Come out tomorrow to learn more about why you should vote!
Can’t go home to vote? We’ll have information on absentee ballots ready for you!
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What an amazing experience getting to be the student speaker at the first Open House of the semester and talk to over 600 families ❤👍 #homesweetpo #igotopo #rcnjopenhouse

The Summer Internship-Open House scheduled for Friday, September 21st is an exciting chance for students to truly step foot into a contemporary, agile, and hi-level work environment. Our special agenda for the day is inclusive of a corporate campus tour, multi-level function presentations, along with plenty of time to network and have a great deal of specialized fun. This is absolutely an amazing way to connect with Unilever Leadership and potentially secure a Future Interview! #igotopo #rcnj

Starting at 1pm TODAY‼️Join us in meeting with numerous Accounting firms. Professional attire and an approved resume are recommended. Check handshake for more information! #HireARoadrunner #ramapocollege #igotopo

KPMG will be on campus to share information about the KPMG Business Support Services, which encompasses all internal organizations nationwide. These include opportunities in Communications, Marketing, Human Resources, Computer Science & Technology, in addition to Finance & Accounting on Wednesday, September 19 from 1-2 p.m. in SC-158. Find out what will make you a competitive candidate. There will be a formal presentation and plenty of time for questions. Feel free to bring your resume. Registration is open on Handshake at ramapo.joinhandshake.com
Questions: Visit the Career Center, C-209, call 201-684-7444 or email us at careercenter@ramapo.edu #ramapocollege #rcnj #igotopo

ELECTIONS BEGIN TODAY ‼️ Check your emails‼️#ramapocollege #wearercnj #rcnj #igotopo

Looking for an internship or career opportunity? Join us on Tuesday to meet with numerous Accounting firms. Professional attire and an approved resume are recommended. Check handshake for more information! #HireARoadrunner #ramapocollege #igotopo

Don't miss out on future Food Truck days this semester! It's worth the hike! #igotopo #rcnj

Have you heard!? If you haven't bought a ticket or looking to buy 1 more visit Roadrunner Central to join the waitlist!#ramapocollege #wearercnj #igotopo #rcnj

A little banana icecream break at the Birch Mansion with President Mercer!🍦🍌 #igotopo #rcnj

It goes by so fast! #TBT to Arching our newest Roadrunners on September 2. Courtesy of @ramapoits. #rcnjtransfers #RCNJ2022 #igotopo

Feeling stressed or need to relax? Join the Krame Center in their free weekly meditation session in ASB 420 at 5:30pm! #igotopo

Residents had a great time tonight @ RA Victoria’s Welcome Back Scavenger Hunt and won Chipotle gift cards! #igotopo #reslife #homesweetpo

Research Assistant Spotlight: “Currently, Professor Chung and I are working on our research paper to compare
We are researching which method best engages the CSR message on social media.
There are two methods being compared: paid media vs. earned media.
The paid media consists of companies spending their budget to put out their marketing messages to audience. (i.e advertisements)
The earned media consists of word of mouth by consumers.
Through our research, we want to find out which method can effectively deliver corporate social responsibility to consumers.” -Harry Shin “19, Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing #rcnj #igotopo

Life is a balance. As we move forward through this semester we should take moments to appreciate the little things around us. #igotopo

Tickets are still on sale today. We've extended the $10 price for one more day‼️ #wearercnj #rcnj #ramapocollege #igotopo

Tickets are still on sale today. We've extended the $10 price for one more day‼️ #wearercnj #rcnj #ramapocollege #igotopo

ASB t-shirts for sale at the Bookstore. #ramapocollege #igotopo

Say hello to the Honors Program Class of 2022! #rcnjhonors #igotopo #ramapocollege #rcnj

Today, I took a bus back to NYC after my last first day at Ramapo. I now live in Brooklyn, and still work for Starbucks, where I worked when I began college. If you flip to the second picture, you’ll see me in my first week at Ramapo, a week after I began to live my truth. I was trying to be brave, but to be honest, I was absolutely terrified of what my transition would look like, and if I could ever truly be happy.
I can honestly say that this week is the happiest that I have ever been. Being in New York City, surrounded by eight and a half million unique and diverse individuals, I know that I’m where I’m meant to be.
I’m out here following my dreams, but three years ago, I never in a million years thought that this would be possible. So if you ever find yourself scared to live your truth - and trust me, I know it is scary - you can rest assured that it is 1000000 times harder living as someone you aren’t, and committing to live authentically - if you are able - is one of the most uniquely powerful steps in finding happiness. I love you all.💕
Thank you so much to my wonderfully supportive friends, Ramapo College, and my family for helping me find my way through dark times to the sunny days today☀️ I could not have done it without you.
#GirlsLikeUs #IGoToPo

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