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What a perfect workout to wrap up our season. It requires skill and strength plus a whole lotta grit! Let’s get after it #IronAthletes....the pace is GO!

18.5, a vote?! Tune in at 3pm today, cast your vote, and then winner released at 5pm tonight. What’s it going to be?! Vote wisely & be ready for anything. Good luck everybody! 🍀💪

This Wednesday we’re taking a spin off of our member highlight feature and getting to know our very own CFII student ambassador and #IronAthlete, Ashley Emery! She spreads the goodness around Western’s campus and tells the students what the hype is all about. Did you know about Western Wednesday’s? Student drop ins are only $5! Head over to our FB page to hear the inside scoop on Ashley and learn more about our ambassador program. 💪

End of the session core work to complete training for the day! 💪 #friendship

.happy vernal equinox, y’all! spring brings me hope & JOY in the form of waking up to the sound of birds, digging my hands in some dirt, soaking in the sun (rain, too), and celebrating new beginnings. through the changing of the seasons, my senses become invigorated as new growth comes alive & earth renews itself once again. cheers to life’s indefinite cycles - and ours too! how are you inviting change and new growth in your life this spring? 🌱🌞🕊 • • • 📸 @lrrichards5b

.🎶 the sun is shining, the air is clear, folks are smiling, no need for fear...🎶 so much love & goodness out there - we gotta appreciate life and recognize the magic of the moment. time is fleeting and it all goes by so fast. life is temporary — use your days wisely. value your time and consider how you spend your energy. when do you make time to operate outside of time? don’t get me wrong, i find satisfaction in scheduling things in my calendar and checking things off my daily to do list, but damn it feels • l i b e r a t i n g • to get away from deadlines and timeframes, clock out of society, & hit up nature for some good ‘ol tlc. another quarter complete and officially only one more to go of my college career. spring breakin’ & ready for a joy ride!⚡️⛺️🌞🌲

Happy Monday, #IronAthletes! You all are super(fit)heroes and should think nothing less of yourselves! If you’re signed up for the Open, don’t forget to submit your scores by 5pm sharp tonight! Have an awesome week and see you at the gym! 💪

.show up for life...every day, in authentic ways. it’s too often our mind’s are scattered and we feel disconnected to what truly is. to arrive in the body we have to embody presence in the now. when it seems as if there’s an overload of things to do, people to serve, and places to be, bring it back to the breath...your center. get grounded in your gravity — feel your feet. & continue on to get s*** done. there is power and productivity in practicing presence.

Speed recovery to #IronAthlete Mike Cleeton who recently experienced a *non* CrossFit/Weightlifting injury. We hope to see you back at the barbell soon, Mike!

• c o m m i t m e n t • to the dirty work is what leads you to what you want in life. it’s not all easy, fun, and joy. life is also #blood #sweat and #tears — it’s how we handle those difficult moments that make us stronger. embrace the hard, the sad, the painful, the suffering.
📸 @coachelijah_cfii

Happy CFII Member of the Week Wednesday, everybody! This is #IronAthlete, Joey Julius. He's 7 weeks into CrossFit and is inspired to get healthy in order to be there for his kids. What’s special to him about CFII is the community, the atmosphere and the motivation. Since starting at CrossFit Iron Industry, he’s noticed he’s happier, more confident, and much better stamina in general. Heck yeah, Joey! Keep up the great work inside and outside of the gym. Be sure to head to our FB page to see the full athlete feature.

.two days of sunshine & warm(ish) weather has me dreamin’ of spring & summertime. the sun energizes my entire being and eases me out of hibernation mode. i’m feelin’ inspired to wash my car (amongst other simple yet satisfying spring cleaning), go for bike rides, take spontaneous day trips, and gettin’ excited to spend more time just being outside. it’s officially time to plant some seeds, tend to them well, and watch them grow! anyone else looking forward to longer days and sun rays?! ⚡️🌞🌊🌱

Who are ya bringing to class this Thursday?! Tag them below :) As always, when you share this community with friends and family we will give you some kick back on your membership!

#crossfit #buildingcommunity #fitnessmotivation #fitnessdaily #ironindustry #sharingiscaring

A workout isn’t over until everyone is done. Supporting one another until every last rep is what it’s all about in the sport of #CrossFit. Tag your training partner(s) below! #ironindustryathletics #compcourse #fittertogether

Whether you attempted your first muscle up, tried to string a certain number of double unders together, squeeze in more reps, or simply just move, 18.3 made us all fight. Amazing job to everyone who gave it a go (or multiple). No matter what you hit or didn’t hit, you are now stronger because of it. Celebrate the small successes and keep on working hard! 3 Open workouts down, 2 to go. Don’t forget to submit your scores by 5pm tonight. Happy Monday, #IronAthletes! 📸 @mad_rix #InTheOpen

Happy International Women’s Day to all of our amazing, inspiring, and strong CFII #IronAthletes! “The strength of the tides is hers also” 💪🙌♥️🌊

.happy international women’s day! i have so much admiration and appreciation for the women before me who have fought for the social, political, cultural and economic achievements that have granted us the freedom that we have now! seems like a duh, gender equality and inclusivity is a must - but there is still so much progress to be made! we gotta keep pressing forward and standing up for the women who still don’t have a voice. let us think, act, and continue to fight for gender inclusivity everywhere in the world. i am empowered on the daily by all the women around me who radiate beauty just by living in their truth, challenging stereotypes and biases, and who are influencing the belief and actions of others by showing their true strength and sharing it with the world. let us rise up & uplift each other in all our womanness. fight to continue to make strides for positive visibility of women and celebrate all the beauty that comes along with being HUMAN.⚡️♥️⚡️ #pressforprogress 🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿🙌

Wise Advice to someone just starting CrossFit: “Be patient; not everything (weight loss, strength gain, gymnastics movements, etc.) is going to come all at once. It's a process and it seems slow, but throughout your training you'll be able to look back 2, 6, 9, 12 months and think "wow, I wasn't even able to do 1 __ and now I can do it __ many times!" - Amy Wharton
Amy is our #IronAthlete feature for this week’s member highlight. Check out our FB page for the full feature! 💛

Sun is shining and there’s a forecast of fitness for today! Come join us for some 18.2 recovery work followed by
10 rounds of pure fun of:
125m run
10 pull ups
30 double unders/60 single unders
1 minute rest.
Happy Tuesday, #IronAthletes!
📸: @mad_rix

.week two of five of the @crossfitgames Open is done and i’m feelin’ jazzed on a 15# Clean PR. these 5 weeks of testing one’s fitness definitely takes a toll on the body + mind...hitting a workout once is one thing, but then attempting it a second time to get a better score takes some serious #grit , a #growth mindset, as well as all the recovery you can get with the short amount of time in between workouts... it’s not easy. what contributes to success? being surrounded by people who believe in you and support you an insane amount, believing in yourself, choosing good #hype music, fueling your body with optimal nutrition, sleeping (a lot), and going into it like it’s all you got... the time is now, the place is here, you know what to do. like most things in life, you gotta #workforit. fun time being pushed by @e_christie by my side. he surpassed me on the metcon, but i beat him to the barbell.🙃
12 minutes time cap:
dumbbell squats (70#)
bar facing burpees
1 rep max Clean in remaining time
⚡️@ironindustryathletics ⚡️

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