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Straight roads don't make for skillful drivers.

Caught in a snowstorm ❄️

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Back in Washington now, this southwest trip has been a blast. Super excited to wrap up some projects then head off to Canada for April🤘🏻🇨🇦

I have a problem. After hanging out with my sister and Kaya the husky at the Golden Gate Bridge I feel like life can only go downhill from here. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

I always dreamt about traveling the world. And I'm ending up sharing my passion with all of you, part of the adventure. We are to this day more than 200.000 people here, and I wanted to thank each of you for the support, likes, comments, advice and kind words. It's an amazing journey, and I'm very glad to live it with you. #thankful #stylebysimoes 📸 @ahtlaqdmm

🌅Reflection Overload🌅
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"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

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Sunsets dreams are made of 💜
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Mowning vibe


Las experiencias no pasan dos veces igual.. .

Pagi manis~ (3/3)

Message in a bottle

May you be getting over this hump day as gracefully as Jen got over Brad. It's been a long (but great) week 💕

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