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It Uni took me one meal in Tokyo 🇯🇵 to try all the sea urchin. The first 3 are considered "white" with a salty / creamy taste and come from Hokkaido. The last two are "red" with a nuttier flavor that I preferred. Grab them both at Sushi Itadori Bekkan in the Tsukiji Outer Market along with an awesome selection of fresh sushi from the market 🐟 --
🇯🇵 Tasting of 5 Sea Urchin
💰 ~ $50 USD 📍 Sushi Itadori Bekkan in the Tsukiji Outer Market
🌇 Chuo, Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵


Oh deer! When it comes to Nara prefecture, what else could I introduce other than the area’s lovable critters! While they are quite famous internationally, did you know that they are also considered to be divine messengers? Legend holds that when Nara became the capital in 710, the mighty lightning god of Ibaraki prefecture’s Kashima Shrine was beseeched for aid. Heeding the call, the deity left the shrine and rode to Nara on the back of a great white deer. Ever since then, the deity has provided protection to the area and its deer have been considered sacred in his reverence. 📷 Photo Credit: Sean Pavone

. . .

おはようさま ( ˊ࿁ˋ ) ᐝ 。 . .

あー ほんかくてきに 眠たい病( ˊ࿁ˋ ) ᐝ … 。


むむむぅー ですが
だって今日は はなきーん‹‹\(´ω` )/››

Freshly open, freshly branded, and freshly Japanese is the new casual place in town, Ichikame Shokudo (@ichikameshokudo). Chill enough to spend an afternoon with a comfortable bowl of curry, while funky enough to serve up nitrogen ice cream in collaboration with the inventors over at 77k Freeze (@77kfreeze). The restaurant has been open for a week and is testing out ways to connect more with local communities and crowds, so any ideas here or on their account are appreciated!
But the heart and soul of this cafeteria-style cuisine is in the gyoza!  A deeply rooted trigger for deliciousness, these classic dumplings are done best when crafted in-house.  Of all foods, gyozas are emblazoned on the logo of this restaurant because they stand behind their work – especially their Hot Plate Prawn and Cheese Gyoza.  Seeing a pan-fried crisp layered with cheese looks a lot like double happiness.  From hearing the crackling of the oils in a dance to smelling the melting cheese, the anticipation fuels itself even before the first bite.  As the initial impressions sizzle, one chopstick leads to another and the first piece comes around.  The ratio of cheese to wrapping to filling to onions is in perfect balance so nothing is overpowering, while the flavors meld in sequence.  The prawn at the end adds a nice gesture.
Glad to see Asian presence starting out in the Victoria Dr. area!  There’s a lot to look forward to as the full concept develops in the near future!


この日の雲海︎︎☁︎︎⛰☁︎︎は空の色合いと、グラデーションが最高でしたぁ🌝✨ ・

location︰kumamoto Japan
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From traditional shrine to big city living... 🏮🏢

Beautiful Buddha at Tennoji temple. A very peaceful moment in Taito ku, north east of Tokyo.

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Reflecting the modern building in the traditional Japanese pond in the garden of Hotel New Otani. It was a garden for one of the samurai clan called Ii (井伊). #tokyo #japan #ilovejapan #ilovetokyo #japanstyle #igersjp #igerstokyo #igersjapan

Tokyo Tower

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