The first time I wrote about death, you looked at me funny. You had a look in your eyes, almost as if the cigarette bud I crushed with the heel of my torn sneakers were metaphors and the beer in my hand wasn’t just a rebel trapped in a 90s jazz song. You gave me your hand, hoping you could be just the therapy I needed.
You had always treated me like a poem, trying to read between the lines I never wrote.
I had taken your hand only because I had always dreamed of dancing in the rain with you, our silences synchronised to Iron & Wine. You thought you were kissing the girl from my stories, the one who romanticised darker and darkest. Your thumbs wiped away the raindrops on my cheeks that I’d wait for to reach my tongue so I could taste them.
You thought they were tears.
You’ve always been a fixer, the one with the missing piece of jigsaw. I don’t sleep at night because there are songs playing in my head, not because I think of ways to kill myself. I am just not broken enough for you, and you keep gluing back dead skin. I am what you see on the surface, just a sketch. But this sketch is still waiting for you on her porch, hoping you’d take her to dance under a starry beach, kiss her salty lips, just because you like the taste.

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... so get on with living today. In a few years, a few decades, whatever, we will be gone from here, disappeared for ever , wow ! 👻 .... best make the most of our short stay on this cool planet ...

It drives me crazy to see women knock other women down. The code should be to always have each others back. Rule #76 Don't tattle tale on your gender. I realize you shouldn't on anyone but I see it too often in the work place. Women trying to make other women look bad to climb the ladder. It's disgusting and is just proof of poor character. Lets please support one another. There isn't any reason not to. Please tag a woman you stand behind and let her know got her back.
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Grown-Up Man

I'm a grown-up man
I can make my own decisions
I can have a brilliant future
Right ahead of me

I have come this far
And I'm not going to give up my dreams
Without them I have nothing
I know I've conquered many things
But I need to get my freedom back

I love my life so much
But there is so much
To be learnt
I will fight for what I believe in

I'm a grown-up man
And all I want is to be accepted
For who I am
I deserve to be respected


You know who you are and if you're reading this, please know that I'll always regret that and I'll forever be sorry

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Tagged by my good friend, @bittarhymes, for a haiku (syllables 5,7,5) starting off with his last line "Rays of light in me." Join the fun and start your haiku with my last line, "Hopes to inspire." Enjoy! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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