Never in a million years did I think that 2018 was going to be one of the worst years of my life. But here I am struggling to stay above water. But at least I'm not sinking. I'm still treading water y'all. I believe in me and really that's all that matters to me these days. The struggle has been all the way cranked up these last several months. But I'm getting back on the saddle and keeping it pushing... #igotme💯 #igotthem #igotthis💪

Nothing left to say ... tomorrow a new day #staystrong #igotme💯 #dontneedanyone

👌🏻 #igotme💯

Did it on one leg 👌😂#igotme💯

I had to take a minute & put myself in check...it happens. I just get sooo apprehensive bout certain things, and then my head takes that shiiit to another fukn level & runs like hell with it. It’s not amusing. But as usual, my instincts were dead on point. And it may hv been a “minor” thang, but it just reinforced my already negative opinion on human beings in general. They just suk ass. Common sense is about as rare to find as a unicorn, ignorance is not bliss & stupidity is holding hands with lame af excuses. Go figure. Cuz fukkk that. I’m just gonna keep doing wtfh I’m doing, focus on getting what needs done & keep to my damn self. Will see who has the gall & big enough balls, to even attempt coming back up in my world, cuz ohhhh hell noooo, not gonna even happen. No fuks gvn. Can’t be trying to save face after turning that same face the other fukn direction, totally turning a blind eye and shiiit. Nope. U get what u gv, do unto others as they hv done unto u....the new motto & phrase I’m basing my world on. There’s no second anything, no benefit of the doubt, nope, nada, nil. And hint-if u even hv to try and recall there being anything questionable, don’t bother trying, cuz it’ll just be a waste of ur time, not mine. And ya-unless it’s adding something or beneficial to me in some way, it’s not gonna be in my world. My game. My rules. I make the call here. I hv zero to prove or explain to anyone bout anything, and a hell of a lot going for me to even be worried bout it. Cuz I can that’s why. (***bikini credit @sugarrosebikinis) #sorrynotsorry #mygamemyrules #likeitorleaveit #nofuksgvn #ifukkkbacktho #myworldmyway #nothingtoexplain #igotme💯 #ihvallineed #moneywhore #workaholic #25/8 #idgaf #seeuatthetopboo💋

Self love is so important. If you don’t, who will?? #igotme💯 #selflove

In an attempt to flip a shiiit day, I’m gonna focus on getting everything in order so I can blow this fukn popsicle stand ASAP cuz fukkk that. The hi light of my day was getting my custom bikinis from @sugarrosebikinis ....she’s the bestest, she sent me a surprise micro bikini as well as the one I wanted made. Omfgh...ty again gf. Yepppp that’s bout where I’m at with shiiit, just plugging away, doing wtf I need to do, to get where the fukkk I want to be & as far away here and all things past as possible. And I’m throwing myself into work shiiit, 25/8, no fuks gvn, zero fukn time for bullshiiit. And double zero time for people in general, unless they’re adding to my life in some way-preferably in a financially lucrative way. Going back to being a workaholic money whore again...and ya, 3 separate words rt there, don’t assume dik cuz ignorance is not bliss, so don’t be an assss. #igotme💯 #ifukkkbacktho #ignoranceisnotbliss #workaholic #moneywhores💸 #justdealwithit #facevalue #fukkkofff #selfmade #peoplejustsuk #seeuinhell🔥🔥🔥

So exhausted today...just can't wait to shower and relax😉 #singlelifeproblems #staystrong #stayfocused #igotme💯

She not perfect but she's damn close..........#igotme💯

Anyone that knows me well, knows the bs I’ve been dealing with recently & over the last few years...and the stressful, nightmare that it’s been. That said, I also found out that friends r few & far between, as several just seemed to fall off grid permanently. My life has always been a huge ball of chaos & rather difficult situations, which in turn has taught me how to be adaptable on the fly, and ultimately that I’m able to survive what would most likely drive the average person to suicide, or at minimal, a severe drinking problem, no joke. I’ve somehow managed to beat all odds, which are usually not in my favor, and pull thru unscathed, for the most part. I gotta chalk it all up to being a test of will, to prepare me for what it is I’m actually meant to be doing. I’ve stumbled. I’ve fallen & eaten shiiit. Several times. But if nothing else, I’ve picked my happy ass rt the fukkk up, and kept pushing forward, whether I wanted to or not. Well. It turns out that being a stubborn & persistent bitch actually does pay off in the end. I’m grateful for those that stuck by my side, even on my worst days, and I’m also grateful for every single lesson I learned, usually in the hardest of ways, but grateful nonetheless. Ya, I’ve become jaded, and rather harsh at times, but at least I’m real in the way of putting it out there so there’s nvr any question. It could very well be a flaw, but I’m full of flaws and I’m totally ok with that. I’m pleased with the end result of who I’ve become, and I’ll fight my ass off to keep the person I’ve become. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. I’m a complex riddle that is often misunderstood & always underestimated...take me at face value or not at all. No fuks gvn. I’m only going up from here on out & there’s nobody that can tell me differently nor stop me. The new & improved ME...my brand... #sassitude™️ #sassitude666.com #ifukkkbacktho #igotme💯 #meantforgreatness #biggerandbetterthings #myhellmyrules #seeuatthetopboo💋

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