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✖️Santorini is one of the destinations that I can not wait to visit again. This Greek island 🇬🇷 is a very particular one, with its crescent shape, with that big bay and its islets 🏝️. It's very easy to travel and has some beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, museums, cities with their beautiful white houses with blue roofs. There are hundreds of things you can see on this dream island during your holidays.

I visited its capital, Fira, which is located on the edge of a cliff, at an altitude of 260 meters, so it offers spectacular views of the sea, as well as the 🌋 submerged volcano and, of course, impressive 🌅 sunsets. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👩‍🏫‼Another activity that is within the typical tourist circuit and that is not liked by all (among which I am), is to reach Fira by donkey or mule 🐴, climbing the numerous steps 📶 that there are from the port. Others prefer to reach the capital simply by foot and enjoy views that do not leave indifferent 🎑. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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I think about the journey. The legend says that the ship was smuggling contraband such as cigarettes, wine and women. 🏴The ship was abandoned and still rests buried in the limestone gravel. ⚓️

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