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My glutes are still cramping from last night🍑
My wireless headphones died 15 minutes into my workout, but hubby came to the rescue with backups for me😇

Too many over analyze rather than focusing on the good that someone brings to the table and those are usually the same people who don’t have the opportunity to REALLY get to know you.... So if you’re going to judge and look for flaws just remember to be PERFECT the rest of your life bc I know damn well I hold myself accountable for my own faults and don’t need reassurance from closed minded individuals!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Tomorrow, I turn 25. Not gonna lie, 15 year old me would be disappointed in where I'm at right now. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but I was a rather ambitious kid. I had no idea what real life challenges were going to come our way over the next decade. I had no idea what entrepreneurship would really hold for us. I had no idea who I would end up becoming as a person. I had no idea that I would have this incredible girl by my side the whole way. Honestly, regardless of what 15 year old me had hopes of, I have no regrets, no hangups, just pure appreciation for every experience that has come our way and every person who has come along for even a piece of the ride. I can't wait to see what's coming next. 😊🙏⚒ •

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Deep inside of me there is a ROARING FIRE that is NOT COOLED by COMFORT or TAMED by FEAR JUST a FIRE BURNING now in ALL FACETS OF LIFE!!! Time to make a run finally in 2018!!! #fit #fitfam #igfit #swolemates #npc #ifbb #gains #gainz #bodybuilding #physique #igfitcouples #zyzz #beast #beastmode #gym #gymselfie #nutritionist #motivation #legday #mealprep #diet #diethelp #lift #doyoueven #trainer #classicphysique #fitness #squat #mealprep #nutrition

Just one more sleep 😫

DB step-ups w/ Kickbacks

Want a leg defining and glute building exercise? These are a must try!! Make sure to place the whole foot on the bench and drive through your heels on the step-ups. When doing the kick back squeeze your core for balance and squeeze the glute at the top!!

I was able to film errythang today for the first time in forever🙃
Everything hurts & I still have 1 more workout tomorrow before a rest day so I’m thinking I need a bubble bath, wine, & Girl Scout cookies tonight since hubby is making me dinner #spoilt🍷🛁

Happy President’s Day

#BlackPanther was so 🔥🔥🔥 thanks to @bgccan and the amazing chaperones for allowing me to take them to the movies tonight. Definitely a must see everyone!!

Were celebrating Valentine’s Day late with a leg workout and our favorite pose...🤩 #LoveThisGuy #HeNeverHasAnOffseason #HeLovesHisAbs #MineAreHibernating #DontAskWhyMyToungueIsOut

One more week of bulking for @cmule28 then it's cutting time! #igfitcouples #coupleswhotraintogether

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