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Härligt tryck i tuttarna efter ett pass med @martin_ingvarsson_xxl 💪

"Music sweeter than words confess, 
Or the minstrel's powers invent, 
Thrilled here once at the light caress 
Of the fairy hands that lent 
This excuse for the kiss I press 
On the dear old instrument."
model: @heloufitness

Probably my favorite progress picture to date. Here I was about 5 weeks out from Jr USAs doing a moderate carb minimal fat diet carb cycle and going hard on HIIT cardio. Eating 200-300g carbs daily was great but make no mistake I was pushing my body to its limit every day, and having carbs as my only energy source had my metabolism ripping and was hungry 24/7. But I was able to stay full and had energy to keep my training intensity high. Later on we went keto for a short period to strip down the last bit of fat and then transitioned to a carb cycle to finish out which worked very well. Goal for the next time I step on stage is to bring a denser, tighter version of this package. It starts in the offseason which is one thing I never took as seriously as I should've but that's what it's gonna take to break the barrier so here I am going hard when no ones watching. Stay tuned.

Pineapple Tart Pump

"the woods are lovely, dark and deep,
but i have promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep,
and miles to go before i sleep."
model: @kaung_kong

The face I give @anthony_scalza when we're about to go in on a heaping scoop of @teammusclesport bcaas. 60 serving tubs now available!! Grab yours today at www.musclesport.com and don't forget to use code: DOTTONE for a discount

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"In the sun that is young once only,
Time let me play and be
Golden in the mercy of his means"
model: @justinng156

初一 Late night session workout with babe

It's Friday so, you know 💪🏽

Coming back to blow this guy away. Time to get serious, today we start phase 1 of recomp and mass building. Never followed a legit off-season plan so I'm excited to see how this goes! #tbt

Who's ready for Valentines Day?! 😂

#Repost @johnnydanger_nz (@get_repost)
With valentines day coming up i had to maximize my hump day routine! Tag someone who needs work! 👻: dangerbeesknees #WSHH

It's crazy when I look back at old prep videos and wish I looked like that again, meanwhile in the moment all I was thinking was "I'm not lean enough." What a fucked up sport 😂

Ett snabbt pass med rygg och biceps.
Ibland så behöver man anpassa träningen till vardagen och försöka att får ut så mycket som möjligt.
Testa att tilllämpa olika metoder.

En som jag verkligen gillar att köra är giant set igenom ett helt pass när har ont om tid.

4 övningar på samma muskelgrupp efter varandra utan vila x 4.
Garanterar att kommer kännas dagen efter 😂💪

Glad to be a part of the best squad there is @nutrishop_boca

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