Mój długi weekend dziś się skończył i trzeba było wrócić do pracy, ale wiecie co jakoś się za nią stęskniłam♥️
Ta piekna bluzeczke możecie dostać z @butik_sparkle, mają tam świetne rzczeczy, a kolor tej bluzeczki mnie zachwycił ♥️
Miłego dnia kochani 😘
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Christmas seems to have a different meaning now that I have my own family and this year is going to be especially different. Yesterday my Aunty Rach lost her battle to cancer and although I really can’t understand why it had to be her, it has reminded me that family is the most important gift of all.
I hope and pray that this Christmas you hold your family* close. Take the time to remind them that you love them and spend some quality time with them. After all, you never know what the future holds. #ezrashevchenko

*by family I mean the people you consider family - family isn’t always blood related. 😁

Today was filled with drama.😖🙃😭 I work as a middle school counselor, so most days that's to be expected. As I listened to a few of my students complain about each other, I laughed on the inside. I remember what it was like to be so caught up with others that I lost myself. I desperately wanted to be liked. People tell me all the time that they don't know how I do it everyday, but I remember all of the feelings of uncertainty as a tween. I wanted to be confident, but I didn't know how to at that age.
So how do I do it?? Easy. I tell my kids what I would've wanted to know at that age. And I think about my own children. They are 4, 7 & 7 months old, but time is flying by. Helping my school children sort through their stuff is kind of like trial & error for my own children. It's sharpening my listening skills so I can be the mom they need.
If you could give your t(w)een self some advice, what would it be??

I can’t believe thanksgiving is next week! Does anyone else think November is just flying by?

These really are the #glorydays with this sweet boy, and I don’t want to be robbed of even a minute of them by anxiety. ⠀

People often use the terms worry and anxiety interchangeably, but they are very different psychological states. Worry creates mild emotional distress, anxiety can create SEVERE emotional distress. Worry tends to be in our heads, whereas anxiety is felt predominantly in our bodies. Worry is considered a normative psychological state while anxiety is not. If you feel like your “worry” is overcoming you...there are things you can do about it!

Today in my stories (and saved in the Highlight bubble marked ANXIETY), I share all of my top go-to’s (WITH SWIPE UP LINKS!) for calming the beast that we call anxiety. Please share below if you have other ideas to offer this community!

Only the best for our little fashionistas. 😍 Vista stroller is not only super stylish and elegant, but SO comfortable as well - it also offers great amount of safety and versatility to meet your family's needs at any time. 💕 Thank you for the cute photo, @subourbonwife 😊🎀
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Yep, This face sums up clearly my 90 minute flight with my #son #flyingwithatoddler #mummysboy #mumlife #mumofaboy #igmotherhood #igmother

Późne dzień dobry kochani ale od rana w biegu a teraz zabieram się za porządki w domu bo niebylo nas przez weekend więc troszkę się rzeczy nazbierało ❣️ Hania padła w sekundę, zakupy w Ikea ja zmęczyły więc mam troszkę czasu 🙈 A wam jak minął długi weekend?
Udanego dnia dla Was😘


It’s time to VOTE! Which is your favourite #mamaRoo fabric?
Let us know with emojis 👍😆😯❤️ ......
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Potentially my favourite photo of our trip 😖👀
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We have decorated our shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. I asked Natalia if she wanted to make a present for a girl or a boy and said a boy. So now we get to fill it with goodies that a little boy in need will enjoy 💛
Have you heard of Operation Christmas Child? Head over to my stories to find out more and how you can get involved! It’s the last week to participate.

As parents there are times when we are deliberately hoping to create memories, but so many of the best memories aren’t the carefully planned out “Instagram worthy” events. They are the everyday moments that too often we take for granted. I recently read somewhere that, somewhere between our childhood and adulthood, “at one point we all went outside to play with our group of friends for the last time and didn’t realize that it was the last time.” •
Those of us who lost someone we love know all too well that there is a memory that we reflect on that at the time was just about enjoying the moment without any knowledge that the moment would become a cherished memory. I am blessed to have so many of those memories of my late son. They have made me see how often take for granted that we will have these moments again. •
I just spent a wonderful weekend deliberately trying to create a memory for my eldest son and his fiancé by hosting a couple’s shower for them. It was a carefully planned, beautiful day full of love and laughter. However, I know that this weekend’s unplanned instances- the time I spent chatting with my sister while we set up, the pranks my boys played on me, the silly responses to the questions in the newlywed game, everyone coming back to our house after and sitting around talking and laughing, my daughter “reading” a story to everyone, her snuggling in my lap and falling asleep in my arms the next day after everyone left - those are the memories that we were just living, in the moment, not creating. I guess where I’m going with this ramble is to remind you to stop worrying about trying to force memories and just live them, savor them, be present in them, and have fun my loves! 😘

I know there is still lots of work to be done but I can finally see an end to this house build. We should have painted walls by the end of this week 👍👌😀.
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