Hello neighbour.

“The night HE came home”

Still got some work to do on this, but it was goddamn fun to do.

Watercolours, inks, black and white charcoal.

Waterfalls in Krka National Park. The most picturesque place I've ever been

Delicious Latte Fall Hair Color-This look is the epitome of city girl trendsetter cool. Bronde is the perfect symphony of fall hair colors. While traditional knowledge dictates that brunettes go darker for the fall, this look upends the old rules and demonstrates that going lighter can be a gorgeous way to welcome the fall.
—Painted highlights of honey , Carmel , and coffee create a delicious latte effect
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It's on today, many stalls, dishing up many meals. This burger from @libertineburger you could try and what a burger @digbethdiningclub
A full on weekend but plenty of food on offer to taste and try. - THIS WEEKEND'S LINEUP AT DDC 🍻 As always we’re open Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our usual venues, with @TAPSBEERFEST running across the road at the Custard Factory and Coventry Dining Club running on Sunday! 🍻 -
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@malibucpro Un-do-goo is our favorite to prep your hair for any hair service. It’s so powerful w/ it’s PH >9 to remove oils, resins & product buildup, yet so gentle it won’t remove the hairs natural oils!
@hairdiva73 Malibu C Educator

🕶Ultraviolet Pink Hair🕶
Grab your sunglasses, girls, @kimberlypalmedo ’s #pinkhair color is high-voltage and ultra radiant. Take no prisoners with a vibrant balayage of bubblegum pink and magenta pink. .
—The gorgeous @zlaylakhan on the right by @eleanorigby_tm Added a shock of a dark shadow root creates a rough and ready rocker girl feel. Messy waves add a hit of breezy attitude to the silhouette.
These animated shades are dynamic and multi-dimensional,perfect for well-rounded beauties .
Photography by@marycfehr
Had a blast working with @eleanorigby_tm
thank you @kimberlypalmedo and @zlaylakhan for being our beautiful models
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Currently living for braids and scrunchies 🙋🏼‍♀️ #hairbysarahga #braidedbybelk

Your lips don’t touch when u say touch but they do when you say separate

Bukake is technically a baby shower 👶🏿

When you say forward or backwards your mouth moves in that direction

9x + 7i < 3(3x+7u).
(Do The Maths)

The past tense of William Shakespear is Wouldiwas Shookspeared

Why do meteors always land in craters?

If u sweat in a sweater aren’t u the sweater? 🤔

Minty is just cold spicy 🤯

Why’s it called a building if it’s already built? 🏠

Bath tubs are just boats in reverse

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