"Our lab, Palestroni Integrated Neuroscience lab, or PIN lab as we call it, is a very educational and interactive space. Professor Choudhury encourages everyone to find a subject of our liking and explore it. We share ideas and thoughts and we have managed to develop remarkable problem solving skills as a team. We are researching attention in the brain by looking at what is known as Event Related Potentials (ERPs). We can do this by using continuous EEG (electro encephalogram) which allows us to observe electrical activity in the brain. Once we record the brain activity we can analyze the data using our knowledge and prior literature to gain new knowledge. I’m glad that PIN lab has helped me grow not only as an aspiring scientist but as a whole person, and I am sure that it is the same with my peers.” - Can Ozger ’19 is a Biology-Psychology double major with a minor in Neuroscience. He is currently conducting research with Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Naseem Choudhury. In group photo, Can is seated, bottom row, second from left, and is pictured with fellow student researchers. #igotopo

“Working as a #finance intern at HighTower, Financial Principles LLC., has been a blessed opportunity that has brought me one step closer to my dream of becoming a financial planner. I learned how to use several wealth management platforms, handle client paperwork, and help with the day to day office tasks working alongside a dynamic team of professionals. I have been able to apply what I learned in my financial planning course and my risk and management and insurance course at #Ramapo to a real-world setting through this experience. Not only have I gained invaluable knowledge about the wealth management and investment industry, I have also learned to appreciate the caring and kind nature of my co-workers. Six months ago, I walked into a workplace but now they have become a family to me.” - Seint Sandy Aung ’19 is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance. #igotopo

Welcome newest Roadrunners! Here’s a picture of #homesweetpo to keep you cool on this hot and humid day! We are looking forward to working with you no matter what the weather is doing outside! #igotopo

Officially a roadrunner! #IGoToPo #Classof2020

Welcome to our newest Roadrunners!!! Here are a few of the peer consultants you will meet when you come to the Center for Reading and Writing! We are always happy to help. Who wouldn’t want to work with those smiling, happy faces? #igotopo

Welcome, Transfer Students! We look forward to meeting you at this week’s transfer orientations. #igotopo

Welcome to our students at Transfer Orientation today & tomorrow (6/27 and 6/28)! Look for the library table during your Coffee & Cookies break in the afternoon! Grab a free tote bag or water bottle while you learn about the library. 🍪📚 #igotopo

We are thrilled to begin welcoming our newest Roadrunners to campus for Orientations today! If you're here for First-Year Orientation, let us know by posting on social media with #RCNJ2022. If you are joining us for our upcoming Transfer Orientations, share your photos with #igotopo!

Hey, new #Roadrunners! The #ramahog and the #rcnjwritingcenter welcome you to #rcnj! We can’t wait to work with you during your time here! #RCNJ2022 #igotopo

The Orientation Leaders are here ....ready to welcome the Ramapo College class of 2022! #igotopo #rcnj2022 #rcnj #rcnjdeanofstudents

Every student who’s ever attended Ramapo College surprised me at my show tonight and I’m the happiest little accountant 🤓 #IGoToPo #IGoToTheAlgonquin

Thank you to everyone who participated In the PLinden food drive! #igotopo #ramapocollege #wearercnj

RA Yordy playing pool during the power outage. 🎱Stay safe everyone! #igotopo #rcnj

The Overlook Staff at the Residence Life Banquet! Keep up the good work! #reslife #rcnj #igotopo

Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology Minor: Criminology
"Spring is my favorite season, especially here at Ramapo. I am so excited that our campus has finally bloomed just in time for finals. It takes some of the stress away and replaces it with happiness and warmth." #Ramapo #iGoToPo #RCNJ

We hope everyone enjoyed the incredible weather today!! Grab some sunscreen because tomorrow is expected to be 83 degrees!! 🌞🌻😎 #wearercnj #igotopo

These past 4 years will definitely be ones to remember. I chose this quote because all the memories I've shared with the friends I've made here, was an adventure. I thank you all for those wonderful times & hope we cross paths again soon. Only 9 more days👩🏻‍🎓 #capsoffrcnj

leaving my home in 2 weeks, time goes by pretty fast.. #igotopo #rcnjmusicproduction #bischoffhall #rcnj

We are proud to announce that Disney Club won an award for Coloring for a Cause, which was held November 2017! This is our second year in a row winning best social event! Thanks to all the Ramapo students and Disney club members who came to our events, we couldn’t do this without you! #disneyclubrcnj #rcnj #homesweetpo #igotopo

You don’t want to miss our Ohana Luau! Plenty of ice cream, food, and prizes to go around!!! Cosponsored by Disney, Commuter Affairs, and Dumbledore’s Army #disneyclubrcnj #rcnj #homesweetpo #igotopo

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