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A bit less tan, a bit more butt and a bit more weight ✌🏼. These 3 things could be the nightmare of so many girls but I'm definitely fine with them 🤙🏼.

First pic is 8 Augustus 2016, second pic is now. I have clearly been on a booty mission since then, haven't done any cardio in that period of time, have eaten my weight in clean food (but also indulged on burgers 🤗), have challenged myself in the weight room, lifted heavy and basically lived my life happily without going all nuts but also without being restrictive. This shows that without being too harsh with yourself, you can still reach your goals, at least if they include building a booty or getting more curves. 🍑

We often make things appear more difficult than what they are 🤗. But trust me if you go to the gym consistently, do the right exercices, eat enough food and challenge yourself, you'll get there. You don't need to give up on social life nor beat yourself up when you eat ice cream. I'm the one who hated sport at school, never ran, played video games all day long and had brownies every day if it can give you an idea 🎮🍪🍩 so if I did it, so can you 🙌🏼.

Don't trick your self into believing that you'll be happy once the next 5 lbs are gone or you'll be happy once you get all tanned up and throw on a skimpy bikini. Cause it's not true. Happiness is in the journey and loving yourself every step of the way. I love fitness and the impact it has had on my life. I believe in setting goals and chasing your dreams. However, I also believe that the most important thing, is to love yourself, respect yourself, and treat your body like the temple that it is. I have found a love and respect for all body types, including my own. Even though it's not perfect, I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. You are so beautiful. Don't let you or the world tell you otherwise.
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amazing transformation! Tag a friend who needs to see this! 👊 📷@judiehuerta

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Soviel zur guten Genetik! Für die unter euch, die mein "Vorleben" noch nicht kennen... 😉
Früher hieß es ich habe nunmal eine "schlechte" Genetik, inzwischen sagen die Leute ich sei bloß "genetisch gesegnet"... Man ist nicht was einem "passiert" - man wird zu dem was man aus sich macht!

Ich war ein molliges Kind, hab mit 12-13 begonnen mich auszuhungern - ein Diätprogramm nach dem anderen durchzuprobieren, stundenlang Cardio und Gymnastik/ Übungen mit eigenem Körpergewicht zu machen. Der Jojo-Effekt wurde zu einem sehr guten Bekannten und mit 13 begannen die ersten Gelenksbeschwerden (Knie und Hüfte). Ich begann "wegzusehen", spiegelnde Oberflächen zu vermeiden und mich unter weiter Kleidung zu verstecken... "Nichts half!" .
Oft bringt der stärkste Wille nichts, wenn man nicht weiß wo und WIE man anfangen soll.  Viele ruinieren sich bloß ihren Stoffwechsel und der Körper lernt nur effizienter zu arbeiten und "runterzuschrauben". Man muss lernen DAUERHAFT einen Weg zu finden. Ich geh trotzdem jede Woche mindestens einmal in ein Restaurant (fast immer all you can eat Mongolian BBQ 😋)! Dafür bin ich die restliche Woche "on track" ☺. .

Ich tracke meine Ernährung, meine persönlichen Fortschritte im Gym und mein Coach @myogenia misst wöchentlich meinen Körperfettanteil mit professionellen Harpenden-Caliper. Auf diese Weise haben wir immer alles im Blick, können gemeinsam Pläne entsprechend persönlicher Fortschritte adaptieren sowie bewusst und zielgerichtet reagieren. .

