went to @gustookc for brunch celebrating Father’s Day! hadn’t been since #thepizzafiles🍕 and I thought everything was great, including this awesome calamari starter and my eggs benny. 🍳 my dad wanted pizza and made sure to say he lived in Naples so he could be the true judge. i think he liked it?? dad, make sure to comment and tell me if you did or not. 🍕🧡. getting ready for a healthy and productive week. @miwiest is taking me to dinner on friday for our ONE YEAR anniversary and won’t tell me where 🤔😰. any guesses??
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🎶People are strange, when you're a stranger🎶 (The Doors- People Are Strange)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you #baconomics Superb #hiphop right here in #okc. And that Wesley (with the hat) tore it up at #artofrapokc last week. I've been going there almost 3 years now and that was one of the top 3 shows. Do yourselves a favor and don't miss Heart Of Hip Hop this Thursday.
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Peony Explosion :)


What do you think??!

Thankfully, I have had quite a few portrait sessions in the past couple of weeks, a few gems of which I have featured on my Instagram story. At present, I am inundated with editing images for clients, but I thought I might share a recent image I provided to a client who also happens to be a wonderful friend of mine. Brittany never ceases to impress me, and I hope my work impressed her in some small way. Those who know me well understand that I do not like sharing much of my personal life on social media or the Internet in general, but I do, nevertheless, wish all fathers everywhere a wonderful Father's Day, and I give special honor to fathers who have taken it upon themselves to be fathers in the lives of children such as I once was who did not have one in their lives. I look forward to soon sharing some of my best work with you here! This image was captured with my @canonusa / @canonaustralia #1DX and my EF 135mm f/2 L USM lens at 1/125th of a second, f/2.2, and ISO 125.

Having a chronic illness is a bit like walking around with a reason to keep from trusting God. It’s a bit like having this constant enemy within you whispering, “I’m here and I’m never going away, no matter what you ever do.” There are good days and there are bad days, but on the bad days, it’s far too easy to think, “God, why me? Why this kind of fight? Why this kind of illness or pain?” It’s a bit like having one of those things atheists constantly try to refer to when trying to disprove God. A constant, “Well if God is real, or if God is good and loving, then why are you chronically ill? Why would He let that happen to you?”
But what God’s begun to speak into my not quite proper heart lately is the beautiful truth that our battles are not strictly for us. Yes, our battles will shape us into who we are meant to be for Him. But the fact of the matter is that our battles are placed in our lives so that God can work through them. He might use your illness to bring others to Him. He might use your fight to teach even the most steadfast of Christians something knew about Him. The simple truth, however, is that He is going to use your battle for the good of His kingdom.
You might be sitting here like me, living with an illness, chronic or not, that mankind can never heal. But I’m here to tell you today that God is going to take your story, illness and all, and turn it into a beautiful testimony. Your pain and suffering is not because you did anything wrong. It’s not because God doesn’t love you. It’s not to harm you or destroy you. It’s to make you stronger; it’s to display God’s work in your life so that others can come to know Christ. It’s to help those around you as your story inspires and moves others. You may never get healing here on Earth, but God’s planning on using your story for the good of His kingdom, and I think that’s the truly beautiful part of it all.

Some Sundays are fundays, some Sundays are work days. Either way, there should be lots and lots of coffee.
Wishing I was having another giant cup at @thejonesokc with @victoriadavis4. But an entire pot of @mountainbirdcoffeeco at home should do the trick ☕️ ☕️☕️

today would be nothing without them.. #luckiestdadever

What up I made bbq portabello sandwiches last night with red bell & carrot slaw and fresh lettuce, onion, & radish (oh ya and vegenaise & mustard ayoo). Also, homemade baked beans that needed to be cooked a lil longer but tbh you can’t really go wrong with beans imo. And these FRIES y’all gawwwd (recipe for fries at the end of caption). Oh & I also made corn which was the star of the dish, obviously. You can’t beat corn cob #whatveganseat #vegan #vegetarian #portabello #sandwich #burger #bakedbeans #bbq #barbecue #corn #fries #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #foodporn #veganfoodporn #vegansofig #igersok #igersokc #vegansofokc #oklahoma #oklahomacity #okc #plantlaced — ok so for fries: preheat oven to 475 F, parboil cut potatoes in some water w/ some baking soda- trust, it makes them crispier- toss in turmeric, chili powder- or just whatever spices you like best. SAVE SALT & PEP FOR AFTER BAKING- the potatoes will look a little fall apart-y, but that means they’ll be real crisp. Put fries on a baking sheet w/ no oil or aluminum foil or anything! Bake for about 20-25 mins, flipping halfway & taking them out when they’re all crispy & golden & delicious. I got this recipe from one of my FAVORITE IGers, @the.korean.vegan PLEASE go check her out- she’s a hero xoxo

Ladies Who Lunch: definitely deserve a cake fit for a royal! 👑👑👑
🎂Cake inspired by @violetcakeslondon
❤ {Tap} for Amazing Vendor Team

I let my crepe myrtle overgrow this year. It seems closer to who I really am. I want to smash the mirror, devour the interior. Every trace of wallpaper will be covered in time. I’ll leave when it makes sense, but I’m waiting for the divine. Humble approaches to walking away. I can already see the ankle re-shatter. Wait for me when summer ends. I’ll be the one under the water. Cover my mouth, restrain my breaths. Let me die amongst the flowers. #sometimesweusewords #poetsofig #poetry #journaling #prose #summer #crepemyrtle #blooms #igersokc #becoming #poems #wordvomit

Polish off some kimchi fries with Dad tomorrow! #fathersday 📸: @theokcfoodeater

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