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Just got home after spending the last 5 weeks or so on the road. Gotta say, it feels nice to be back in Canada! Here's a picture of me carefully carrying all of my camera gear from the beach back to the car in my @away bag. Can't wait to show you guys the South Africa video tomorrow! 🙏🏻

A well-earned sun hour after a run up Cape Town's Table Mountain 🇿🇦🌞

It's your ability to rise above it that gives you the chance to gain perspective ✨
This is such an epic pic from @naudewashere. Thanks so much!

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Good morning Cape Town 🙌 You're in for a beautiful and cloudy 17 degrees high today. Enjoy!
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Table Mountain National Park
Cape Town
South Africa .
Shot with my @djiglobal #mymavic ·
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Carparks with million dollar views 💰

And just like that it's done! A big thank you to all our visitors who supported us & to all our #KAMERSmakers for all their hard work. We had a great time! 😃🍾🙌 #KAMERS2017 photo: @threadsthatbindus

Fri-nally! The weekend is here. Where will Cape Town's scenic routes be taking you?
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Ideas don't have a date.
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| Summer memories

The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what's in between, and they took great pleasure in doing just that.

Strandabende am anderen Ende ihres Meeres,
letzte Sonnenstrahlen, durch Baumwipfeln als Lichtpunkte auf der Haut tanzend,
Ozeanwinde, die den dünnen Träger rutschen lassen,
ein schmaler Streifen heller Haut,
Eine Landebahn für vergessene Sonnenstrahlenflugzeuge auf nackter Sommerblässe.
An einem Sommerabend.

Ein Spaziergang später, den Gewitterwolken entfliehend,
Offene Schlafzimmerfenstern.
Ein Vorhang der sich bewegt,
der Wind, der ihn leise auf und ab senken lässt.

Wie der Brustkorb des schlafenden Menschen neben ihr,
sein Atem – kaum hörbar,
so laut ist das Windrauschen.

Ein nächtliches Meereswindrauschen in hohen Baumkronen,
hat er gesagt.
Als würden sich Himmel und Meer,
die Wellen und der Wind berühren,
ergänzt sie seine Worte.

Und fast hörbar ihr Schmunzeln, ganz für sich,
und in der Ferne das Donnergrollen -
der Moment wenn sich Himmel und Meer berühren.
An Abschiedsabenden am anderen Ende ihres Meeres.

Und Abende später.
Bleiben Erinnerungen.
An Ozeanwinde.

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My sissy and I spent the afternoon with @amirahs_mua and the rest of the @maccosmetics crew at #CavindishSquare for a techniques class today. I left with a bag full of makeup, and once home, was inspired to try my hand at simplifying my everyday look using the stuff I'd bought.
That is what you're looking at here... 1. Tinted moisturiser (my own NC45 MacGyver mix)
2. Stick concealer no.5 on dark marks
3. Eyeshadow in 'Mystery' to fill my brows
4. (@nyxcosmetics_sa) brow gel
5. Powder blush in 'Devil' (how amazing?!)
6. False Lashes Maximizer
7. Upward Lash Mascara

I didn't need to curl my lashes because the price of the lipstick I got made them curl of their own accord. For your R370, Pro Longwear Lipstick promises 'intense, true colour and shine that stays put AND feels soft, wearing comfortably for hours'. This is the darkest shade, #singleminded. I think it warrants a full review and day-long test before I can commit to an opinion on it.
Did you remember to #BeNice today? I tried, and mostly managed. Remember, it can be harder on Mondays, so wear your best lipstick tomorrow ♡♡♡.

Catch ups with wine, food and loads of laughter! The perfect kind.

And just like that it's done! A big thank you to all our visitors who supported us & to all our #KAMERSmakers for all their hard work. We had a great time! 😃🍾🙌 #KAMERS2017 photo: @threadsthatbindus

New @malok_kimonos designs making my AW2017 wardrobe colour ready! 💛🍂💙#colourpop #localZA #wearZA #fashionphotography #naturalhair #earthbodyandskin



Last light on the mountain 🌟

"Preyed on the anguish, you better run
Always dragging a finger across his throat
Mannix the fixer to sage the ghosts
And the faith that awarded his every move"
Incurably Innocent by At the Drive-In

Eclectic Bo-Kaap...

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