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Tuesday vibes #happytuesday 💚

Mit køkken
Go' onsdag til jer ♡

#BlueMood inspirace. Dziny jsou nesmrtelnou soucasti naseho satniku. Staro•nove trendy podzim/zima 17/18 #newseason #ElleGirl #ElleFashionGuide #IgInspiration

Three ice cream cone lattes to go please. 🙏 Tag two friends who you'll give this to!
📷: @steven_venton

I can remember walking into @wework last year. As I toured the space I was focused on their slogan “do what you love”. It spoke to my soul. It made me excited to know that I was embarking on a new journey where I would be doing what I love. Most importantly, I would be working in God’s purpose for my life. Then in October 2016, I posted on IG that I would work in We Work in 2017. I believed it and let it go. I added the “Do What You Love” sticker to my vision board and kept trekking. This morning as I was trying to figure out what to post I realized that I am doing what I love and I am in a We Work office, drinking coffee out of the cup with the slogan “do what you love”. I am doing what I love! All I can say is no one but God! .
#blessed #dowhatyoulove #alwaysdowhatyoulove #brandstrategist

So this is taking me a lot to post and I very nearly just deleted it all together😞
BUT I just wanted to show you all what real life weight loss looks like, look past the very dirty mirror and this is real life, no posing for pictures, when loosing so much weight we have a unrealistic picture in our head, add 2 children to that mix and my body will never ever look how I would like it to!
You could look at this and feel sick, all those stretch marks and horrible wobbly skin!
You know what some days I think like that but then I snap out of it and think NO I have worked my bum and boobs off literally to get to where I am! It's not easy at all and bad habits can creep in but just remember where you want to be!
I post a lot of pictures in my underwear which some may think is inappropriate but you know what I have a right to show off what I've achieved!
This is just a little post to everyone to remember you may not be where you want to be and you may have things that you see is wrong with your body but it's really not at all! You will smash this trust me if I can then you can!
May delete this in embarrassment but for now 💪🏼💪🏼
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Day 13 #WallAsanas | Yogis choice
Here's some doorway #handstand drills and a wee press flow I constantly return to. 🙄😬😎 Cat, Rebecca, Lexi.... thanks so much for an awesome, creative, fun, tough (at times) challenge. I love the gallery and getting to see insight into some new and familiar yogis' practices. We all start somewhere and Paul the wall is always there to lend support. I still depend on the wall for many poses (especially presses). You ladies rock! Thanks again! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻@catbradleyyoga @bowlingandyoga @stretchylexi and so do your sponsors @liforme @infinitystrap @kosusaofficial
#igyogachallenge #iginspiration


This isn't easy to post, but I feel you should know this... Recently, sadness slipped in where success used to live.

Loneliness and addiction took place of love and passion.

And depreson shadowed it all.

The past few weeks for me have been tough to say the least.
I fell down after life threw some serious curve balls and fell into a trap that most men settle for... when something isn't going well, hide it and do something else, because no one should see your weakness.
This lead me (and most men who do this) into a really dark, depressing, and unfulfilled space. I just felt empty no matter what happened. Chasing a non-existent finishline. Trapped. Like a fake.
Society has built this image of a man that is to work hard, be tough, win at all costs, be aggressive, don't be emotional... But what man truly lives up to that being authentic? And moreso, it's not even attractive if you think about it! Because I was trying to "prove myself" out of this hurt, I tried to size up to that standard and I pushed away the thing that needed work the most... and I distracted myself to ease the pain. Which just made things worse.

Could this be why men are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than women?
Or why most men I talk to are just "okay" and why women keep asking "where are all the real men?" I don't feel any man is "less than enough"... he is just wounded, hurt, and trapped.
To the men:

Heal the wounds of your past with forgiveness.
And forgive yourself for whatever you beat yourself up about. You did the best you could with what you knew at the time. You know better now. The only way to level up and group out of this is forgiveness. Heal the boy, and the man will appear. We are counting on you.

To the women:
Support him and shine light and love on the core of who he is. Don't accept his masks, hold him to a standard. And don't try to change him. Men want freedom more than anything in the world and while good intended, men will start to dispise you if you try to change us. Feed the good. Remind him of his strengths,  and he will show up for you in ways you never thought possible. 💯💯POST CONTINUED IN COMMENTS💯💯

A "WTF was I thinking" finisher...😥😥😥

Incline Iron Cross to Incline Chest Fly

Dual Adjustable Pulley 60° Incline Chest Flys: ×4 sets

Single Arm Barbell Curls puts a lot of added emphasis on grip strength. Objective is to keep the bar level through the curling motion. As you can see in the video, my left arm curl is tilted which indicates that I need to more work on grip strength on the left side.

Single Arm Barbell Bicep Curls: ×4 sets per arm

Adjustable Pulley V-Grip Curls: ×4 sets

Biceps screaming "BLOODY MURDER"

Adjustable Pulley Cambered Bar Bicep Curls: ×4 sets

Icarian Unilateral Landmine Chest Press: ×5 sets per arm

Underhand Life Fitness Chest Press: ×5 sets

Promaxima Bent-over Crossbody Bicep Curls: ×4 sets per arm *use a standing leg curl machine. Make sure your elbow is aligned with the axis of rotation.

Promaxima Incline Chest Flys: ×5 sets

"Be Here Now".
That's all we have to do.

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