I am most grateful for my friends!
What is your favorite type of clothing? Chunky oversized sweaters, leggings, tall boots, scarves, cardigans, and dresses!
#justawordwithyou // hero!
#septinbooks17 // book with mythical beings!
#rosyautumntales // food fun!
#allthebookssept // fall colors!
I'm off to have a night of food and shopping therapy! Have a good night lovelies 💕

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QOTD: Do you have a lot of unread books lying around on your shelves or do you only buy new books when you've finished reading whatever you already own?

When I was younger I used to fall into the latter category. Each time I bought a new book, the first priority was to finish reading it. It was almost unheard of for me to own a book for very long and not get around to reading it. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had less books available to me then and they were not as thick as the ones I tend to read now. Because now I have a whole bookshelf full of books clamouring to be read. Each time I buy one, I introduce it to its new home on the shelf and then promptly abandon it in favour of a library book, because those need to be read before they have to be returned.

So I'm always happy when a read-along gives me an excuse to finally pick up one of my own books. Anne Tyler's Vinegar Girl was part of my very first order from Book Depository and has been patiently awaiting its turn for about a year. Thanks to the read-along that I found out about through @hotcocoareads, I've finally started reading it😁

Day 20 of:

#thereadersbooknook - Right here, right now - Currently reading.

#grimdragon - always on my TBR list.
Glad to finally be able to tick it off.

Day 21 of #circleofbookishfriends - rainy afternoon stories

Day 23 of:

#frenchiefantasyseptember - siblings
Bunny, the sister of the main character in this book, is quite entertaining to read about.

#fanaticalbirdsept - #coverlove

#ampersandsept17 - sell
I'm trying to quit being a hoarder and clear my shelves of books I'm not likely to reread and while this is an interesting read so far, I might get rid of it once I'm done.

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This book cover has our hearts ♥️

It's hobbit day!!!! And very sadly I have no hobbit funkos 😔 so the protectors of the hobbitses must stand in for them while they're off eating second breakfast.
Who's your favorite hobbit?? Mine has always been Pippin 💙
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We’re loving this magical #BookFaceFriday by @lemuriabooks! THE WAKING LAND is @Callie_Bates debut fantasy novel that follows a young girl pressured by the father she barely remembers to help lead a rebellion she does not believe in against the king who virtually raised her...and all using a magic whose existence she had repressed for years. Intrigued?
#regram #TheWakingLand #CallieBates #bookstagram #fantasy #igreads #tbr #DelReyBooks #DelRey

I have my first @bookbeau and it's beautiful! I got home from work a little early for once, which means more reading time for me! 📚

“And if you insist on continuing to make assumptions about my character, I’ll advise you only this: assume you will always be wrong.”- Ignite Me
I love this quote from Warner. Definitely one of my favorites. I try not to judge a person immediately. Try. I’m only human after all. A person can be so arrogant in my eyes and i get irritated. A person can be so liberated in photos and i roll my eyes. Shallow people also frustrates the hell out of me. I dont say it out loud because it isnt nice though. I’d like to believe i was made to be imperfect. I also have a rotten part of myself that doesnt always come out, just like everybody else. People will make assumptions about my character too. I may seem like this or that, and it’s not always good. And that’s okay, because i believe that what others think about me isnt my business. i’ll tell you one thing though, you will always be wrong too. Happy Saturday! 😉

You know I love cats right? 😂 Yes, I'm a cat person which is ironic since I don't have a pet cat 😭 It's just my parents are against it because of their fur, but they allowed a fluffy dog like "I can't follow your logic guys?!" So for today's post is an appreciation post for cats and I'll call it #Caturday 🐱 Chairman Meow and Church will grace your feed now, and also my beloved Yugi the Siamese Cat bookmark, aren't they adorable? 😍 Have a blast this weekend guys, and keep reading 🤓
Tagging some awesome bookstagrammers 🤓 You know the drill folks, tagged or not feel free to do this challenge 😉
Ps. I just discovered how Instagram allows now a multiple photo without forcing you to crop it into square ones.
Pps. And also Snapseed updated, and I'm trying it now to my photos, it sure makes the photos pop out more, what do you guys think? 🤔
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Beautiful Bodies is the best memoir I've read in a long time. I would highly recommend it to all of the women in my life. Filled with insight and research about dieting and self image. Self care and self help in book form. A full review is up on my blog (link in profile) and on Goodreads.

[ She wasn't interested in telling other people's futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own. ] - Maggie Stiefvater. ✨

I love The Raven Cycle so much you guys I don't think I can even form it into words. ✨ -
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Happy Autumn Equinox.
Whew, what a week...
Feeling such gratitude for this life I get to live and for the people I'm lucky to circle the sun with.
Here's to the best of them—to those who stay through the winter and see us into spring. Also, to those who allow us into their orbit but aren't meant to stay. Turns out, it was always okay.

Getting #TheUndergroundToySociety signs ready for #bloomsburgfair

Check out what came in the mail today!!!

I just adore this package design and can't wait to see what's inside! Thank you @toomuchmonday for sending me a box! Look out for a review on my blog! (Whoops, so many exclamation marks..)

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I've gotten a lot of questions about these guys! Mainly when/if they'll be available.
Because there's been such a demand (and I've copped a lot of abuse over this so please if people could stop asking me now), these two will be available when I redraw them. .

For example: in November I'm making a bunch of super ladies, so a new Wonder Woman (+ the one pictured) will be available. I'm not sure when I'll make the rest of The Infernal Devices gang (I'll be making a Magnus, too 😉 how could I not?) But the old Jem will be available alongside the new designs. .
The same goes for other designs I've made.
i.e. when I make new ADSOM bookmarks (I'm not sure when), I'll release the old ones too (but the old ones will be available for only that month so my shop doesn't grow unmanageable) .

Basically: I won't be going back to my old art style. It was so time consuming and was just becoming too stressful, to the point of it becoming a chore. And the new one just feels so versatile; I enjoy it so much more. I hope you guys understand. 🌿

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