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Just walking around...

Não é sobre tudo que o seu dinheiro
É capaz de comprar
E sim sobre cada momento
Sorriso a se compartilhar ph @rcarrelo #bwanderlust

"Pareidolia" | Being silent in the dark silent landscapes of Alentejo, right by the border with Spain, surrounded by all kinds of unidentifiable and ever growing animal sounds, everything becomes so much larger than us. As soon as the eyes adapt to such intense darkness, a surreal dome of stars fills the sky, and the elusive Milky Way progressively appears near the horizon, slowly rotating as the night advances. .
Even though the cold is slowly becoming too intense, winning the battle against the mupltiple layers of clothing, there's a purpose in the persistence of the visit: to unveil what lies beneath the dark, and enter a world where elephants drink on top of bridges, stars become near confident neighboors, and light expands through every corner of our Universe. .
Location: Elvas - Ajuda Bridge, Portugal
Technical info:
Sony a7R + Venus Laowa 12mm f2.8
Aperture: f2.8
Exposure: 30 seconds
ISO: 2000
Foreground light painting with Black Diamond headlamp
Focus: Manual
Tripod: FLM CP30-XL Pro + CB38-FTR Ballhead
Nisi Night filter
Wireless remote shutter
Terrascape filter bag

9 beers for me please! #asuspt #zenfonezoom #captaomomento





Pantográfica /|\/|\/|\
( brincando com a porta do antigo Cine Pathé)




Lumina 2016 |19| Magic Garden

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