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One year ago today Disney hosted its award winning After Dark, Be Our Guest Ball! We had so much fun at this formal and we can’t wait to plan this semester’s events! #disneyclubrcnj #rcnj #homesweetpo #igotopo

Every path has obstacles, but it's up to you to continue to smile and keep walking that path. 🏞 #rcnj #ramapocollege #igotopo #college

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Overlook Staff 💞💗 #igotopo #rcnj

Come down to the First Floor Lounge TONIGHT at 7 pm to decorate Valentine’s Day cards with RHC. Write a nice letter while munching on some chocolate 😁🍫💌 #igotopo #RCNJ #valentinesday

Major: Biology. “I’m going home tonight because my church is doing a charity dinner. It’s basically under the Tim Tebow Foundation, where we host a prom for those with special needs!” #Ramapo #RCNJ #iGoToPo

RA Deanna would like to thank everyone who came to Build Your Breakfast this morning! Your positive messages were very uplifting and are now on display on her door if you want a little message of encouragement!!! #RCNJ #igotopo 🍳🙌🏼💕

Need a morning pick-me-up? Thursday morning at 9 AM RA Deanna will be hosting Build Your Own Breakfast and notes of encouragement in the First Floor Lounge! Wether you’re going to class or still in your pajamas, come on down and start the day positively! #igotopo #RCNJ 🥐🍓🍳🥝 🤓

Thanks to everyone who came to Puppy Bowl! Another successful turnout!!! #disneyclubrcnj #rcnj #homesweetpo #igotopo

Join us for Puppy Bowl Today!!! #disneyclubrcnj #rcnj #homesweetpo #igotopo

Win one of these cute plushes at Disney Club’s Puppy Bowl on Sunday at 3 p.m in J. Lee’s! Plus there’ll be plenty of food to chow down! #disneyclubrcnj #rcnj #igotopo #homesweetpo

Major: Global Communications. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott" -Kevin F. #RamapoCollege #RCNJ #iGoToPo

Always having fun in the Overlook Office! Stop by for anything you need, or even if you just need a good laugh 😁 #igotopo #rcnj

Thank you to everyone who came out to our January programs! Can’t wait to see you February! 😊 #rcnj #igotopo

Major: Computer Science. “I’m looking for real adult jobs and grad positions, too. So, when I know what I’m doing...then I’ll be excited to graduate. Do you want my LinkedIn?” #Ramapo #RCNJ #iGoToPo

Our first meeting of the semester is TOMORROW! Who’s excited??! We are!
Come to B 121 from 1:15-2:00 for social work club’s meeting!
#ramapo #igotopo

With a photo bomb from Charles from the interfraternity council, we are here at the involvement fair! Come say hi and get a lollipop! #ramapo #igotopo

#throwbackthursday to the Hopping 20s After Dark based off of The Princess and The Frog!! We can’t wait for our Incredibles themed After Dark this March!! #disneyclubrcnj #rcnj #homesweetpo #igotopo

IMPORTANT INFO!! NON-REFUNDABLE housing deposits for Fall 2018 are due Thursday February 1st. If you are planning to participate in the housing selection process, this applies to you! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Student Accounts or follow the link above. 🏠📚📝 #igotopo

Thanks to everyone who came out to this week’s RA events! 😊🏓 Looking forward to seeing you at more events next week! #igotopo #rcnj #ramapocollege

Major: Environmental Studies. "My New Year's resolution was to be more conscious of single use plastic and it's going pretty well! I've cut out Ziploc and have been trying to be more aware when going to the grocery store. It's important because a lot of people don't realize how the small plastic things we use every day add up and we just have to be more conscious and aware!" #Ramapo #RCNJ #iGoToPo

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