I did it again y'all... I cried this morning like I cried when I squeezed myself into some size 12 jeans for the first time. 😩😭 Happy tears, of course, but doesn't mean I won't still have a headache tomorrow! Sorry I look terrible y'all, I didn't clean off my mascara & eyeliner from yesterday, plus I could use a shower... 😆😂

I was feelin "extra slim" when I woke up, so I used the bathroom (🙈🙊) and then weighed myself. I did NOT expect what I saw when I looked down at that scale!! 😱 Y'all. I was 183 last Friday and 181 on Sunday!! I NEVER lose weight this quickly or consistently!

I may not be in her Facebook group any more but I still have @ketoforbadassbabes to thank for making me realize what I was doing "wrong" for so long, and I believe that that info combined with me incorporating IF has really made all the difference... I will be forever grateful. 💕 I have to thank my wonderful and supportive hubby for always telling me his fries and other carb-y foods taste nasty 😆, and I also want to thank all of my friends on here who have been following my journey, providing me with motivation and support when I need it. Thank y'all SO much, I couldn't have gotten this far without y'all either. 💕 #happytears #almost100lbsdown #goaldigger #ignoremyuglycryingface ▫️
29 ▪️ 5'8"
⤵️ 95.4 lbs
HW: 275 lbs
CW: 179.6 lbs
⌚️Garmin: Nikki W S
🏃‍♀️MyFitnessPal: NikkisFitnessJourney
25 🔓 / 50 🔓 / 75 🔓 / 100 🔐 / 125 🔐
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Happy Anniversary babe! These were taken by surprise by a great friend of mine hired by my awesome sister! I truly cannot thank anyone who had a part of this enough #livingoutmyrelationshipgoals #ignoremyuglycryingface #thankgodforgreatfriends #shecapturedamoment

I always try to be there for all my babies. They MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. I try to make sure they're all happy and i remind them how much they mean to me every time I see them ❤ i wasn't expecting anything last night, I was excited and happy to see all the kids open up their gifts🎁 their smiles are all I wanted . My niece Natalie made me a very emotional card, I couldn't read the card without crying! My little girl bought me a cute little makeup brush set with her own money . What made me get emotional was the fact that she thought about me ❤ she knows what I like and she saved her money just to get me a gift❤ my girl has a heart of gold! Thank you Natalie for being so sweet and thoughtful. You are everything baby! I love you so much😚😘 #ignoremyuglycryingface

HERO Cross Country Senior Night...#teamyandell #ignoremyuglycryingface

Haven't posted a #tbt in so long... so I decided to dig through some photos from like over a couple years ago. I miss you tons bud😭😭 #2012 #throwback #missthis #ignoremyuglycryingface #imstillcrying #classof2012 #missthisguy #throwbackthursday

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