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The Old Town - is it really so old?
Wanna find out? Interested in understanding of what You see in Warsaw? Reach out and arrange You very own Tour!

What is a better way to enjoy the last days of warmth in the city - a visit in Your favourite Park - The Royal Łazienki of course. See you around ❗️☀️

The Palace of Culture and Science - a multipurpose structure in the heart of Warsaw. Do You know that it was a gift?
Learn about its interesting background on of Our tours:
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Taki widok z @thenest_pl 🖤 Warszawa nie przestaje mnie zadziwiać.. Pięknego dnia Kochani! #warsaw #architecture #igerswarsaw #urban #photography #warsawcity #vscowarsaw #city #ilove #mycity #theview

Kopiec Powstania Warszawskiego.
The Mound of Warsaw Rising ➖Created out of rubbles gathered during the times of the reconstruction. Mud, sand, dust and blood of soldiers and civilians involved in this action. Everlasting gurdian of The memory of Warsaw Uprising 1944.

The coat of arms of the last polish king - Stanisław August Poniatowski. The stone tablet that our guide is presenting commemorates the very first Union in Europe. Do you know wchich one it was?🙃

Mistakes in urban planning. Does Warsaw have any?
Of course! Just like all larger cities Warsaw has its own mistakes. Like the location of The Metropolitan Office Building that fully covers The National Opera House. Instead of a perspective including a historical structure made by the design of Antonio Corazzi - The Royal Architect, today we see the office building containing The HQ of BNP Paribas and Dior’s Hairdresser.. And what is your opinion regarding this matter ❓🤔

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