Es ist HARTE ARBEIT, man muss Opfer eingehen - ABER ES IST MÖGLICH! 😃💪 Wenn du Lifestyle und Trainingsberatung brauchst, mein Freund, Partner sowie eigener Coach Moritz @myogenia und ich coachen dich gerne ☺ Bei Interesse 👉📩 muscle.intelligence@gmx.at .
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Goal Arms 👌🏽

🚨 Winning takes a team 🔥
Great interview by @therealcabbie with @subbanator. Always remember that winning takes a team effort 👍. Work on your individual skills, but use them for the best interest of the team. Nashville is a great example 👌 #SkateWithPower
Follow @skatewithpower for drills and exercises, tested by the pros! ----------------------------------------------------

Stayin' a comfortable lean for Cali in a month.
Always stay workin' on the 🍑 thooo' ☺️
Always stay focused on your own personal goals, and let the naysayers stay focused on you 😉
People who spends more time keeping track on what you're doing and that tries to impersonate everything you do to a tee will always stay off their track ✊🏼 take it as a compliment.
If you don't have haters then you probably aren't doing something right, righttt? 😂✊🏼😘


Lost 3 1/2 inches in 1 month of being on this Herbalife journey! I can't believe it! It's been amazing and I've felt amazing through the lifestyle change in my daily nutrition habits and staying active. It's so important to feel good! Yes, looking good is what we all want, but to have energy and focus on a day to day basis is so life altering you can't help but get things done and do things you were "too tired" to do before. I encourage anyone that it trying to lose, gain, or get the results they want to keep going and staying healthy doing it!

50 days to go until @rwlc17 and I've spent a lot of time recently reflecting on how far I've come over the past 4 years... one of the biggest transitions I have made has been coming from the 'skinny' girl to an athlete who can hold her own on the pitch 💪🏻It hasn't always been easy seeing my body change so much but I couldn't be prouder of how much it has positively impacted my lacrosse - still improvements to make, but a hell of a lot closer to where I want to be! Huge thanks to @wildy_jj & @platformnutrition for supporting me all the way through training and nutrition! 😊🙌🏼 #proud #athlete #transformationTuesday #teamengland

My 🌞 Girl Everyday❤

@Regrann from @tattooed_fitgirl - Excite to be featured as today's Sunshine girl in the Toronto Sun. Make sure to grab a copy today !!!! Also check out the online gallery for additional pics. Thank u again @jackbphoto21 for the beyond amazing photos and being such an awesome person.
@team.starr *

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Lou 🌸
Choose to be happy ☀️
Ma journée n'a pas bien commencé, manque de sommeil, insomnie, exams.
J'ai CHOISI qu'aujourd'hui serait un jour agréable. Et que rien ne bouleverserai ma journée. Et vous savez quoi? Et bien j'ai passé une belle journée.
J'espère que vous aussi vous avez passé une jolie journée. Et si ce n'est pas le cas, j'espère que demain sera meilleur ✨.
Poutoux mes petits loups 🐺
📸 : @benoit__tourrier

In a world full of hate, I still have a good heart. 💕 #love

"If you're feeling frightened about what comes next, don't be. Embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you places. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and mind as you create your own path toward happiness; don't waste time with regret. Enjoy the present, each moment, as it comes, because you will never get another one quite like it. And if you should ever look up and find yourself lost, simply take a breath and start over. Retrace your steps and go back to the purest place in your heart...where your hope lives. You'll find your way again."-Everwood 💙#fitfam #bodybuiding #army #girlswholift #fitness #npc #ifbb #bikini #figure #competitor #healthy #happy #lifestyle #igfit #workout #gym #confidence #beautiful #strength #military #weightloss #prep #mylife #bethebestyou #stayhungry #athlete

#ladies... #yourewelcome 😘 @wycked_dane looking stellar last Saturday at #pacificcoastchampionships. Of course he took home a #1stplace #trophy!! Duh lol watch for him this next weekend at @cascadianclassic in bend where we hope to follow suit and bring and even better, harder, tighter #physique to #stage!! #workforit #workhard #swag #guyswithstyle #health #mensphysique #menshealth #igfit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #motivated

so excited to start using Night Ops again!! 😴 thanks @ballisticlabs for the freebie, perfect timing with prep just starting 💪🏽 If you haven't already tried Night Ops, you 110% should! Not only does it help you sleep, it helps boost your metabolism and curve cravings 🙌🏽 #nightops #ballisticlabs

Giving some kickboxing 🙃

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