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Jesus is simply not intimidated by confrontation and conflict. He is not moved or motivated by unfair critique or misplaced abuse. It’s impossible to force Jesus to capitulate on the truth—he cannot be pressured into compromising his integrity. ~Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus
Matthew 5:10-12
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The Peñafrancia Shrine interior. #church #Igersnaga #sonyxaultra #sonyphotogallery

Carbonara ala hardwork

#foodporn #foodstagram #igersnaga #pasta

When puberty forgets about the height of your friend 😭😭 #vsco #vscocam #igersnaga #igersphilippines #igersbicol


Tired and Beefy and Oily
Beef stroganoff
Beef Goulash in mashed potato

#igersnaga #culinaryarts #foodstagram #foodporn

• start of something better. 🌿

• there are things we do too much, there are things we do less. wala lng. sabi ko lng. 😂 🌾

• Khaleeskis of the great grass sea and mother of Tilapias sitting on her throne. 😂 🐟

• she ate donut then wore a smile like a loaded gun. 😂🍩

Team work makes dream work.
#volleyball #dreamteam #igersnaga #nagacity

• a great life, great sleep, great kids, great fiancé.
I am beyond blessed. 💫

• Swaziland, I missed you. 😥

• tntry ko ung parang pang miss U na upuan ih. LOL

• I can't afford the luxury of anger. Anger can make me vulnerable. 🌴

kemerot! 😂

• hemberdeyan mi loves. 😂😍

• i need beach breeze. 😂🌊🌸


• that uban tho. 😂
braid © @rhinoasnzn

• if only our eyes see souls instead of bodies, how different would our ideals of beauty be. 👒🌊☀️💙

• tanlines. 😂 #perkychiyay

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