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And some man live his life. For profits alone. That very same man. He lives his life all alone. And the road to life. Yes it goes up and down. Doesn't really matter. As long as the music goes on. Hey mister collie man. Why don't you come round no more? Hey mister collie collie man. Don't you hear me troubled call? Hey mister collie man. Look i didn't come to disturb. You best not be come 'round here. Unless you've got me sensi herb. I never needed any. Reason for me to say. Through all them troubled times. Yes me love you any way. And the roughest path. You know the rocky rocky road. You know that life and love is a heavy heavy load.

Long time no see

trail sample 09
Sesimbra, trilho do Castelo
video series: #60secondsoftrails

You never let it go, you never let it go. I said you take from me, what you need, it all exists in reality. You never let it go...

And you always took me with a smile. When I was down. Memories of everything. That blew through.

Looking up into. What an undertow, give it up. Another stubborn Scorpio. Come on, let's go to the moon. She gave another good review. Turn around and look at me. It's really, really you.

I've got myself in a masochistic hold. Why don't you let go, shake it off but. Just to redirect my flow. Come on let's go.

Sit up straight, I'm on a double date. I've got to find my way. Into the light, heavy, middle weight. We don't stop for rock around the clock. Motor mouthing off in front of every other road block.

Memories of everything. On lemon trees on Mercury and come to me with remedies. From five or six of seven seas.

The choice is yours and the choice and mine. You can't please everybody all of the time. Get up and pray things will be just fine. But might not know till the end of the line. Happiness is only a state of mind. Open your eyes and in time you will find. Open your heart and let your love light shine..

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