Talk about digging up old bones...I took this shot from the sands of Crissy Field on a warm summer day back in high school when I was just beginning to delve into photography. Since then, my skills and passion for being behind the camera have significantly increased. I recall this being one of the shots I was most proud of back then, as it was my first try at shooting a sun star. Capturing the sun right as it dips below the horizon is something I’ll never tire of. The lighting is always great and the experience of enjoying a sunset is even better!

Autunno 🍂 in montagna. Temperature decisamente miti per il periodo. Passeggiate, corse, voi che ad ogni cosa vi emozionate e mi riempite il cuore e gli occhi.
E io che vorrei fermare questi momenti.
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After my trip of a lifetime to Europe and Africa (and a short layover in Dubai), I will be posting a few pictures in Mexico🇲🇽, the country I visited before (temporarily) moving to Spain!

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